Kyrie Irving has given ‘every indication’ to Nets he wants to sign there – Stephen A. | First Take

Kyrie Irving has given ‘every indication’ to Nets he wants to sign there – Stephen A. | First Take

On a special edition of First Take, Stephen A. Smith reveals information he learned that Kyrie Irving is giving “every indication” that he wants to go to the Brooklyn Nets instead of the New York Knicks in 2019 NBA free agency, leaving Kevin Durant with a choice of either going to the Knicks with Kemba Walker, joining Kyrie in Brooklyn, or staying with the Golden State Warriors.

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71 Responses

  1. Chris Simpleton says:

    Damn Max… Nice troll.. He got the fans to say goodbye to KD.. Lol

    • K. Taylor says:

      That’s more than likely how the whole city feels bro ?..

      at the end of it all they used one another for rings. Not so much as GS but KD for sure

    • Momentum Shift says:

      LMAO Max finessed the whole crowd. That’s NYC slick talk.

    • Tojnam Complex says:

      and the sad thing is KD still won’t leave even if he was to see that

    • Aaron Davenport says:

      +Tojnam Complex that remains to be seen.but i feel like why would he leave (the best e shooting duo in history) i hate GS but thats facts hed be dumb to ring chase even with 2 other stars hes got the best chance to keep winning if he stays but id rather see the nba more balanced everyone’s sick of GS winning every year but there bandwagons. Make 3 or 4 teams loaded its better for the nba an the fans an Vegas

    • Black Shades Johnny Cage says:

      Max was a hoe for that he does everything to throw shots at kd

  2. 4esthetics says:

    Max: “you’re always right Stephen A.”
    Stephen A: “you’re wrong, and here’s wh.. wait what? Okay you’re right on that.”

  3. Woah Kenny!! says:

    Let’s admit , Max opened his take with a phenomenal question to the crowd

    • Loubin Augustine says:

      +y tho? I understand that but they should have never given that kind of response regardless it shows how much they care. I mean you see how my Lakers have been struggling sense the the last time they won. I didn’t agree with much of the decisions being made. When you fall from grace you can see the road it takes to get back no matter how good your organization is run.

    • Get Over It says:

      y tho? Yea I understand that but @ this point in Stephs Career his ankles won’t take them to consecutive Finals appearances without KD, he will be injured a lot more often than wat he already has been having to show up night in night out, every1 agrees if KD leaves they become beatable

    • Get Over It says:

      y tho? They will still contend don’t get me wrong, they’ll make Finals conference finals, but they won’t win every time like they can continue doing it he stays, cause IMO if KD stays, they gona keep stackin ? ? sss

    • Zach Thompson says:

      It was a trap question. Besides, a lot of warriors fans are down on KD right now because of his lack of commitment to the team. All year everyone has been saying he will leave and he’s done nothing to shut it down. No positive comments saying he’s happy with the team or the city etc… So that’s why it’s like give us our chip and go somewhere where you’ll be happy at.

    • Doorman says:

      Its such a bad question. You ask any other fan base, like Houston, and what would you rather 1) you to win a title and your superstar (harden) leaves or 2) you dont win anything but he stays – most people will go for option 1.

  4. Quan-Z says:

    No please no… Nets are doing good as a young TEAM… YOUNG TEAM. T.E.A.M

  5. Raymond Rodriguez says:

    Give me kemba. Humble n great scorer with kd.

    • Alepeño NYC says:

      kingrobinho777 imagine thinking KD & Kemba And whatever team they join being a first round exit lol

    • kingrobinho777 says:

      Alepeño NYC if they play the bucks, sixers, or raptors it won’t be close. Knicks are trash so a pretty good player and a great player makes them a glorified 2018 pelicans team. Its not like the cavs who had great role playes like smith, Love, thompson, jefferson, korver, etc. Knicks would have Kd, Kemba…..and Hezonja..

    • kingrobinho777 says:

      Put it this way: KD, Westbrook, Ibaka, Adams, Roberson, etc. weren’t good enough to make the finals.

      How do you think: KD, Kemba, mudiay, mitchell robinson, and luke kornet will do?

    • Alepeño NYC says:

      kingrobinho777 the bucks and the sixers won’t be the same team after this year .. and I never said the finals I said those two together and other assets are making it past the first round

    • kingrobinho777 says:

      Alepeño NYC Sixers will be better because Embiid and Simmons are about to both be top 10 players are Giannis is likely to get better too ?‍♂️ first round or third round depends on who they play obviously

  6. Josh Donohue says:

    4:33 There she goes again ?‍♂️

  7. William Gravely says:

    Max: can we go to commercial I need a bthrm break.

    Steven A: no we can’t and lemme be very very clear, here’s why…

  8. Udo Agomo says:

    “THE MECCA OF WHAT MOLLY!” lol Max caught a attitude real quick ??

  9. DeadOverlord666 says:

    4:51 those fans getting happy Max shutting Molly down for once LOL

    • Nitrodan • says:

      Max is always tired of her shit. I’m so glad someone doesn’t give her special treatment.

    • Usman Chaudhry says:

      ive waited for this moment all of my life…

    • Kuttystr8nutty says:

      Max semi high that’s why.

    • Jon Davis says:

      She sexy I really don’t care lol I’m just lookin at her

    • Jon Davis says:

      But max is right lol mecca of garbage yea. They the Mecca of all opponents superstars frying them. Every opponent has a career high game against the Knick’s lol I don’t get how the hell is that a proud thing

  10. MAX AJ says:

    Molly ??‍♂️ why u talking

  11. Jack The Clipper says:

    “New York City is the Mecca of basketball!!” …….Brooklyn is in New York City ??‍♂️ *Jesus Christ Molly* I usually defend you but that was pretty dumb

    • johndoe0022 says:

      SanAntoBalla ….the Mecca is nyc because of msg the arena yes partially but NYC is also considered the Mecca because of its rich basketball history….despite the Knick’s only winning two championships in there 60 plus years in the nba…. how about the talent that comes out of nyc …. Rucker park

    • truth seeker says:

      +Jack The Clipper The garden is the Mecca of New York basketball. Does that clear it up.

    • Ronnie Alston says:

      SanAntoBalla shit if the Nets win a few rings while the Knicks stay trash they will look at how Goldenstate is viewed now 10 years ago they was a laughing stock

    • Ronnie Alston says:

      Kyle Young you do know NYC is made up of 5 Boroughs right and Brooklyn is one of them just like Manhattan so yes Brooklyn Is in NYC dummy

    • Latrice Massey says:

      Nigga u usually defend molly ? ????????????????????

  12. N B says:

    KD resigning with GS and the ripples of panic sent through the media will be told for decades to come. The Game of Zones episide alone will win awards.

  13. Fish Soup says:

    I don’t want kyrie on the nets. he’s gonna ruin the chemistry like he did on the Celtics . Brooklyn has decent guards ( Russell, LeVert, and Dinwiddie) they dont need more guards. Knicks is best fit for kyrie.

    • Nick Schultz says:

      The Shets fans think theyre choosers now lol DLo isnt that good, kyrie been ballin that boy russell just made the asg once. Win some more games and then call someone a cancer when youre whole franchise has been once after Dr J

    • AhmedH 86 says:

      Idiots look at the big picture. Soon you can trade him

    • Nick GREEN says:

      I vote for KD and Kyrie at the Knicks, would love to see that !

    • ChairmanMo says:

      +Dat 337 Boot Boy Yeah but someone need to remind DLo to Stay off the weeeeeeeed!

    • infintely evolving says:

      You guys have gone crazy?. So just because Kyrie Irving and the Celtics didn’t live up to the hype this year you think it’s basically all Kyrie’s fault and he would ruin the chemistry on the Nets just like he did on the Celtics????
      Let’s get some things straight :
      Stop comparing the Celtics’ success from 2 years ago to this past post season. News flash- the east got a lot better this year! The Bucks, Raptors and Sixers all substantially improved!
      2nd- Don’t ever compare to Kyrie to Westbrook. There’s a difference when your shots just aren’t falling because your off to someone who can shoot a little bit, but takes horrible shots all the time. In the series vs the Bucks, shots that Kyrie would normally make just weren’t going in; he was just off. But make no mistake about it, Kyrie Irving is one of the best scorers in the league, and he usually shoots at a good efficiency. Russell Westbrook on the hand, takes bad and I’ll-advised shots at a consistent rate and usually comes up short! Not only was his FG% down, but his Free Throw percentage also plummeted! Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook are nothing alike. One is way more athletic, but has a propensity to make boneheaded plays while the other is one of the most skilled players in league who can score in a multitude of ways.
      Lastly, if the Nets can get Kyrie they need to go after him. Stop telling me that’s he’s going to mess up the chemistry. Do you honestly think as the team (The Nets) is currently constructed it can be the likes of Philadelphia, Boston, Bucks or Raptors? Hell no. Acquiring Kyrie Irving would be a major upgrade.

  14. jay jay says:

    Mecca of what ???? Dayum Molly??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  15. WatchNo Face says:

    Kyrie is a lucky guy in terms on career. If LeBron didn’t come back to the Cavs where would Kyrie be right now. Probably same shoes as Iverson. Sickest dude with the rock in his hands.

    Edit: But no Chip

    • FreshNess says:

      Arav Bhatt I am a fan but I am stating facts y’all say bullshit

    • buddy boy says:

      +FreshNess lmao . Kyrie with no Lebron is basically a watered down Iverson .. you’re saying he woulve been a better teammate/professional without Lebrons mentorship/Brand????

    • buddy boy says:

      +FreshNess you funny . Iverson was an all time legend half way through his career

    • buddy boy says:

      Kyrie with no Lebron and the same old situation in CLE would make NO playoffs (maybe 1 … this year because lebron left ??)

    • FreshNess says:

      buddy boy lol did lebron make the playoffs his first two years in the league and a lot of other players? That proves you never watched a Cavs games because they improved every year before Lebron. And he had his first shoe before Lebron came there

  16. M Realzola says:

    SAS and his sources.
    His sources is probably Twitter

  17. joe magwood says:

    If that happens the Knicks will be so stressed out thinking they was going to get KD & Kyrie they may offer me the max lol

  18. Bobby11Dacones says:

    Can we all agree that
    1 Molly needs to be fired
    2 her voice is just annoying AF!!!

  19. anthony lovett says:

    Max: absolutely correct with his point
    Molly: STFU!!

  20. Jeremy Hamilton says:

    “But New York is the mecca of basketball” where tf do you think Brooklyn is Molly?

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