Kylie Jenner — Stops for Young Fans This Time, But Grandpa Brawls with Photogs!

Kylie Jenner — Stops for Young Fans This Time, But Grandpa Brawls with Photogs!

Kylie Jenner finally gave three young girls the selfies they’d been dying to get — a totally sweet moment — and then their grandfather got into a melee with photogs capturing that moment. So sweet.

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Lovato says:

    no chill lmfao gpa don’t play play

  2. Wezley Manu-Danso says:

    “How about you suck my cock!” – ??? legend

  3. Jacob Shabazz says:

    He looks like the Farmer Fran from waterboy.

  4. joisah washington says:

    The girl on the right talks like a smoker mom

  5. Kanesha Ponders says:

    What a bunch of hillbillies to have their kids out at that dangerous time
    of night.

  6. tristan guerra says:

    “Are you a trump supporter”?

  7. jetter820 says:


  8. Zig Zag Bill says:

    please god bring that earthquake to wipe out America and the stupid people
    that in habitant that continent

  9. francisco C says:

    I like how someone yelled “are you a Trump supporter?”

  10. wild_tania says:

    I bet a million dollars he’s gonna be a meme

  11. GeneralGold says:

    lol wtf type of lunge was that lmao nigga need a whooping

  12. MikesLife21 says:

    Bad grandpa

  13. Erik Alvarez says:

    White people ?

  14. Austin Richardson says:

    this is what happens when you don’t show up to eat papaws burgers

  15. DanDa AsianFilms says:

    LMAOOO grandpa’s stronger than the photographers

  16. Diana Arroyo says:


  17. Yarnell Riley says:

    Hey guys. Now i understand why these comments r annoying lol but i need
    three more subs to reach my 100 subs goal. I do playthroughs and stuff.
    Mucho kissies in return (not from me im not gay)

  18. Jacob Boger says:

    Man got beat up by a Grandpa and all he could say was “Go home Grandpa”.
    Sad and Pitiful if you ask me.

  19. DJ Moore says:

    Wow :/

  20. Eric Verbeke says: