Kumail Nanjiani Was Very Excited To Be On Pornhub – CONAN on TBS

Kumail Nanjiani Was Very Excited To Be On Pornhub – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Kumail Nanjiani isn’t sure how his Oscar-nominated film wound up in the “Interracial” section of a porn site.

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43 Responses

  1. Jane Doe14 says:

    If you can’t afford your 🍕 pizza lmao

  2. JDG says:

    He’s easily one of my favorite people on this planet.

  3. Mateusz Zawisza says:

    did andy mistake him for Kunal Nayyar? lol

  4. Hill Win says:

    1:35 was gold lmao.

    • wmwflwsbs says:

      Hill Win People waste half my life on big adult redneck brown nosing tools.. who pretend to be people they arent and not invited to….. like thr people sleeping next to and infront of me.. was kickee out my life after half my life was manipulatee just for a rotten piecd if ass u can fins at thr beachanywhere

    • BatBro says:

      wmwflwsbs what are you even saying

  5. naked snek says:

    *B R A Z Z E R S*

  6. mhtinla says:

    Damn I thought it’s Aziz Ansari

  7. Nyctowolf says:

    A leather couch 😂😂😂

  8. hollaname says:

    You know your killing it when you have Andy laughing along – atta boy Kumail! Been a fan for years, so happy you’re getting all of this well-deserved attention!

  9. Ivan wu says:

    Conan and kumail are the best combination

  10. B.D. says:

    Hahahah, “the people who found it and are like this is taking long” xD

  11. B.D. says:

    Damn dude – the sheer quickness of Kumail and Andy in this interview! PHEW!

  12. John says:

    He is hilarious

  13. Diego Alva says:

    Andy knows about the casting couch!

  14. Tomapella says:

    “Were you on PornHub googling your own name?” Andy with the important questions XD

  15. Rattu says:

    Glad to see Aziz Ansari recover from his “bad date” incident

  16. moiraine_damodred says:

    weird that he wouldn’t just say how he came across it…
    our imaginations are much worse bro

  17. AmIBenjaminBreeg says:

    Wow, leather couch lol, credit to Andy for doing a somewhat current reference there xD

  18. Ignatius Martin says:

    love it when the guests make Andy and Conan laugh 🙂

  19. team 89er says:


  20. Neil Manansala says:

    When Conan asked, “How long was it up,” Kumail should have responded, “Oh, I was erect for a good half hour.”

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