Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

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Directed by: Andrea Gelardin / Ruth Hogben
Producer: Keeley Gould
Company: SAV Studios

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Perfect Illusion. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. John Steamz says:

    Is That Mark Ronson?

  2. ZLine says:

    Is that Mark Ronson with the guitar?

  3. NICK KUBRA says:

    My eyes hurt from this annoying ugly music video

  4. Lucas Sebá says:

    The video fits the song very well, both are crap.

  5. boxxyXD says:

    So many fake GaGa fans in the comments lmfao pathetic

  6. Sergi Escrivá Morant says:

    You guys cant undertand (or you dont even try to understand) the meaning of
    this video so you just complain, gtfo pls

  7. jake frost says:

    Worst song and worst video of her entire career. Just awful. She should be

  8. TecWeb Tutors says:

    This Song is ILLUMINAT

  9. Ariana Malik says:

    who notice lady gagas eyes look at her eyes she’s ha s no eye or the lens

  10. Pabon Rojas says:

    593,679 vistas
    155,694 8,510

  11. Psychotic Ass says:

    She doesn’t need eyes to see! when will your fave?

  12. Violet Snatchki says:

    This is just an “era” it’s something temporary, after this era she will
    again change to something else and do something different cause she always
    experiments like that and has been doing such thing since the fame era.
    I believe that many monsters just haven’t taken the time to fully relax and
    listen to the song, they’re not used to this Gaga and I totally get that,
    it’s new, it’s different, it takes time to understand something and dig
    deep into it. I understand that and it’s okay to not fully comprehend or
    like it yet, it needs time to get used to it, we all usually dislike
    something we’re not used to, IT TAKES TIME.
    But what I find so sad is that so many so called monsters haven’t even
    given her the damn chance.
    They directly come into this comment section without even hearing the song
    or seeing the video and all they do is call it a “flop” and insult it, etc.
    To be able to understand something, appreciate something or get used to
    something you first need time and you’re supposed to sit down and listen to
    it a couple of times and then think about it and share an opinion instead
    of going all berserk without even hearing it a couple of times. You know
    what I mean?
    And I think Gaga is disappointed with those so called monsters because it’s
    like they only “use” her. They only want her and like her if she does this
    “monster” theme, or else they call her a flop all the time. That is not
    being a fan.

  13. User0104134245 says:

    Mama Monster please back to POP music :(

  14. FILTHY says:

    horse face cuntt.

  15. DEREK House says:

    Psycho Queen <3

  16. Thomas F says:

    She’s more Stefani in this song ? I love it!

  17. cammeron nelson says:

    I love Gaga but I think this song is terrible! ??

  18. ᄌᄒᄒᄂ says:

    Are you serious Youtube about the 593,679 views for 8 hrs? It has 500,000
    views in less than an hour and then this what we fans only get??

  19. Ivan Juliant says:

    Wow New Single From Lady Gaga ?
    New Hits Music for My Playlist

  20. BOMB.COM says:

    Well *I* appreciate this for what it is. Looks like a handful of people
    just don’t get it. Go watch some whiny Ariana Grande music or basic boring
    Taylor Swift music or cheesy amateur Katy Perry music you tasteless fools.
    No need to bash artistic expression like this.