Kyrie Irving Is A Dallas Maverick | JJ Redick Full Trade Reaction

Kyrie Irving Is A Dallas Maverick | JJ Redick Full Trade Reaction

In this clip, JJ Redick and Tommy Alter discuss the Kyrie Irving trade between The Brooklyn Nets and The Dallas Mavericks. What does this mean for Kevin Durant and Luka Doncic? What are The Mavs ceiling now? What is their floor? It’s all covered in this clip.

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52 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the trade. And please subscribe if you haven’t!

    • Edward Donkor says:

      This has been an emotional submission. What has been the issues with him not showing up. COVID-19. Literally we can all see through the lies from Pfizer and a lot of people actually regret taking simply because they were lied to. On top of this, he paid back all the money he did not play for. Around $18m. I don’t see you mentioning that.

      Then the way this whole retweet issue was handled. Guess who was suspended. There’s not been a constructive time where he wanted to sit out for not reason and at least not paying for that with his salary. If anything Nets have not lost on that. Make your points make sense

      Talking about how quickly Nets wanted to get done with it? No it shows how much teams value him to the point many feel Dallas over paid for the trade. You sound bitter and hurt

    • A D says:

      They need big man like Nurk

    • Millennial92 says:

      I think Mark Cuban is an owner who won’t tolerate Kyrie’s BS. I think it’s honestly a good fit for Kyrie.

    • Brooklyn Black says:

      You was never on kyrie level JJ

    • liam koloke says:

      Let’s go Mavs!!

  2. David Cook says:

    JJ the only NBA player that is still connected, giving it to them raw, and I respect it

    • Joshua Snyder says:

      @Culi Fabrizio Bit strong perhaps, but the guy knows the game really well, and doesn’t get too caught up in the personality circus despite having to work in the tent.

    • Mr Man says:

      @user-on8zx9js9i  It’s so sad that you have no idea that actually confirmed his thoughts on that situation. Smh. You didn’t think that through, did you???

    • Jay Cee says:


    • Remi 118 says:

      Ahhhhh yes JJ the guy who said the reason people didn’t like Lebron for his live ESPN announcement to go to Miami was b/c of racism and also because people didn’t want to see a black man be successful. I can never take anything serious he says anymore 🤡

    • Culi Fabrizio says:

      @Joshua Snyder guru? Lol

  3. SkaterStan says:

    As a Mavs fan, I’m really excited to see how this plays out. Only thing is I want the franchise to prioritize Luka, which they seem to be doing.

  4. Boris says:

    NETS are still in good shape, getting back 2 guys who can start on a lot of teams, hopefully they makes some moves before the deadline

    • John Mcaulay says:

      @Darak Eaddy You are on the most extreme drugs ever, go back and watch every playoffs performance since he left the Cavs, it’s absolutely embarrassing like u & ya F a t M a m mmm aaaa

    • Darak Eaddy says:

      @John Mcaulay you are now using a tired talking point. If you have watch the Nets this year Kyrie was not a defensive liability at all. He was an effective defender once the Nets got a coach who had some idea of what coaching is really about. No he isn’t Tony Allen or some all Defensive team player but Kyrie is a better defender than Steph and that hasn’t kept him from winning multiple championships.

    • ReadMyComment says:

      @Who Cares Yea I think these people dont watch MAVs game. They really overrate the guys Luka played with. Luka made them better, Luka gets doubled all game and gets them open shots that they usually brick.

    • ReadMyComment says:

      @V As someone that watched a lot of MAVs games, Dinwiddie has terrible defense. Like, hes rated around where Trae Young is.

      Also while hes great on offense, he also has games where he doesnt show up and goes 3-15. Hes a good piece but not a star player, Id argue Christian Wood is closer to being an allstar than him.

    • Rick Sanchez says:

      @Bark Adam the fact you don’t put the Celtics first where they beat the bucks last year and are the best team in the league shows how biased you and the rest of these casual fans are lol

  5. Zelzagar says:

    When it’s all said and done Kyrie is gonna have a hell of a story to tell

  6. Buddyside says:

    Love theses types of vids. Hearing actual level headed nba oldheads give there opinions is great.

  7. bee says:

    I understand the Boston point but as a fan of the Celtics there was a 4 year gap where they were mediocre to good, and it’s not like they’ve won a title yet. Yes, now they’re better than they ever were with Kyrie but it was looking realll iffy for a minute. Overall I’m extremely happy with where the Celtics are obvi, but subtracting Kyrie did not immediately make us a contender or anything.

    • Rick Sanchez says:

      As realness that first year with kyrie where we went on a 16 game winning strike after the Hayward injury , new slim fit jerseys, logos on jerseys, kyrie rocking the green and scoring 48 vs Dallas for example was the most fun I had watching as Celtic fan. If he didn’t get injured in march we would of been in the finals if not winning the chip against golden state. Summer of 18 his movie premiered and he came to camp the following September overweight. That first year in Boston he was hungry. Still don’t like what he did but again his first year in Brooklyn he was his absolute peak, that opening night against Minnesota in 2019 he was at his best.

    • YouCanCallMeReTro says:

      Problem is Kyrie bolted at the first sign of trouble (which he was a part of) rather than have any faith in the team. He was only there for 2 seasons and they recovered pretty quick after he left making the ECF the very next year.

    • Terrelle Anderson says:

      Yeah o ain’t like that narrative they tried to spin either

    • King Eli says:

      @baller0724 ever since he left Lebron Kyrie has had unusually high expectations because people were salty. They put him in a position where he couldn’t fail and learn as a young player which is unfair a bit

    • 2saintly says:

      @Trenton Walters I actually think what hurt the celtics from 2019-2022 (first half) was the loss of Al Horford. It’s not a coincidence that they deep into the playoffs when he came back. Horford provides veteran composure and help set their defense. A reliable interior defender and scorer that doesn’t need the ball to be impactful.

  8. o Zephyr says:

    On the Mavs not paying Brunson, obviously no idea what went on internally for the Mavs and how much they wanted or may have undervalued him…but the Knicks literally broke the rules to get him so not sure it is entirely fair to blame the Mavs for losing him.

    • sean swisher says:

      I mean yeah the Knicks talked to him a little early and broke the rules. But I think its clear as day he wanted to go to the Knicks. So I don’t think the tampering really made a difference.

    • Baltej Bains says:

      @Ryan Muller Yes he could be traded after signing an extension. No rules prohibit this. Also, they coulda gave him the extension after the trade deadline last season. No rules prohibit that either. A 4 year 55 mil contract made sense for a rookie guard that showed he could play next to luka, and was one of the most efficient guards from the field in his last 2 seasons with the mavs. The upside was clearly there, and the risk was negligible for such a cheap contract extension. They bungled that situation. Now they made a desperate move to get kyrie cuz luka is frustrated with this team.

    • Baltej Bains says:

      @V C brunson was easily worth 4 years 5 mil at the time. And he wasn’t officially gone until the following offseason. Mavs didn’t try to outbid knicks offer, so he left.

    • Ryan Muller says:

      @Baltej Bains Classic hindsight is 20/20 moment. Obviously it looks dumb from where we’re sitting knowing how things played out. However, it’s not unreasonable that the front office wanted to hold off on extending him until after the trade deadline, since Brunson was one of the best assets we had to trade if you bundled him with a bigger salary, and he couldn’t be traded if the extension was signed. Unless you thought the roster we had at that point already looked like a championship roster, which most people would say it didn’t, it made sense to try to keep the options open to maybe swing a trade for a disgruntled star, not dissimilar to what just happened with Kyrie.

      Now, as things turned out, Brunson wasn’t thrilled with that, decided that he then didn’t want to sign an extension and would go to free agency, and ultimately ended up with the Knicks – things ended badly. Based on the reports that were out there, he didn’t even meet with the Mavs after free agency opened – he just immediately agreed to the deal the Knicks were offering. We may never know whether the Mavs tried to outbid the Knicks or not – they flat didn’t get the chance to give their bid. So, with the benefit of hindsight, they absolutely should have signed the extension before the trade deadline last season. But, at the time, it wasn’t such a crazy decision by the front office to explore the trade market.

    • V C says:

      @Baltej Bains guess what Brunson wasn’t worth it at the time. Everyone knew this. His value went up after the Utah series and by that time he was out.

  9. Carl says:

    I think it worked with Bron because he likes to defer. Bron is a great cutter, he likes to pass and play off ball, but he can also be ball dominant when he wants to and get into some iso situations. If that’s not a guy’s game or he doesn’t want to be in that role, I think it’s going to be tough for Kyrie to play with them.

  10. Peter rossini says:

    Love this pod always had so much respect for JJ , but Tommy the more i listen to you the more I realize what a treasure you are ! Great job , I loved the line most guys just wanna hoop !!!

    • Pino Bluevogel says:

      Tommy has come from being a basketbal fan to a basketball analyst. That takes dedication and a lot of study. Respect!

    • ace loco says:

      @Henry damn, kinda thought Tommy used to play college ball or something. So he’s just JJ’s homie?

    • Henry says:

      True tommy is a gem. His job is harder than it seems, to be basically a normal dude in a convo between 2 NBA players is not easy

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