Lady Gaga Met Gala 2019 Transformation

Lady Gaga Met Gala 2019 Transformation

Watch Lady Gaga’s full Met Gala 2019 fashion transformation at ‘Camp.’

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53 Responses

  1. Wah Tu Sy says:

    Gaga just gave them peasants a free lesson on how to do red carpet..

  2. Nathaniel Aquino says:

    *sees first outfit*
    Me: How you gonna sit down girl?!?
    *sees last outfit*
    Me: Oh! Imma sit myself down… Yazzz Kween!!!

  3. AlixxA7X says:

    Those photographers are so rude ? and yelling at those guys to get out of the way. Wow. ?

    • Niel Wong says:

      People who have issues with the photographer doing their job is obviously not very bright. It’s their job and a relationship with the stars; they feed off each another. As though gaga did this for her own self, she needs them to photograph her

    • AlixxA7X says:

      +Niel Wong Yes it’s their job but they dont need to be rude to the people doing theirs and helping Gaga with her wardrobe change…..

    • ahistoryinmusic says:

      How do you tell Lady Gaga’s performers to get out of the way? Lmao

    • Kodama Greenone says:

      +Johann Sebastian Bach get a better job then, theyy are assholes, if they cant behave, they gonna get roasted

    • Tsunami Splash says:

      AlixxA7X That was literally all I was thinking about while watching this video

  4. funny videos says:

    gaga is just , when I’m home alone , dressing up and performing to the ghost in the corner of my room

  5. C L says:

    Me: So what did Gaga wear to the Met Gala?

    Answer: Yes.

  6. Wijbren Nell says:

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever done before, unafraid to reference or not reference

  7. Rachel Arruda says:

    Not @ Lady Gaga turning the met gala into an 18th century French court style burlesque ??

  8. Engorgio Armani says:

    I think she nailed this. It’s very “camp”, very drag-like and dramatic. Great job Gaga!

  9. ItsDanaPace says:

    this whole video should have had paparazzi playing in the backround.

  10. Luke27* says:

    when you have to study for finals but instead end up watching a 16 minute video of somebody walking up the stairs

  11. Ange says:

    “To the right gaga to the right!”
    “Get out the way!”
    You basically hear those same sentences for the whole video.

  12. Techno Disco Lovers says:

    My Top 10 Met Gala looks for 2019:

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Lady Gaga
    3. Lady Gaga
    4. Lady Gaga
    5. Lady Gaga
    6. Lady Gaga
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Lady Gaga
    9. Lady Gaga
    10. Lady Gaga

  13. Diana Stein says:

    What an amazing self-aware, satirical performance! Way to go, Lady Gaga, in puncturing that balloon.

  14. Sarai Herrera says:

    Gaga be like:
    Oh y’all wanted a twist?!

  15. Gucho Bahru says:

    She nailed the theme of Met Gala beyond expectations! The Met is all about appreciating the greatest artist and their iconic works. Lady Gaga gave respect and homage by serving a spectacular Performance Art at the red carpet! 😉

  16. Caleb 16 says:

    Feels Just like 2009, shes on the top again!! ❤️

  17. emosag says:

    Everyone: at work

    Me: watches a 16 minute video of Lady Gaga walking up and down stairs

  18. Kim Mal says:

    Designer: so we have 4 designs, which one do you prefer?

    Gaga: All of ‘em

  19. LaVioletaAmatista says:

    She owned the carpet for almost 20 minutes. This is the most iconic Met Gala entrance to ever happen.

  20. Cian Tuohy says:

    Judging by that performance she’s one of the few who really understood camp

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