Kyrie Irving requests trade from Nets before trade deadline | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Kyrie Irving requests trade from Nets before trade deadline | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes react to Kyrie Irving’s trade request from the Brooklyn Nets before the NBA trade deadline. Broussard weighs in on Irving’s request and explains he is showing a lack of self-awareness with the request. The group then explore a possible trade involving Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes team up on First Things First. The trio offers their take on a bevy of sports stories alongside special guests from across the sports world.

Kyrie Irving requests trade from Nets before trade deadline | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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42 Responses

  1. First Things First says:

    Check out the What’s Wright? with Nick Wright podcast:

    • C Hamilton says:

      @WHINERS LOSE 7 – 31 😢😊 I’d waste them on Kyrie before Levine…In a heartbeat, if these are my options

    • Matthew Crockett says:

      @WHINERS LOSE 7 – 31 😢😊 but I do half agree with you. If there’s no extension then don’t do it

    • Matthew Crockett says:

      @WHINERS LOSE 7 – 31 😢😊 they’re winning it with Kyrie. The west is too weak and you do a sign and trade only. LeBron will re-sign and you’ve got another Kyrie and LeBron run, and LA won’t let you pull the stunts he’s been getting away with. He’ll get eaten alive. Plus he wants to go there. He’s made it public he does.

    • WHINERS LOSE 7 - 31 😢😊 says:

      A half a season rental for all the Kyrie drama? Losing the last two biggest assets in unprotected 1st rounders & Kyrie doesn’t make the Lakers the best team EVEN IF they make it to the post season. NOT worth it. Kyrie is a free agent next year & Russ is off the books. Get him next year if he wants to come, then we still have both picks & no RUss.

    • Raging Oracle says:

      Bull will make this happen… bye Zach

  2. Notorious H.A.N says:

    That crocodile analogy was hilarious and very true at the same time 😂

  3. Jakub Jakubik says:

    This amazing crew always makes my day. Nick and his crocodile analogy totaly killed me 😁🤣

  4. Dimitry Thomas says:

    This Steve Irwin line is the peak of Nick Wright’s career right here. Well done

  5. Joel Muhumuza says:

    They struck gold with this pairing of Nick, Wildes, and Broussard. Funny, insightful, and pretty good analysis. Inside the NBA is legendary for the humor and star power ( they are our funny uncles basically ), but this show is just as entertaining

  6. Drew Tru says:

    the Steve Irwin metaphor was so accurate

  7. Runar Ursin Reed says:

    How good is this show? It’s so good that me as someone who’s not watching the NBA find a discussion about a player I’ve never watched truly entertaining. Well done guys

  8. 5'2 balding indian janitor says:

    Respect to Broussard for not calling in sick today, bro is running out of copium when it comes to Kyrie

    • Adrian Kendrick says:

      @Bigg T08 It came out at 2PM so yes they were in the studio. Brou gave his initial response on the Herd

    • Bigg T08 says:

      Was this news out early in the day? I’m guessing they were already at the studio.

    • Jordan Medlin says:


    • Midembo says:

      The dribbling when talking about kyries bag is so funny

    • Eduardo Chavez says:

      Broussard is absolutely naive & worthless….in real life, Kyries personality / psych issue would ruin Broussard life. the fact people can’t see through the mind games Kyrie plays to manipulate everyone, always sabotaging & ruining any good situation, just to turn himself into the eternal victim that is just trying to support/bring awareness to other issues just to disguise his sadistic way of ruining others is testament of how pampered & protected most people are. Kyrie is the most predictable of types, literally follows exactly what any psych textbook will tell you his condition will, but of course, leave it to naive idiots to support him & think hes a good guy just trying to help others. lmao.

  9. David Bagga says:

    Charles Barkley was right – this might be the best trade deadline ever. Didn’t know it was gonna start a week early though 🍿

  10. Ross Moodie says:

    Steve Erwin joke was just perfect.
    Nick your pushing for GOAT status!
    😂👍💚 🇦🇺

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