Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)

Listen to music from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga from the ‘A Star Is Born’ Soundtrack:

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55 Responses

  1. Nameless Ghost says:

    Veo a una Lady Gaga madura sin vestuarios extravagantes y muy enamorada es una excelente artista!

  2. Raquel Francisco says:

    Lady Gaga sempre surpreendendo. Belíssima música,lindo filme que sejam sempre abençoados. Parabéns querida Lady,.Parabens a esse grande ator

  3. Blog Top Sertanejo says:


  4. Jose Francisco Pertuz Perez says:

    Day 354: I can’t get over this performance ❤️

    • Graham Sutton says:

      It hasn’t even been a day dumbass… Don’t write a fake and overused comment to gain the likes of strangers on the internet.

  5. Blog Top Sertanejo says:

    La mejor película de todos los tiempos!

  6. Garrett Regula says:

    im not a scientist, but i know chemistry when i see it… I am sorry for irina though

  7. Clouds&Kisses says:

    The chemistry is unbelievable wow

  8. Marilyn Jane says:

    *they r so cute together!*

    • Milla Brena says:

      *A Stár is Bórn film 2018* AváilablÉ NóW :

    • Gabriela Moraes says:

      Amiga sem sacanagem, ja vi comentários seus em tanto vídeo aleatório, dos mais diferentes possíveis. Já faz anos que vejo seus comentários por ai, mas nunca respondi mas hoje foi demais acho que é o 5 video do dia que te vejo nos coments. Fico chocada, vc está em todos os lugares! hahaha

    • No Shit says:

      Marilyn Jane They look amazing! They are amazing!

    • Junior Cerqueira says:

      +Gabriela Moraes a onipresença dela é espetacular kkkkk

  9. Lipe Aragoes says:

    ?? Nós brasileiros estamos aqui pra ver essa maravilha

  10. FOCO NA TV NeWs says:

    Lindos a cantora mais completa que existe no mundo!

  11. Dave9596js says:

    In an alternative universe, Jack recovers after Rehab to later rejoin Ally at the Grammys for a comeback performance ?❤️

  12. MyLiTTL3W0RLD says:

    *Lady Gaga’s voice is really awesome,*
    *as well as the success of this song.*
    *Amazing performance.* ? ?

  13. brandon murakami says:

    I know he’s got someone, but damn they look good together.

    • George Moschos says:

      I Can’t tell if this is deep friendship or they start to fall in love each other !!! i’m confused…. but they sure look great together !

  14. Claudio Henrique says:

    eu chorei no Oscar e nao consigo parar de ver essa performance desde então <3 música linda.

  15. Douglas TV says:

    #3 nos vídeos em alta do Brasil. ??
    Cadê os ?? little monsters ? ??

  16. Isaiah S. says:

    I feel bad for Bradley Cooper’s wife sitting in the front row y’all

  17. Natty says:

    Gente… O que foi essa apresentação? Coisa mais linda de se ver. Só sinto amor nessa cena.

  18. exenly says:

    *the comment section is literally just spanish*

  19. Jedidiah Daniel says:

    This man deserved the Oscar just like rami. But imo Bradley was better because his acting was able to convince me that he was an alcoholic. Not to forget the fact that he trained his voice for this movie and trained his guitar skills.

  20. Lil Vara says:

    This is how many people love Lady Gaga

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