Kyrie Irving is using LeBron James as a prop – Max Kellerman | First Take

Kyrie Irving is using LeBron James as a prop – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman suggests that Kyrie Irving’s phone call to LeBron James shows maturity, while it also sends a message to his teammates that they should follow his lead. Stephen A. Smith applauds Kyrie for speaking out and says this situation adds to the appreciation for LeBron James.

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102 Responses

  1. Sammyccfdcf Gichohi says:

    ESPN is using max as a prop. Lol.

  2. Jamais says:

    Kyrie playing chess games man lol

  3. Justin Andrew Ronquillo says:

    Lmao both skip and max got the exact same take tonight

    • Azmon Rougier says:

      its a actually the right take… kyrie is fake as fuck… he was still talking shit about LeBron up to a month ago… all of a sudden he’s calling LeBron? fuck outta here… like Skip said, he’s basically telling his teammates y’all need to treat me like LeBron and fall in line… but bitch you ain’t no LeBron… he’s literally on a team that’s been to back to back Eastern conference finals *WITHOUT* him!!!

    • Adrian Flores says:

      +Jovaughn Weekes hes not a good leader publicly yelling at multiple teammates disrespecting your coach publicly isnt the signs of a good leader

    • Israel Rosario Jr. says:

      And they’re both exactly right. Kyrie isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. People see through that dude’s act. I like Kyrie but dude is full of himself and he tries to control narratives. He had no business throwing his teammates under the bus last week and no business talking about this to the media now. It just shows that he’s trying to lead through the media which isn’t gonna work for him.

    • Fade Masta says:

      Yeah exactly

    • Space Alien says:

      max the caucasian jew kellerman stole that take from skip bayless whose show undisputed goes on air before firsttake. its typical of jews like kellerman to steal other people’s thoughts and ideas. they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. see mark zuckerberg stealing facebook from the winklevoss twins. see albert einstein stealing ideas from actual geniuses like henri poncaire and olinto de pretto. how much money have jews made from black culture like hip hop and r&b? hell, forget thoughts, ideas, music, culture….. these caucasian jews stole an entire desert nation from palestinians!!!!

      lol at caucasian jews thinking their ancestral lands are in the middle of the fucking desert surrounded by brown and dark skinned muslims.

  4. Quinn says:

    After all the nonsense Stephen A talked about LeBron pushing Kyrie out of Cleveland, Kyrie finally came out and confirmed it was fake news

  5. YungChip030 says:

    Kyrie finally realized he can’t win a ring without bron

  6. Bearboy193 says:

    *Smh, media still wants Kyrie and LeBron to have beef…* ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  7. Conor don’t throw the water bottles says:

    Max taking notes from Skip

  8. A Real Good Guy says:

    Just wait for ESPN to say “Kyrie to LA”

  9. Steven Doyle says:

    Stephen a. Props for admiting you part in the media in sending hate to lebron james.thank you for having integrity and courage. Kyrie put you In a bad spot after all garbage yall have said about lebron.

    • Joo Ser says:

      word to that. He didn’t shy away or hesitate to own up to his part in blaming LBJ for Kyrie’s departure from Cleveland.

    • J Dilla says:

      Lebron is a Nazi yooo your name got me rolling lmaooo I ain’t even mad you should get paid for your bum ass trolling ????

    • Gary Taylor says:

      Apparently there’s this conspiracy theory that LeBron is in Magic’s ear telling him to fire Walton…Which is bullshit and has no basis in fact or a credible source. But hey its a conspiracy theory…not something known for facts and overwhelming evidence

    • Alonzo Tae says:

      Lebron is a Nazi lol obviously a troll.

    • Allahja Flowers says:

      Doctor Cthulhu you can’t blame the coach for lonzo and Ingram not playing hard bc hart and Kuzma come to play everyday…so it’s not a coaching issue those 2 just don’t have any dog in them..I ain’t saying they soft but sometimes you can tell they don’t wanna play

  10. A1 Gamer says:

    Max the type of guy to give someone change after they made a layup

  11. Ibrahim Harris says:

    Not much of an apology Stephen a Smith, but I’ll take it.

  12. j0epark1 says:

    LOL Max still salty about Kyrie’s last visit to First Take.

  13. Meem Memes says:

    Fax Kellerman > Stephen A. Myth

  14. Baby Legit live says:

    I don’t want to hear no more of this TOXIC shit, he came out and admitted he was the problem, not saying he was 100 percent with no fault but this man Lebron is a good leader and person, he just want his teammates to know how to play the game correctly…. now Lebron haters salty cause this just opened up for SUPERSTARS to come play with Lebron, haters don’t like that and now you can’t use that toxic comment….. and now I’m looking at SAS different cause he always talk like he know something more then what he knows, talking about he knew something that was behind closed doors that he wasn’t going to reveal, now he saying he was wrong and apologize smh… FAKE SOURCES ????

    • J Day says:

      +Kangman02 stop making up shit he said khole couldn’t come in locker room filming they show

    • J Day says:

      +Kangman02 and he didn’t try to get kyrie traded stop making up shit

    • Kangman02 says:

      +J Day Jesus christ. That’s a facts, Tristan Thompson and LBJ got in to a verbal dispute about it dumbass. That shit was reported everywhere from within the locker room. Next you going to say LBJ didn’t curse Chalmers out in mia on live tv.

    • Kangman02 says:

      +J Day mf are you that dumb too think the cavs would trade kyrie without lbj knowing? Kyrie was suppose to get traded for chris paul , then paul George then Eric Bledsoe. You dumb as shit.

    • AguywithaYoutubechannel says:

      +Kangman02 You gonna pull up some sources on that? Because it was LeBron telling Gilbert not to trade Kyrie dumbass

  15. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Kyrie&LeBron =best offensive duo in LeBron’s career.
    Wade&Prime LeBron= best defensive duo in LeBron’s career.
    Lonzo & old LeBron= best meme duo in LeBron’s career.

  16. Hello122061 says:

    Personally, I think Kyrie was being real in what he said. He’s trying to lead a young team, because bottomline, the celtics only go as far as Kyrie takes them…they were good, but he’s the closer/playmaker they need in Eastern conference/NBA Finals. My point, sometimes I think these shows dissect every word but sometimes you just need to take the words at face value. Kyrie is giving props to LeBron for being a great leader, he realized he was being young and dumb at times with the Cavs and he wants to learn how to be a better leader…that’s it.

    • Roy Mustang says:

      +Chris Ako true the young guys egos are getting there way of their winnings. I also think it kyrie trying to force his leadership upon the team. You cant just name yourself leader and expect the team to follow. I admit im jumped the gun on calling kyrie a bad leader cause he should be the leader of this celtics team cause he is the most experienced player and did win a championship but he can not force his way to being the leader and that is why I called him a bad leader.

    • Andre Shyne says:

      Best comment ive seen

    • Brandon Mahone says:

      +Roy Mustang Think real hard about the differences between this years Celtics roster and last year’s? Hayward missed pretty much the entire season last year. Hayward, Morris, Tatum, and Brown all play the same positions. Hayward being out allowed Tatum and Brown to have a much larger role and a lot more playing time then they would have had otherwise. Now that Hayward is back, they can’t adjust and catch rhythm with limited touchs or playing time.

      Also, the world has gassed Tatum and Brown into thinking they are better than they really are because of the playoff run they had last year against a WEAK eastern conference. Going through that playoff run without Kyrie or Hayward has them, along with Rozier, thinking they are certified Superstars and they are not.

      Last year, Tatum, Brown, and Rozier played there role. This year they have a hard time adjusting to a reduced role because Hayward and Kyrie are back.

      That is why Kyrie is calling them out this year and didn’t have to last year. I hope you are following me.

    • Chris Ako says:

      +Roy Mustang true but its a learning experience hopefully things can get better cause I think if boston is clicking they can make serious noise on the nba which is a nice change from golden state and lebron every year

  17. popp sosa says:

    It’s a damn shame when max and Stephen a can’t admit when their wrong

  18. jam§daz says:

    Stephen A backpedaling AGAIN! Talking all that mess about Lebron, two seasons ago. Let’s pull the tape…he always tells Max he’s gonna pull the tape.

  19. Jax Ace says:

    A couple of takeaways here
    1. All those anti-Lebron sentiments when kyrie left now look silly.
    2. Kyrie should have apologized sooner cause Lebron’s reputation took a big hit
    3. Lebron looks really good right now.
    4. Lakers youngsters better start taking notes
    5. Although he did it late it’s still Good to see kyrie apologize humility is always the right way to go.
    6. What if Kyrie just realized it’s hard by himself and he’s setting up an opportunity to join lebron again ?

    • King Johnson says:

      +Kangman02 okay ain’t nobody talking about LeBron being right in everything just the fact lebron labeled a bad teammate is what he clearing up in the apology thats why i say hate cuz u made comment on something that clearly in yo face kyrie knew he was too extra when it came to that

    • Fade Masta says:

      Great take

    • Kangman02 says:

      I have never heard anyone say LBJ a bad teammate.  But its a damn fact he a drama queen and passive aggressive.  If you deny that then you really a blind witness.  Hell I’m a Kobe Byrant fan and he was a drama queen too, he just was blunt and upfront with his.   I can admit that

    • Le Var Grace says:

      6 Straight FACTS

  20. TheDarkKnight992 says:

    Stephen A was the only one pushing this narrative. Now he’s trying to walk it back. ?

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