Kyrie Irving is leaving the Celtics in free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Kyrie Irving is leaving the Celtics in free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith is expecting 2019 NBA free agent Kyrie Irving to leave the Boston Celtics after seeing the turmoil in the Celtics’ locker room following a blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors.

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76 Responses

  1. MrKenski12 says:

    So I.T leads Celts to ECF, then they trade for Kyrie and it doesn’t work out and he leaves in FA… 🙂

    • Definitely not a Reptilian says:

      +socalraiders facts, IT wasn’t that good

    • Famous Dexter's Dad says:

      Definitely not a Reptilian He wasn’t? What series did you watch then because he performed.

    • MrKenski12 says:

      +Famous Dexter’s Dad even kobe noticed Thomas’s performed.

    • MrKenski12 says:

      Talent wise Celts now should be better but playing as a unit with the correct pieces is far more important…Celts still have time to fix issues b4 platoffs

    • Definitely not a Reptilian says:

      +Famous Dexter’s Dad low 40%’s from the from the field volume shooter with an overwhelmingly negative impact on defense. He could get you a bucket… but ANYONE can get a bucket on him ANYTIME.. we got humiliated against Cleveland.

  2. To Pi says:

    The franchise’s of the future (next 7 years): Sacramento, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Denver, Clippers, & Dallas

    • Drew Rodriguez says:

      TY brother. Including my Clips. No one gives us credit. And nice list I agree

    • GodspeedGideon says:

      Yup, my Mavs will have a Luka & KP duo, that will shocked the NBA. I can feel it or I’m just a delusional fan lol. Which is ok ?

    • To Pi says:

      People aren’t aware of the changes going on…. the generation shift is going on. KD, Russ, Harden, Lebron, CP3, Klay, Curry generation is all right at 30 or above. In the in 2-3 years. All of them will be out of prime. While the teams I mention will be in their primes. One extra team I will add with an asterisk Phoenix depends on organization and coach. But they have talent.

    • Tyler Canik says:

      To Pi they will probably screw it up because it’s Phoenix. I think a team that can surprise people is Orlando. And maybe Chicago if GarPax doesn’t GarPax themselves

    • TEE JONES says:

      +Drew Rodriguez montrezl harrell is a beast

  3. gurmeet718 says:

    Raptors played better then Boston simple is that ..

    • Caret Gurd says:

      Not only playing better, but the celtics straight up couldn’t make shots, look at the shots taken in the video, some of them are shots hey shoulda made, it was just that kinda day. but to say now they dont make it out of the first round? thats just insane

    • Stagmire Lupertazzi says:

      LoL LoL As a Celtics fan, I would have to agree. I even thought the Raptors were the biggest threat to the Celtics coming into this season because they always play the Celtics tough, had the best record in the East last year and they got better by getting back a two-way version of DeRozen in Kawhi Leonard. I thought people were sleeping on the Raptors because of how pathetic they looked every time they met up with Lebron’s Cavs whereas the Celtics just seemed to a tougher matchup for the Cavs. The Raptors did look bad against those Cavs, but not against the other teams in the East!

    • Stagmire Lupertazzi says:

      gurmeet718 They’re always a nightmare for my Celtics, I have to admit!

  4. Millenial Kid says:

    Nowadays, when an nba player had a bad game media be talking about trade right away ?

    • Leroy Green says:

      They literally go off game to game. Player could have been mvp of last month, have one bad game and “he’s past his prime” or ” time for a trade”.

  5. Zen Davis says:

    Jalen Rose hairline is razor sharp geesh! Like my homeboy Nas said…. Haircut looks airbrushed.

  6. BigTasty ForLife says:

    Kyrie is not a franchise player. He is a great player but not a leader of men.
    The younger players don’t believe in him.

    • JAMIL KONE says:

      BigTasty ForLife because he was the same with bron

    • Abnefer Aha Kaa Hatap says:

      BigTasty ForLife The players don’t believe in him because they won last year on they’re own. Maybe not a championship but a hell of a lot better than they are now.

  7. Jesse Chacon says:

    Toronto whipped Boston’s ass Kyrie only had 7 points Kyrie learned from LeBron to be passive aggressive

    • Caret Gurd says:

      yea they played better simple as that, but the celtics couldn’t make warm up shots, that was just a bad day. no one could score on the celtics. 6-27 from three? that isn’t just good defense but it’s also missing good looks

    • R'Shod Mosley says:

      I like how everybody tryna blame Kyrie for the Celtics problems like Hayward ain’t sign a 4 year 127 million dollar contract and has yet to show up???

    • Chris Hansen says:

      R’Shod Mosley damn didn’t know it was that much

  8. One' Kay says:

    Dude we going all the way .. Playoff time these top east teams won’t last .. Y’all scared of my CELTICS ??

  9. 68Camaro RS/SS says:

    I’m a Celtics season ticket holder and I don’t know 1 person that wants Kyrie here…he’s made being a Celtics fan absolutely miserable and I don’t know 1 person that speaks positively about him

    • 68Camaro RS/SS says:

      300bagszn Otf let me know when you’re on Cape Cod…I’ll be here

    • Jermon Richardson says:

      +Itsme Forsure These guys are suppose to learn from the likes of LeBron, instead, we get a spoil brat that doesn’t want to play D, blame his whole team for loses, try to get people fired, and then go on national TV to make statements saying he’s the GOAT. Seriously!!!

    • Venombrand says:

      68Camaro RS/SS celtics were absolute shit missing everything

    • Winston Wood says:

      Die hard Celtics fan and I can’t even watch these bums anymore scrap everyone but Tatum

  10. J Alves says:

    Oh man I can’t wait to look back at everything when the Celtics are in the Finals

  11. Hammeraffe Jo says:

    KD+Kyrie+Zion Knicks 2019 we Ready

  12. Rick S says:

    Lebron gets blames for the Celtics ??‍♂️

  13. Brandon Roque says:

    ”The first words that popped into my head were LeBron James”
    Of course they were, Max. Of course they were.

  14. T-Mex- says:

    Man STOP bringing up Lebron!!!!!! JUST FOR ONCE TALK ABOUT WHY THE RAPTORS ARE GOOD AND BEAT YOUR BELOVED CELTICS, the disrespect is so real!!!

  15. LA Clippers says:

    Rich Paul ? ruined three franchises this season. Good job.

    • ALP IRL says:

      LA Clippers why’s he a snake? he’s an agent, he wants guys to be leaving and signing new contracts so he gets paid, just being good at his job.

    • Tyler Canik says:

      ALP IRL because he’s Lebron’s agent first, everyone else’s second.

    • ZER0 says:

      Celtics, lakers, and pelicans where already trash before ANTONY DAVIS demanded the trade

    • ZER0 says:

      Tyler Canik what is that even supposed to mean?. You’re literally just talking out of your ass and making assumptions since bron is his most popular client

    • ALP IRL says:

      Tyler Canik whos everyone else? I’m pretty sure he does what most of his clients want him to do, the other players and franchises in the league don’t matter to him, and why would they

  16. KING K says:

    This show needs to change there name to first Lebron

  17. Shuga says:

    Max: “I thought, Lebron James.”

    See that…that sums up espn right there..

  18. G. Wagner says:

    How do you circumcise Lebron James?

    kick Max Kellerman in his chin….

  19. Mr.E says:

    Without even watching the video yet, I bet someone will somehow shoehorn Lebron and the Lakers into this conversation.

  20. G.A.M.A says:

    Coincidentally, him and Bron are exactly what each other need. Let that sink. Life lesson.

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