L’Accord – Chamber Agent Trailer // VALORANT

L’Accord – Chamber Agent Trailer // VALORANT

Questions answered. Futures revealed. Bienvenue au maître du jeu.

New Sentinel Agent joining VALORANT in REFLECTION: Act III.

Made in partnership with Eddy.tv.

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35 Responses

  1. Recall says:

    Looks sooo clean! Amazing job on the trailer as well.

  2. PTesh says:

    Finally, another agent for me to be stuck in Silver with! 😂

  3. Siddawala says:

    Ima main this guy solely for the swag just like I did yoru when I started playing the game last episode.

  4. GodOfVamps says:

    Anyone else confused about which moves are his abilities? 😂

  5. NoStrafe says:

    Never thought I’d see an agent reveal that has literally 3 new voice lines in it, but today’s the day I guess.

  6. Wikeila says:

    is it me… or does this looks like he is the first one to be on good terms with his “other self” the way his clone helps him to unfreeze Brim makes me think that in his lore maybe his clone and him have a deal of some sort… :O it would be amazing

    • illumina says:

      Holy shit good catch

    • Hana Shi says:

      I noticed this so fast too at my first time watching the trailer I was like. They look like to be in good terms *with visible confusion. But maybe they were neutral about this or they have some deal regarding the problem they are having.

    • • YamiPlays • says:

      I thought so too! Really exited :DD
      I’m thinking, since he seems so initially against kingdom, both versions might have gotten up individually and caused the breakdown on fracture, to then meet each other and be chill about it because they knew it was gonna happen.

    • Wikeila says:

      @Hana Shi I think they know more that what they let on, for example we know Vyper and Brim are holding information regarding the new world and the other selfs. Also here at the beginning you hear both their voices and brim in the middle of the 2 earths. At the end when they free Brim, when deadeye throws the card at the ground in front of Brim I think the other Deadeye, the clone one, transported there. also funny how he only shoots to Omen, the 3 figures he shots are for Omen bodies, so maybe he is aware that Omen can watch and be everywhere… so many things I can´t wait for him to be out

    • Jat says:

      Since he looks like a smart, cold, calculative guy, im betting on him having a long game plan that benefits both him and his other self. I think he doesn’t really have the intention to stand for his own earth, his plans are to benefit himself and his other self along the way. Who’s a better partner for a cold, apathetic genius than himself?

  7. OffShorePrism says:

    holy cow I’ve watched this over 5 times now, the trailer is honestly astounding, I cant wait for him!

  8. Damian Goves says:

    The first agent to actually be friends with his double, damn.

  9. Akshon Esports says:

    This new VALORANT agent is so cool. Fantastic job with the trailer.

  10. lxluciana says:

    I just realized, the statues he shoots at when he pulled out the sherif are all omen statues. Does that have an important meaning? I’m curious

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