Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion (Audio)

Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion (Audio)




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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Perfect Illusion. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. Solo Radia says:

    I love her as much as Carly Rae Jepsen!!

  2. Oussama Abs says:

    Rise > perfect illusion

  3. Jeremy Doe says:

    I need to listen to it a few more times probably… it isn’t terrible at
    all. It is very different. I am excited about the new album and different
    sounds it will have.

  4. Noe Hernandez says:

    Honestly, what’s up with every artist nowadays trying to break every taboo
    they’ve created. I thought I was going to get Piano Lady Gaga a
    stripped-down version of her actual talent. This is horrendous. Just an
    opinion from a former fan checking out her new music.

  5. Chucky BuenChico says:

    Please everyone buy “PERFECT ILLUSION ” on iTunes now!!!!,also listen on
    Spotify , YouTube, VEVO and all platforms in the world <3

  6. Ashley Kay says:

    I had to listen to this song for the shear fact that Lady Gaga is talented.
    But this song is just not good at all in my opinion.

    I am not pressed, I am not jealous. I do not envy Gaga in anyway. Everyone
    is entitled to their own opinion. I just feel that Gaga could have done
    sooooo much better.

  7. Vic “Snovalito” Snoval says:

    No me gusto, nada nuevo, nada novedoso, un fracaso más a su lista de
    sencillos que fracasan. ?

  8. Negu García says:

    Primera vez que la escuchas? Segumda vez que la escuchas ?

  9. Katy Perry Fansite says:

    Lady Gaga hasn’t been in my favorites list but this is Fire❤❤❤

  10. MyTVfanatic says:

    LOL at people calling it a flop, it’s #1 in over 60 countries on iTunes

  11. Ariana Grande says:

    OMG!!!!! this song is #1 US & UK and another 70 countries!!!!! :O
    Lady Gaga is a queen…. <3

  12. Yuahn Bon says:

    Best Comeback Top 6
    #1 Make me – Britney Spears
    #2 Body Say – Demi Lovato
    #3 Just Like Fire – Pink
    #4 Rise – Katy Perry
    #5 Hold On – Beyonce
    #6 Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga

  13. listen to EXO MONSTER says:

    2:46 oh mygod did anyone heart that farting sound

  14. Just me says:

    This is awful, bye!

  15. bluckamey says:

    this sucks. I’ve been a gaga fan since around 2009 but this sucks.

  16. ReallyRick says:

    I love Lady Gaga and I am even one of the few who absolutely loved every
    song on “Artpop” but this song is just so bland to me. Its rock and not
    pop. She is so afraid to do pop again after the failure or ArtPop that she
    is changing who she is.

  17. alejandro colmenarez says:

    She sounds like a rock star <3

  18. Diogo Paródias says:

    Os vocais estão ótimos como sempre, mas pelo que comentaram tanto eu
    esperava ser mais hitante e pareceu mais música de encerramento de álbum,
    vamos ver as outras faixas, eu achei que serei mais pop :/

  19. John Perry says:

    this song is horrid. now I’m not worried about LG5 beating KP4. Another Art
    Flop ☺?

  20. Pollory La La says:

    Sure you guys will not get used to the new evolution of gaga’s music at
    first and jump into conclusion and say it’s shit or whatsoever but trust
    me, after some time this will be the real thing. Just watch