Lady Gaga Credits Bradley Cooper For Believing In Her

Lady Gaga Credits Bradley Cooper For Believing In Her

Lady Gaga said the trust she felt with her ‘A Star Is Born’ co-star Bradley Cooper was so strong that it didn’t even feel like acting.

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86 Responses

  1. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    I’m a simple man. I see Lady Gaga, I clicked.

  2. RENEHIKO says:

    amazing! she wouldn’t need ANY makeup, she’s perfect without any of it

  3. Willy Lohman says:

    Victoria British Columbia is watching.
    Well, I am.

  4. Nash Arnold says:

    The trailer is gorgeous. Bradley copper did great. Lady gaga should really consider acting more often. She is incredible. Its amazing seeing artists delivering moving pieces like these

  5. Michel Fugers says:

    Hehe, her awkward/nervous laughter makes her very human πŸ™‚

  6. Paul Ramos says:

    Rocket Raccoon really trusts Lady Gaga….

  7. DesireΓ© says:

    We don’t live in a very shallow time…. we are living in a time where shallow people are more sure of themselves and vociferous….. while the good ones and intelligent ones are filled with self-doubt and laying low…. making small changes to the world or at the least not adding to the existing vileness of control and moral policing

    • In the Woods says:

      She has a point though

    • Tonya Johnson says:

      Wow! So true, thank you!! This is so strong and so beautifully said. <3

    • Asher Greenfield says:

      Wow, so true

    • StreamingEagle says:

      this is a brilliant comment Desiree. So true. So true.

    • richardervins says:

      DesireΓ© – nicely said! But I believe it’s only half of what is happening. The ‘good ones’ haven’t been intelligent enough to see and heed the woes and worries of those left behind. Along comes one who seemingly does – and he even speaks their language – and promises them ‘everything will be great again’ and cofvefe. And bingo – he has a following no ‘good one’ could have imagined – even though what he’s doing is insanely destructive. Lady Gaga found her direction a long time ago. Now it’s time to follow her lead to actually deserve the title ‘good one’…

  8. Hammad Ali says:

    She really did do a surprisingly good job at acting in A Star is Born.

  9. Darkpool says:

    Lady Gaga is beautiful, inside and out. πŸ’•πŸ’–

  10. CptKirk FPV says:

    I. Love. Lady Gaga.

  11. BigButtBoy says:

    she looked like she was in a dream in that picture they showed

  12. verdatum says:

    wanna talk about guys who can sing…I know this one guy…this guy by the name of Stephen Colbert. He performed on Broadway. Seriously, I’m a classically trained musician, Colbert has chops. Sing with that guy!!!

  13. Lucene Olivera says:

    Big fan of Lady Gaga … hope their interview doesn’t attract trolls. It’s so true we live in shallow times now.

  14. Liam S says:

    In just a short while communications majors in college will be introduced to this interview as a case study in quickly gaining trust of an interviewee, disarming both interviewee and audience, covering all bases necessary but also digging deep into a issue and finally learning the AWESOMENESS OF STEPHEN COLBERT!!

  15. SYN30STM says:

    She sounds in love with Bradley Cooper. The movie did her in on Bradley Cooper.

    • 4 ever says:

      They all sleep together. It is no secret.

    • Queen D says:

      She talks about him profusely I mean stupidly in love

    • Tracey Johnson says:

      A woman can admire a man without sleeping him. He’s married to a beautiful woman with a new baby. Some people have a moral compass!

    • Javier Leija says:

      Might be like the case of Jenna Fischer with John Krasinski. They had so much chemistry that she fell in love with a part of him (even though they each had their separate romantic lives). Gaga might be in love with the idea of Cooper as a person, but not in a relationship kind of way. Also, who the fuck knows lol we’re just fans

  16. Hylian Ticipated says:

    Love her talent. Love her beauty. Love her compassion.

  17. Esther-Marie Tidoso says:

    When Gaga talks about how we live in a shallow time and we are in need of depth and honesty 😭 cannot agree more! Love her <3

  18. Jalffie Music says:

    In my mind words have a dictionary definition and the meaning that you give it: in my mind when i use the word beautiful, it has no physical component; rather i mean a kind, empathic amazing human being. It transcends all boundaries … no matter how pretty one is … being beautiful is something else that i value so much more. Lady gaga is one hell of a beautiful young woman and so is Stephen Colbert. I appreciate and love them for their real and heartfelt kindness. Thats why i loved this interview

  19. Stefani G says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since she made her debut. We are so lucky to witness her art.

  20. Deborah Santamaria says:

    What a sweet, carming, wonderful Soul..But I have always gotten that impression of her..She is really quite the Lass! I apprecitae who she is, and her amazing talent is the Cherry on Cake!

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