L.A. Teachers’ Strike, the Egg That Broke Instagram & China’s Historic Moon Landing | The Daily Show

L.A. Teachers’ Strike, the Egg That Broke Instagram & China’s Historic Moon Landing | The Daily Show

Teachers in L.A. go on strike, an egg becomes the most-liked photo on Instagram, China lands a probe on the dark side of the moon, and Chicago still isn’t over that field goal.

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98 Responses

  1. Stephen Guess says:

    The egg looked the same color as Trump!

    • agriperma says:

      Don’t insult the egg

    • Black Smite says:

      Wow you sure DESTROYED that libtard with FACTS and LOGIC.

    • Stephen Guess says:

      +alexdapostman I guess Trump needs to leave also based on your logic. There is always one ass clown in the bunch, thanks for standing out.

    • alexdapostman says:

      +Stephen Guess
      The Government will not re-open until The Swamp, wasteful agencies, environmental wacko groups, and the Obama’s leftist non-essential holdovers are drained. Trump is a genius he let us know there’s too much fat in our government that needs to be trimmed, this shutdown has proven this. No wonder lowlife Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to cancel the State of the Union Address. She doesn’t want Trump to expose the ineptness of the Democrat Party to the American people. God bless President Trump and the United States of America.

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      +alexdapostman Please be a troll


    ?Support our teachers keep Society smart

    • George Kafiridis says:

      +jablue do you realise you could just as well defend oligarchic/feudal era education systems with what you just said?

    • jablue says:

      ​+George Kafiridis I didn’t say that a terribly optimized system is okay, did I? Simply a sentiment that you should get whatever education is available rather than discount it as useless because it isn’t the best in the world. Education is education, and some places impart knowledge and the tools of rational thought better than others, but the building blocks are always there in each American school (unless you’re in some private, potentially religious school, but that’s another story). A country that wants to remain competitive simply needs to keep their methods of education up to date. The US is failing to do so, but, even here, people are resourceful enough to take the information that’s being put forth to them, absorb it, and apply it. Not all people, but enough to keep the US as a power house internationally. Well, that and the attraction of foreign talent, but that, again, is another story.

    • George Kafiridis says:

      +jablue you have gone into too many topics. I’ll just say this: for a country to be “competitive” the factor is power.

    • jablue says:

      +George Kafiridis Fine, we’ll deal with this one topic. I’d argue that a country’s power is a function of their resources, their efficiency at using those resources, and the intelligence of those within said country. That’s a very simplified way to view it, but I’ll go with those as my core tenets of a country’s “power”. Really, this topic isn’t one to be discussed in youtube comments but to be explored in essays, articles, and long running, peer reviewed studies, but I’ll just give my comments on it.

    • Brian H says:

      Keep it smart? I hate to break it to you but It’s never been that way.

  3. Dan Onil Galang says:

    You can’t have more pay. Your leader needs the money to build a wall.

    • ws 2019 says:

      +DJ Compl3x glad you would rather pay for illegal immigrants than for actual Americans to get a decent education without 30 Mexicans stinking up every room???

    • kevin pratt says:

      +diego torres Teacher pay is not in any way related to our Federal budget nor is it controlled or set in any way by Federally elected officials.

    • Brian Fike says:

      Kick out the illegals and there will be more money for teachers.

    • DJ Compl3x says:

      ws 2019 When did I say that? Lol point that out for me ?? where do you see that? Last time I checked all I said was they will still be here lol where tf did you get that from? ??????

    • diego torres says:

      +kevin pratt  You might be right, I’m not disputing that, I’m saying that if there is in fact no way that the federal government can regulate the teacher’s pay or help support the states that need more education funding then the federal government is making a mistake, It’s wrong and it’s dumb and it should be corrected.


    ?I’m like a smart person I know the biggest words believe me I’m a very stable genius

  5. Arthiem says:

    Dr. Strange could have totally cut the gauntlet arm off of Thanos.

    • Brad Haines says:

      +Deathstar 699 thats now how things work

    • Ariel Steinsaltz says:

      Literally my thought. Thor actually couldn’t really aim for the head because he was throwing the ax from midair but Strange could have cut his arm off with a portal on Titan. But he saw the future and knew this was the only way or whatever so it’ll go where it goes.

    • Brad Haines says:

      +Ariel Steinsaltz just like in horror movies, if they did the smart thing itd last 5-10 minutes (except for saw), so they dont do that for entertainment value alone

    • Josh Combs says:

      He could have cut Thanos head off

    • icin4d says:

      “… cut the gauntlet arm off of Thanos.”
      #1 option of 5 from HISHE. 🙂

  6. ziljin says:

    Teachers deserve increased pay!

    • Josh Schilmeister says:

      +Clarity Average wage is a red herring. Teaching requires a college degree in the field you want to teach as well as being certified. Their demands for a starting salary of 46,860 in LA from a profession that requires a college degree isn’t to my mind asking the world. Now they earn considerably more later in their career, but the rate at which that scales is lower than the 3% nationwide average(which of course favors highly productive highly educated workers over minimum wage workers).

    • Daniel Bohnen says:

      And substitutes don’t even get paid half.

    • Jason Brewer says:

      +Clarity yes I agree I’ve seen and done some shit to teachers first hand I’d know since I’m now a senior in hs. It’s crazy what us highschoolers can do

    • Bob Pen says:

      Or at least enough money for teaching materials to teach these bad ass kids, That parents have spoiled rotten. To go out into the work Force and be productive. The hell with the ,conservative approach to hating teachers unions.

    • Jason Brewer says:

      +Bob Pen I think we needa overhaul our core education system and yeah get better material overall

  7. Noseey Kitty308 says:

    Teachers don’t get paid enough.

    • Noseey Kitty308 says:

      +nobull shiit I did not have that experience growing up, so my school time was different. Was your experience similar to how Mr. J. described his teaching experience? Or was it worse in different aspects he did not mention?

      Just curious. You don’t have to answer. 🙂

    • nobull shiit says:

      +Noseey Kitty308 i was born and grew up in the Caribbean , everday i went to school i was rock stooned called a white honkey , yankee and ridiculed in every class my teachers said i was racist whne i was 5 years old bceause i only hanged out with my brother and cousin who were the only other whte people i got iin fights daily and had my hair pulled on a regular bais when i got to hig school i was able to defend myself better but that didnt help whne my principle ran me over with his car or whne i had there are many things i can go on about but i dnt like bringingit all back up

    • Davi Rb says:

      +nobull shiit Caribe isnt the same thing.each place is diferent. It is usual that countries that are segregative have incidents with alien students.

    • nobull shiit says:


    • nobull shiit says:


  8. Heracross X says:

    Honestly, teachers have just as big of a role in shaping children as their parents do, and I think it’s time that their treatment was changed to reflect that.

  9. Kori Kelli says:

    I was scared when Jon Stewart left now I can’t imagine the daily show without Trevor.

  10. Deleted User 721826 says:

    He had 3 balls for a second there

  11. Zikry Shaharudin says:

    Finally sports fans realise their own stupidity!

  12. Morning Glory says:

    “Egg White Power” when asked about this statement, the Egg stated, ‘I was only Yoking’! ?

  13. coolocelot says:

    Mysterious As The Dark Side Of THE MOOOOOONNNNNN

  14. Tan Nay says:

    Most of the time as teachers we are the counselors, nurses, psychologists, parents, etc. Yet, I still hear people say teaching is so easy. It is sad because we love teaching, but other factors i.e. pay, school, student, and teacher resources or unsupportive administration make it nearly impossible to do everything we want or need to do to educate our students. Last year I was promised resources, but never received them and just purchased them with my own money. And this was a private school.

    • George Kafiridis says:

      +varana312 after 9/11 see what happened to american schools.

    • icin4d says:

      +tmanepic “Who the hell says teaching is easy?”
      In Wisconsin it was our republican legislators.

    • tmanepic says:

      +icin4d Ah yes, being a teacher is easy, but being a bum in a suit, I mean, ahm, legislator, well that’s really hard work. Fucking jackasses…

    • Agent Fungus says:

      +icin4d So true. I had to LOL when Walker started to call himself the “education governor” during the past campaign. One look at his droopy dropout face says otherwise.

    • Moon says:

      George Kafiridis <—this is the new generation of America? We truly are fucked if so.

  15. Emulate Me, The Universe. says:

    They are teachers! Every single person in a position to force these teachers to protest had to go through a teacher to get into the careers they are in today. Whether they liked their teachers or not, whether they enjoyed school or not – they had to graduate from somewhere at some point right?! The teachers are absolutely right! Why would you question teachers that are asking for the resources to better teach our children the future?! I absolutely support them. And not because of the teachers but because of the country, my children will be homeschooled lol! I graduate again next year and will start my family in two. I literally went back to school for a degree in political science so that I would without a doubt qualify to homeschool my children with a focus in politics, economics and social/religious studies.

    Our future!

    Support the teachers!

    • jablue says:

      I’m torn. I want to support you, but I can only hope that you’re able to give your children a solid basis for mathematics and science, too, as your education seems a bit skewed in the Humanities and Social Sciences direction. If you think you might be lacking in that front, online courses are probably good supplements, ones that I’d recommend either way if you want your children to have a well rounded education from home. College isn’t the only path in life, but if they want to go to a good college in the US, they – as you probably know – will likely need to do well on their SAT’s (and SAT II’s, if applicable) which isn’t gonna happen without a solid foundation in Reading Comprehension and Social Studies *and* Math and Science. Well, there’s also the ACT, but I hate that test. That said, I’m curious now: were you home-schooled?

    • Ilanca Mali says:

      There’s a million reasons why that’s not a good idea and there are plenty of good schools if you can afford it. Buy I’m not from USA so I lack context

    • Nj Osborne says:

      Emulate Me, The Universe.
      Yeah, but we get 3 months of vacation (unpaid)????

  16. Timmah200 says:

    As an educator at a Title 1 school in rural Alaska, I appreciate the support you give us, Trevor.

    • FallenFromGlory says:

      ah dude that’s awesome! I work as a DSP (not the same as teaching, I know) down in Wasilla. A lot of clients I work with are native Alaskan. The villages up north have been getting shafted pretty hard when it comes to basic necessities. Thank you for your work.

  17. Isabelle Wilkoff (student) says:

    I think social media is eggcellent.

  18. Animated Tigress says:

    Teachers spend more time with children then their own parents. Teachers deserve to make large incomes. If so it would bring growth and competition to teaching. Which increase quality to what is taught.

    • Boopala 1 says:

      Animated Tigress Excellent!

    • ArchoNils Privat says:

      You live in a weird place if teachers spent more time with children than their own parents

    • Aquatic Junebug says:

      ArchoNils Privat um you mean most of the schools? Considering we depend a majority of our day at work or in schools. Children are in school for 8 hours or more if they have activities after school and the parental units are busy with work until later in the day. Therefore in total teachers do in fact spend more time with children.

    • ArchoNils Privat says:

      +Aquatic Junebug 8 hours is a 3rd of a day. And this is only on weekdays, not on weekends. And only when there are no vaccations. And only for the “few” years the child goes to school. I spent more time with my children in the first few years after birth than all teachers combined

  19. Martial Arts Film Freak says:

    The hierarchy of jobs sees higher payment given to the most important jobs. Teaching children seems pretty damn important.

  20. ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch says:

    Lets get some ACTUAL counselors in there, instead of the bozos who dont deal with kids emotions and only care about transcript/schedule plannings, like at my high school. They need to be able to help kids, not tell them that all that matters and all they can do is plan schedules for working towards graduation.

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