Kylie Jenner — Note to Rabid Young Fans … STOP Touching Me!!

Kylie Jenner — Note to Rabid Young Fans … STOP Touching Me!!

Kylie Jenner’s not gonna put up with any screaming little kids, even if they are her loyal fans … as 3 girls learned the hard way.

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20 Responses

  1. jbravo70 says:

    Dumb bitch

  2. DevineRivondair .Drew431 says:

    I guess that was lame but at the same time I would be annoyed if someone
    was grabbing me…idk

  3. Catherine Tran says:

    I heard her say don’t touch me ur gonna get hit softly

  4. Victor Vicious says:

    In her defense, you shouldn’t be touching and grabbing anyone as that’s
    sexual assault…BUT these are her fans and the reason why she’s popular
    and the people buying her shit, so she should be more respectful. Total
    privileged bitch move.

  5. ღCняιѕнтιиα Rαυтღ says:

    Lol I think that little girl called Kylie a dick

  6. jordan ocasla says:

    A fucking hate her but then again those girls were annoying as fuck

  7. Polish Rainbow says:

    I hate Kylie, but those little brats should all be shot. They’re
    disgusting. Not only is that picture worthless, but it’s disgusting that
    they even like her, but that amount of rudeness is unheard of. fuck off,
    little brats!!!

  8. No Anything says:

    Why does she have any fans?

  9. Polish Rainbow says:

    it doesnt matter who it is, NO PUBLIC PERSON IS PUBLIC PROPERTY. Who the
    fuck that little brat thinks she is that it’s ok to touch and fondle and
    grab someone she doesnt know. If she was a man, she’d be a rapist, and then
    it’s not very funny. I hope all those kids die. No joke.

  10. Fatima Ventura says:

    if i were kylie i would of swung them off me

  11. Maria Gutierrez says:

    I fucking love Kylie but I think that was a bit rude.

  12. Thhaat Girl says:

    Why she rise her hand like if she was gonna smack them ? wish that bitch
    would ????

  13. Gijay Sorez says:

    Lmao I don’t like Kylie but I thought this was funny … Sheesh the girls
    were so annoying

  14. Sean LaMountain says:

    Anonymous needs to quit slacking

  15. tia thompson says:

    If I was in the position I’d act the same. It is disrespectful for kids to
    be doing that. People have personal space and she obviously didn’t want to
    stop and take photos with the kids so why keep going. They should’ve
    expected it ?

  16. annajeehee says:

    Kylie – that was rude – and I wish paps would stop giving her attention -

  17. Megan Hua says:

    All she said was “please stop touching me….” Politely

  18. LANKAI says:

    That say my wife every nights

  19. Goku Senpai says:

    Annoying little brats need a new role model for real

  20. The UnbeatenLake says:

    She has fans? For what?