*After looking over this footage, I definitely need to change my lighting a little bit! Just bare with me, ill get it right! XO





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51 Responses

  1. Chichi Mweetwa says:

    Kylie just sold dollar store quality eyeshadows for hells of money

  2. ANNA. iSSS says:

    The neutrogena cleaning wipes will probably sell out now ≧◡≦

    • Kari Walls says:

      ANNA. iSSS They’re FANTASTIC. My favorite wipes hands down.

    • Kaitlynn Rodweller says:

      Just an fyi they are not for sensitive skin the fragrance is very irritating. Especially around the eyes . definitely go for the original ones in the blue package if you have more sensitive skin ☺

    • GothicaBeauty. says:

      ANNA. iSSS they’re so expensive in the uk ??

    • Katie Lynn says:

      They just got recalled for causing serious rashes on face & neck go look it up before purchasing them!!

  3. Melinda Mercier says:

    This review is A ploos ploos. ?

  4. Jessica Gohring says:

    I prefer home style background rather than the backdrops, but I lovvveed the close up so we could see everything you were doing properly.

  5. Skylar Rychner says:

    after watching this video like 3 times bc i’ve missed you so much, i think that the quality is still amazing! i’m not good with lighting and camera settings, but i think a few things could make this top notch! since you asked for feedback— seems a little dim. like i watch on my phone and i had to turn my brightness up quite a lot! i feel like that will also help colors pop and make the swatched a little more crisp. also, i would turn the volume up a bit! not too much but juuuust a tad. hope this makes sense & i hope someone that is good at this stuff can help explain or show you how to do it! ♡

    • Michelle Rodgers says:

      Awesome productive and honest feedback. I kept saying “yes, yes, yes” as i read your comment lol

    • Tamara Griffin says:

      I completely agree!! I didn’t comment myself cause I didn’t know how to word it either but you nailed it! The video was a tad too dim and I also had to turn up the brightness on my phone in order to see the colors better.

    • Blake Jansen says:

      Yeah and Idk why but her nose looked a little dark/ dirty so maybe turning up the lights will be good for that too

    • Makeupholic me says:

      Exactly my thought.. I was to type n saw your comment n couldn’t agree more. It’s dim maybe coz everything is almost black in background.

    • Sindi Xhunga says:

      I agree with the sound!

  6. FAB & FIERCELY 40’s says:

    The blush was flying everywhere except onto ur face!!! Amazing!!

  7. wild&free says:

    I miss the homey setting rather than a backdrop. It makes me feel like you’re more real like we’re just hanging out talking about makeup rather than staring at a backdrop and thinking of you as more of a professional “famous” YouTuber. I hate backdrops for that reason. I think they’re great when you need them but for a makeup review I wanna feel like we’re just hanging together in your house

  8. tatubabixoxo says:

    omggg the blush application was soooo questionable, powder was flying!!!

  9. Natalie Sky says:

    I love you Jaclyn! You’re set up looks so good! Professional and easy to watch.

    As for the review I love that you were honest. It makes me want to watch you more and you didn’t tear down the people while being honest, that’s perfect reviewing in my opinion.

    I also just wanted to encourage you. I know fame has its perks but I also know it’s tuff to have everyone’s opinions and eyes on you all the time so I just wanted you to know you’re doing awesome.
    Keep being you.

  10. KATTRINA KISS says:

    someone just got taken of Kylie Cosmetic PR list

    • Brionna Thornton says:


    • AndreaJune XOXO says:

      KATTRINA KISS everyone her comment isn’t far off because several people that has given Kylie’s company a bad review on there channel were taken off of her PR List so if it did happen it wouldn’t be surprising .

    • Lauryn Hendry says:

      KATTRINA KISS pretty sure she only took jefree off because afterwards he kept tweeting her about it

    • Kym BodyByKym says:

      Kate Regier That’s business If someone FAMOUSE talk down on my product they would BE taken off my PR list. THATS BUSINESS THO.

  11. Kira Renée says:

    I feel like the eyeshadows were definitely Kris. They’re muted and complimentary to a woman who is trying to age gracefully.

  12. Јована Коциќ says:

    No M’am ! I saw more blush going into the air than what stuck on the cheek. And I have lighter blushes that show up.. Maybe it’s meant for un-powdered skin?

  13. artist formerly known as d mc says:

    Shouldn’t every review be honest, why y’all appreciating something which should be a given from Jaclyn? Unless I missed something

    • Nicole Cie says:

      artist formerly known as d mc I think its just because its hard for more popular influencers to remain honest bc the perks of being dishonest or sugarcoating is better for them, plus they dont want the hate from the company to get to their fans yknow. 100% agree though, I wish everyone was honest about it. Id save more money that way ??

    • Jamie Heck says:

      Bc most youtubers aren’t honest lol so it’s rly appreciated when they are

    • Brooke Gorham says:

      Every guru lies, doesn’t review bad products, or waters it down.

    • Beatriz Dib says:

      Yup, they should. But they ain’t.

  14. shelley mccain says:

    Thank you for honest review , you were not hater , just truth. Next video , summer look please. Maybe neutral eyes popping lip

  15. Michi Contreras says:

    The blush is obv inspired by Infinity War

  16. TheMKatStudio says:

    WOW those lipsticks DON’T actually look terrible.

  17. Shweta Vijay says:

    I don’t know… it takes a lot of strength to face the camera and be funny and jovial when deep inside feelings are falling apart due to whatever circumstances. Hats off! Truly… this ones a fighter! ??

  18. Naomi Hallcro says:

    Appreciate the honesty, I felt like the lipsticks were bomb though.

  19. Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) says:

    The more expensive the camera the less it supports auto focus in videography, unfortunately. I have the same issue. >.<

  20. Hollye Rorabaugh says:

    Woah the kick back is brutal… and the blending tho… ugh thank you for your HONESTY tho.

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