Kylie Q&A – Valentine’s Rapid Fire Questions

Kylie Q&A – Valentine’s Rapid Fire Questions

Watch my Valentine’s rapid fire questions game and pick up my Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Collection on Feb 1 at 3pm PST only at

xo Kylie Jenner

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76 Responses

  1. Dreamer ! says:

    *Who else thinks Queen Kylie is absolutely stunning ?!* ❤️

  2. Donika Isufi says:

    I like her hair colour it suits her.

  3. Terri Lyn says:

    Literally anything looks good on u

  4. Aloe Blake says:

    Honestly Kylie has a soothing voice 🙂

  5. FI SOA says:

    She looks amazing! I wish I can pull off this look too

  6. darkprincess1366 says:

    I was shocked she said leather… kinky kylie

  7. La Ruby says:

    You can seriously pull off any look ❤️💇🏻‍♀️

  8. Kasee Galvan says:

    Im liviiiiing! 😍 that red hair!🔥🔥🔥

  9. M Cyrus says:

    She so beautiful with this hair color ❤

  10. FEMALE says:

    I wish Kylie would upload often♥️I love her vids

  11. Litdope says:

    Thats the shortest Q&A I’ve seen in my whole entire life (:

  12. Annie Ray says:

    How does she look good in literally every SINGLE hair colour??
    Like HOW?

  13. Amina Husain says:

    “I mean a little dinner or something? 🙂”
    *Spends a million bucks*

  14. Emile Verhagen says:

    i can already see travis scott taking notes from this video for valentines day

  15. Aria XO says:

    Who’s here before 1M views?

  16. Larempuii Ralte17 says:

    Is this a hint for Travis Scott😄

  17. Gacha Studio says:

    Kylie should try ASMR who agrees?

  18. Judy F says:

    Super rapid ass questions damn‼️😂 lol that was dumb fast. But love you Ky happy New year and May God continue to bless you and yours throughout 2019 plus anyone else reading this.😇🙏🏽💪🏽👌🏽👏🏽

  19. Doeneseya says:

    *Honestly, Kylie is so chill and laidback.* 💖

    • HP MTL says:

      *looks nice. You don’t know her

    • DisneyStarsTube says:

      Doeneseya more like no personality 😂

    • Viktoria Mh says:

      Help me develop the channel. You can go and watch my videos♥️
      And sorry for spamming💓💓

    • manal elmahdali says:

      Doeneseya travis waching this and :
      Trav:100000 red roses
      Another call
      Trav:50 bottles of white wine
      Another call
      Trav:riches restaurant ever
      Last call calls moma kris
      Trav: should i marry kylie
      Kris : hell nah u bitches ass u about to het cursed if u do it and i wasn’t there with the all the camera people
      Trav :mmmmm kylie is a jenner
      Kris : i will curse u
      Trav: i will break up with her then
      Kris : bitch i will kill u dont mess with my gurl
      Travis: (jumps of a the window)

    • Doeneseya says:

      MUZZY XOX thank u 🌸🌸

  20. Gio & Eli says:

    Travis i’m just tryna see something real quick

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