Kylie Jenner Talks About Her New Home with Kris | Architectural Digest

Kylie Jenner Talks About Her New Home with Kris | Architectural Digest

We go inside Kylie Jenner’s new home and discuss her recent design admirations with her mom Kris Jenner. We see photos of her new glam room along with the chair she hijacked from Kim and Kanye.

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Kylie Jenner Talks About Her New Home with Kris | Architectural Digest

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80 Responses

  1. marggpargg says:

    lmao they have condom posters on their bar walls

  2. When The Sound Resonates says:

    So wait, correct me if I’m wrong but were they giant size condoms on the wall of her Bar?! You know the pic before the Lounge room with Pills on the wall…

  3. Ellis S says:

    Such a mature house….
    Butterflys, Condom Art, pink, leopard pattern ….
    so mature

    • John S says:

      That was one room…

    • Conscious Love says:

      Ellis S butterflies are for mk ultra mind control (duh?)

    • Jade Bruce says:

      Raina Lawrence obviously..was she supposed to do it herself? When you work with a interior designer you give them your image of what you want.

    • Thien Trung Huynh says:

      Look like a luxury escort house lol

    • CAM says:

      Oh, I see some of her die-hard fans have arrived, taking offence to her art being called tacky, tasteless and immature in nature. How is it, exactly, that you think you know what a total stranger can or cannot afford by a few lines on a screen? It’s pretty funny how some just assume that since she or one of her sisters has something in their home that it’s automatically expensive to begin with. That alone is pretty ignorant. So is saying “you can’t afford it” when someone disses it. That isn’t really that great of a comeback to begin with seeing as it’s actually grossly apparent to those of us over the age of 10 that even if it was affordable they STILL wouldn’t buy it!

  4. Jonathan Thomas says:

    I know it’s not a video of her house but, GOD, the pictures that they did show were beyond divine!

    • SomethingReallyStrange says:

      I know right, there is so much personality, art, style and comfort in each room. They’re absolutely gorgeous. My home decor /design is a lot more neutral but I’m totally in love with the character of her rooms. I would so love if they did a video house tour.

    • YouTube User says:

      Pictures of condoms in the bar and different colors of pills. Yes divine ? ? ?!!

  5. Maire says:

    “Kylie’s design style is extremely mature…your level of taste and your understanding of art, and furniture, and design is at a level that most people your age have no idea”….*pans to condom art*

    • deelot1 says:

      I think Kris was heavily involved in the house, as she is with the makeup line, and is just projecting onto her daughter with such a statement. She is saying that not to really compliment the daughter but to compliment herself.

    • janinlly says:


    • SuperVandal101 says:

      Hahahha true. How I would decorated my apartment when I was 19. Of course all her things are expensive but style is the same lol

    • Adeline Storet says:

      I should have just read the comments, literally just wrote the same thing!

    • adriana says:

      it’s a beau dunn piece from her art show “Plastic” which is about growing up in beverly hills. (valued at 10,000 each)

  6. Diamond King says:

    The Condom pictures, next to the Capsule pill pictures ? Ahhh Classic American Art? ??????

    • Maddie Handelman says:

      Diamond King I think it’s pretty cool in that bar room. It gives it a fun adult vibe like you’re at a bar in Hollywood. If it wasn’t in that room it would be weird and out of place hahaha

  7. Nathaniel Franz Tapoc says:

    Statement: “I would never buy a house without…”
    Kylie: “I would never buy a house with a lot of windows”

    You didn’t freaking answer it properly ?.

  8. Gunnar Larsson says:

    really boring i have to say

  9. su o says:

    Kylie is definitely Kris’s new favourite.

  10. RoxanneG says:

    Poor Kylie, she can barely move her face :/

  11. Shay says:

    How is putting images of pills, condoms and dollar signs mature lol.. distasteful and trashy. And what’s the point of this video, they hardly show us the house, and they actually want us to believe she designed it? ?

  12. chrissy j says:

    Pill posters, money posters, Trojan posters ..seems more like a convenient store for me. I do like Kylie though

  13. Stacy Hackney says:

    Kris must be so proud of her children. Hardworkers, and none strung out on drugs, which is a huge accomplishment nowadays. I’d say she did a pretty good job.

  14. Tender Turd says:

    Kylie Jenner proves everyday that she has no personality

  15. Blu Lagoon says:

    If Kylie UNDERSTANDS Art then I must be Van Gogh

    • LoJo ASMR -N-Stuff says:

      Blu Lagoon OMG…I just spit out my water I laughed so hard,, Great comment!,????????

    • Wyld Gypsy Lily says:

      Vincent can you still hear without that ear you lopped off ?

    • Luna says:

      I know, Warhol, Damian Hirst, Tracy Emin… meh… they are what people who doesn’t know about art buy as a commodity but not real love or understanding of art. I think I saw a Basquiat which was nice… but everything else was generic… tell me about the condoms… I really don’t like Beau Dunn uhg

  16. Brennen Taylor says:

    kylie plz unblock me im sorry i called travis 2chains i got confused!!! im sorrry!

  17. says:

    They brought Kris just to have someone with personality lol

  18. Lillie Some says:

    while Kris is saying Kylie has a mature style they showed the condom art pieces in the bar smh

  19. EL-Bee says:

    Kylie is Kris new favorite child now, she brings in more income LOL

  20. Big Nik says:

    Kris Jenner lookin like a snack ??

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