Labrinth – Never Felt So Alone (Official Video)

Labrinth – Never Felt So Alone (Official Video)

Official video for “Never Felt So Alone” by Labrinth

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DIRECTOR Daniel Sannwald @danielsannwald
ART DIRECTOR/MOVEMENT DIRECTOR Candela Capitán @candelacapitan

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Rudy Grazziani @rudy

PRODUCTION COMPANY Somesuch & Noire Creative @somesuchandco & @noirecreative
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Alli Maxwell @iamallimaxwell
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Tim Nash @timmynasher
EP + SUPERVISING PRODUCER Sara Lacombe @frassysassy
SOMESUCH PRODUCTION MANAGER Ashley Soloman @ashleysoloman
PRODUCTION MANAGER Laura Goldenstein @logold
PRODUCTION COORD. Vladen Ponomar @vladenponomar
ASST PRODUCTION COORD. April Qualls @ayeprahl_badu
Marielle Co @marielleco + @originalcreativeagency

1ST AD Ev Saloman @haitianev
2ND AD Aris Ray @arisray.ig
2ND 2ND AD Skye Grissom @skyegrissom

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Jeremy Valender @jeremyvalender
GAFFER Mathias Peralta @mathiasperalta
KEY GRIP Luke Poole @lanative_grip

PRODUCTION DESIGNER John Richoux @johnrichouxdesign
ART DIRECTOR Nick DeCell @isthismyfloor

ASST. CHOREOGRAPHER Kiani del Valle @kianidelvalle
STUNT COORDINATOR Sara Beko @sara_beko_
DANCER Ed Munro @edmunro
DANCER Layne Williams @layne_willis
DANCER Evan Sagadencky @evansagadencky
DANCER Marirosa Crawford @marirosacrawford
DANCER Orlando Agawin @orlandonod90
THE LOVER Monet Morton @monetmorton

MAKEUP Nikki Parisi @nikkiparisi

STYLIST Lisa Jarvis @lisajarvis_stylist
GROOMER Sienree @sienree

STYLIST Lana Jay Lackey @lanajaylackey
MAKEUP Emily Cheng @emilychengmakeup
HAIR Ben Mohapi @salonbenjamin

EDITOR Will Town & Modern Post @willhtown +
COLOR John O’Riordan & Pundersons Gardens @_johngrades_ + @pundersonsgardens
VFX Max Colt @maxcoltt

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31 Responses

  1. Tales Bento says:

    Cada dia a Billie mostrando mais do que é capaz 😱🔥

  2. Cande Copello says:

    This song was meant for Billie! Your voices match so good ❤

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I’m never disappointed when it comes to billie eilish. Her vocals. Her songs. There is something raw about it. And it gives me feels every damn time.

  4. 𝚈𝚞𝚔𝚘𝚗x. says:

    Acho importante comentar tb que o Labrinth é um artista muito bom e nesse clipe ambos arrasaram no vocal e no conceito. Ele deveria ser muito mais conhecido, o cara é bom em *tudo* que faz. Obrigado por essa colaboração linda, eu amei… <3

    • ines sofia says:

      @Judita It’s true, it’s a work of art and they poems clearly a very good duo

    • Judita says:

      ​@ines sofia Billie has the words to describe it, except she didn’t want it. She didn’t even wanted to get the credit for that visuals, nor for her voice. Finneas didn’t want it either. You can see that neither she, nor her brother is mentioned anywhere. Some fans are even angry because Billie Eilish is not mentioned anywhere. But that’s what she wanted. Surely there’s a reason for that, and we’ll probably never know it. I personally think that this was absolutely gorgeous.

    • julia says:

      concordo, ambos sao muito bons

    • ines sofia says:

      ambos estão maravilhosos eu conhecia os trabalhos do labrinth e cada um melhor do que o outro e a billie não tem palavra para descrever

  5. 𝚈𝚞𝚔𝚘𝚗x. says:

    Ambos conseguiram mostrar seus lados capazes, o que me deixou muito feliz. Esses artistas são incríveis!

  6. Emília Izabel says:

    Os fãs tão dormindo uma hora dessas? Mano olha essa perfeição…cadê o reconhecimento? Labrinth nunca errou, e ainda trás a billie outra pft🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐

  7. Andrew Ramdat says:

    I AM SCREAMING!!! Billies backing vocals in this are so amazing and pure.

    • cw says:

      @Aether ur not teaching ur elementary school kids anymore relax. The ending of the song was bad compared to the rest of it. Plain and simple

    • Aether says:

      @cw THINK before you comment

      T: is it true?
      H: is it helpful?
      I: is it inspiring?
      N: is it nice?
      K: is it kind?

    • Artisan S says:

      The word you’re looking for is a duet. This is way more than a backing vocal. And a beautiful song has been created in the process. Looking forward to a new season of Euphoria.

    • cw says:

      @Judita yeah the ending of the song is

    • Judita says:

      ​@cw you have no clue what’s cringe.

  8. all powers says:

    this video is fantastic really otherworldly this is art we should all support Billie Eilish and labrinth are already legends so happy they got together 🙌

  9. Bray 90 says:

    Noto que cada vez Billie va mejorando sus vocales, la amo tanto 😍

    • Judita says:

      Finally someone who appreciates her progress and who REALLY knows how to listen. Usually people are superficial and do not notice this type of stuff.

  10. Beli says:

    Esta canción era hermosa de por si y con Billie es una maravilla😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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