La La Anthony Talks Sex Scenes on Power, Carmelo Anthony & More

La La Anthony Talks Sex Scenes on Power, Carmelo Anthony & More

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20 Responses

  1. Tyrion Lannister says:

    lala got some nice nipples tho

  2. Shawn Young says:

    that ass was looking right on power damn

  3. Marrow Morrison says:

    Good morning black brothers and sisters. Take care yourselves today and look out for you and yours, I love y’all, stay woke ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #blackways

  4. KODED LUX says:

    tommy fucking that good pum pum

  5. coldgameldn On IG says:

    Dj Envy: what’s acting, Lala?
    Angela Yee: I have a friend in acting
    CTG: I sucked a fart from an actor once

  6. SURESHOT says:


  7. Freshh Cutz says:

    Lala can sit that ass on my face anyday any nigga that wouldn’t let her is gay 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. ThumperBooBoo says:

    Did Angela just roll out of bed and come into work?

  9. Teflon KC ಌ Sood81 says:

    “You need to separate lakeisha from La La. Lakeisha did that, not La La”. Strange logic, the excuses thots and man-whores come up with..Then a prostitute can say “That was Mary Ann, not Louise, that was being a prostitute. You need to separate me (Louise) from Mary Ann” or a stripper can say “That was Amy, not me (Julie)”.. You’re married, you have a child and you flashed your booty and titties and French kissed and wined on a man for the whole world to see…but that’s okay because you’re an “actor” and it’s a “craft”. *You let a man besides your husband feel you up for $$ and this “craft” so you can be given bigger roles by the Jewish execs and producers that own Hollywood* . Just because you get paid for it doesn’t change the reality. Same applies to 99% of Hollywood, both men and women.

  10. Johnny Sparks says:

    I just wanna know if she really taste like honey nut cheerios

  11. Charley Harraway III says:

    CTG: “Was it difficult being with a white guy….WHAT IT SMELL LIKE??” #SuperSuspect

  12. TLongz says:

    Yee: “How did you prepare for your sex scene?”
    Lala: “…I know how to have sex Angela” 😂😂😂

  13. Larren Green says:

    It’s not LaLa it’s Lakeesha.. aight fam

  14. Evan Samuel says:

    Just came to hear her talk about Carmelo lol

  15. 2kool4skool says:

    power be overdoing it with the sex scenes. how they go from “why you trippin” to fuckin in the shop.

  16. lab_ Beatz says:

    Angela Yee: I had a friend who was cheated on by a NBA player too
    Lala: Really?
    Angela Yee: Oh it’s you…….

  17. smokey. mcwallace says:

    Every time there’s a woman being interviewed. The comments show how much men disrespect women. It’s sad so many men hate us so much. We can’t just live or work, or do us without being constantly criticized. And if we’re not being criticized then y’all are sexualizing us. Keep reminding us why it sucks to be a woman in this society.

  18. Johnson Davis says:

    She’s mad confident she knows she the shit but doesn’t act stuck up..She’s sooooooo damn fine

  19. This Hiphop says:

    Every time Angela Yee talks or ask a question I cringe so hard

  20. Ricky Antonio says:

    Lala dressed like she spent the night at Tommys crib last night 🤔

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