kylie skin – introducing my foaming face wash

kylie skin – introducing my foaming face wash

what I love most about the foaming face wash is that it removes almost every trace of my makeup while leaving my skin feeling replenished.

Kylie Skin launches May 22 on

? Kiwi Seed Oil- Antioxidant, rich source of Vitamin C & E, helps skin feel moisturized, hydrated and brightens the skin. ⠀⠀
? Glycerin – which is humectant, helps balance the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry, it will draw in moisture and if your skin is oily it will help decrease the oily appearance of your skin. ⠀⠀
? Cleansing Agents – composed of plant-based mild, gentle cleansing ingredients derived from coconut. ⠀⠀
? Sodium Hyaluronate – a derivative of Hyaluronic Acid, helps hydrates and plump the skin.

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59 Responses

  1. Victoria Hudson says:

    Yasss I’ve been waiting for this ??

  2. Olivia Grace says:

    CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY IT!!! Love you Kylie !!! ???

  3. Chizz Factor says:

    Who else clicked fast af?? And went straight to this comments

    But I’m šubbìng to everyone who likės and sùbśçribes to me swear

  4. Yariana Nandal says:

    Fist view, first like, btw I love you Kylie, we all do, so excited for the new product!!!! ???

  5. HYAC says:

    *Tell your husband to drop highest in the room*

  6. alex says:

    I’ve been looking for a skincare that works and I’m so excited for this?

  7. Teresa A. says:

    I can’t wait to buy the bundle. I’ve been waiting for your skin care line ?

  8. It’s Nayeliii says:

    This is the first time I see a video of hers without the comments disabled

  9. Alexia J says:

    So beautiful with and without makeup..
    Happy belated Mother’s Day❤️

    • Alexia J says:

      Regardless surgery or not STILL BEAUTIFUL and STRONG?

    • chiara ceppi says:

      +erna t doesn’t matter I would love to have some they bomb I’m jus saying longer and fuller eyelashes really make your eyes look bigger and more attractive subconsciously longer eyelashes are considered more attractive and they sure do make her look good so technically she isn’t completely natural in this but still goregous no hate im jus sayin

    • Tony Stark says:

      Alexia J it’s plastic tho lol

    • Melanie bad angel says:

      +chiara ceppi it’s not makeup

    • Melanie bad angel says:

      +Shooketh is her face from a zombie or what? it is her face, she just have done some things to make herself more confident. that’s HER.

  10. Caleb DeSouza says:

    The beauty community is in flames right now , an here we have kylie washing her face. WE STAN ?

    Edit – follow me on ig – calebandthecam I take fire photography

  11. Izzy Iz says:

    No matter what people say, she keeps on improving herself and achieving her goals. Love you Kylie ?

    • Vera H says:

      I mean, she’s a *billionaire.* Many say she is not even present when it comes to her meetings when launching new products, that she has people do it for her. But honestly, when you’re the face of a product, when you’re a successful business woman, you must be doing it right, and that means being present to make sure all this stuff meets your standards. I guess people like to assume something negative about others just because they can’t understand how someone so young is a billionaire, how she achieved such a huge success by herself. Congratulations to Kylie on this new accomplishment and new chapter of her life! ????????????????????????

    • Westtt says:

      . Can’t wait
      ‼️ Everyday Makeup

    • zacho cracy says:

      Yeah, her last plastic surgery looka great. Exactly the person I want to take beauty advice from….
      _use your brain_

    • Britney Nichelle says:

      Giiiirrrl ???

    • Katie H says:

      Izzy Iz that’s pretty easy to do when you have life handed to you.

  12. HYAC says:


  13. Anna OOP- says:

    James’s career: nonexistent
    Kylie: Whatever.. lemme release my foam wash ??

  14. M. Sam’uel says:

    She might just have a winner here with her skin care line. Great job Kylie

  15. Susan Lyster says:

    Here is Kylie to brighten up the Beauty community with her skin care line!! Washing her face and feeling refreshed! We STAN?
    Oh and the Resonable Prices for these items, Yes Queen!

  16. jenny lim says:

    all the tea in the beauty community and we have jeffree doing a pink vault tour and kylie doing a foaming cleanser ?

  17. Yobi D. Ligarda says:

    makes your skin feel like, “wow.” great promotion. ZZZZZ next.

  18. Andrew c says:

    yeah…and it’s like also really gentle..yeah… like come on, another cash grab ?

  19. Morgan Evans says:

    “It makes your face feel like.. wow”
    I’m sold

  20. Rubel Uddin says:

    We all know the dislike button would of been off the scale that’s why it’s disabled

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