Kylie Jenner & Hailey Bieber toast to Halloween with spooky cocktails | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Kylie Jenner & Hailey Bieber toast to Halloween with spooky cocktails | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

We’re back with Season 3 of Who’s in my Bathroom?! What better way to kick things off than celebrating Halloween with the iconic @Kylie Jenner .

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43 Responses

  1. kolbi 317 says:

    I know this sounds weird but would love a day in life of hailey. Like what she buys at grocery stores, or any store. What she gets at coffee shops. And just her running errands. She seems like a normal chill person same with kylie.

    • Makeu upset says:

      Unhealthy celebrity obsessions aren’t a good thing.

    • Jackie Gomez’s Shortest Films says:

      lol she has personal assistants shop at the grocery store… and assistants pick up coffee… and running her errands. ya’ll hilarious thinking celebs do anything for themselves

    • McNetDeck says:

      @I Can’t nothing.. famous for nothing

    • Ev says:

      @Fernanda Vulcanis did they say they couldn’t? no. but they want to see a day in her life specifically. why would it make sense for them to do a day in THEIR OWN life?? they already know what they do

    • Ev says:

      @Cookie Molly well papz are VERY different. they snap pics of her. they don’t show her daily activities & what she gets & what her plans are etc. vlogging would be nothing like having papz with her

  2. YouTube says:

    jen-uinely can’t belieb this spooky collab 😍👻

  3. falcon9 says:

    I love how Hailey is trying her heart out to stay in character 😂 and BE in character

  4. Yvie says:

    Kylie is actually very funny when she is comfortable. Great episode 👏🏾

  5. Laura Castro says:

    Kylie is actually so funny when she lets her personality out I’m so into it

    • Casey Marie says:

      The alcohol probably helped with that😂 cuz same Kylie same

    • Ev says:

      @Sarmila Senchure regular ppl express themselves openly. anyone w a platform does not bc no matter what they do they’re ridiculed & shamed. what they do is put under a microscope for the rest of the world to judge. which they do not deserve nor truly need so it makes sense why many celebs/famous ppl don’t show a lot of their true personality. just glimpses here & there

    • Ev says:

      @Sarmila Senchure completely false. the entire reason she doesn’t show it is bc of how cruel all the people were. regular ppl now a days have crazy high entitlement that truly makes them believe that if someone w any type of spotlight on them shows their true personality then suddenly they need to judge them when they don’t even know the person truly. & ppl feel like they somehow deserve to get to know everything ab their lives. sadly people are not kind. especially regular everyday people. they’re the most entitled now a days. entitlement & pride ruin people

    • Sarmila Senchure says:

      It’s sad she didn’t like it. If she let it out for little bit more people would get comfortable and love her for who she is and she is gorgeous no doubt but I understand when you are a teen you can be harsh on yourself. I can relate to Kylie so much.I did that in high school, I was such a fun girl until I realized people were getting weirded about my personality I became a different person now I wish I didn’t and stayed the same. Like people embrace who they are now. It wasn’t the same In Kylie and our era when we were teenagers. People express their self openly now which is good. All her sisters look so relaxed whereas Kylie is always ready to act and react Lastly whoever have evil eyed kylies life may universe cleanse her soul

  6. Mary Po says:

    The atmosphere, these details and costumes are incredible! The way Hailey really thought it all out deserves much more attention. While watching this I felt super comfortable and calm. If I didn’t know them I would never thought that they’re celebrities bc their friendship and the way they behave is truly genuine. Wish you guys the best!

  7. vinthetic says:

    something about their fun personalities is so refreshing.

  8. Briana Nicole says:

    Kylie is so animated lmaoo she’s actually really funny. Hailey is the kind of person that brings out those extrovert sides within her friends.

  9. Damarion says:

    Hailey and Kylie are the dynamic duo we all love!

  10. sid spellman says:

    kylie when she’s around someone she’s comfortable with, she’s just like kris and i love it

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