Lady Gaga Performs ‘Hold My Hand’ at Oscars 2023

Lady Gaga Performs ‘Hold My Hand’ at Oscars 2023

Lady Gaga performs the Oscar nominated original song ‘Hold My Hand’ from TOP GUN: MAVERICK at Oscars 2023. See more performance and highlights at and in the ABC app!

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  1. Christian Mistian says:

    Man she’s such a great performer. Just naturally talented no auto tune no crazy pyrotechnics just her beautiful voice!

  2. J says:

    I remember when she said she felt insecure and vulnerable without any makeup. For her to do this at the Oscar’s was huge for her. And incredibly raw and vulnerable. Not many people would do that out of fear.

    • Candi says:

      @Christina N I didn’t think she could really surprise me with a performance at this point, then she goes and does this. So raw and beautiful. She’s beautiful glam too, but I know this took a lot of courage. It would for any woman in Hollywood whose looks are constantly scrutinized to appear at the Oscars this way, but we know she also specifically is insecure about it. She inspires me all the time, especially since she is chronically ill like I am.

    • Christina N says:

      Very spot on, it is why she that became her alter ego. She spoke of this. The funny thing is that she probably never expected was that her natural talent and passion that comes from Stephanie Germonatta would come out regardless of how she was told no one would love it. I’m so happy she is HERE. She always amazes me, I held my breath last night watching this. I let it go when she did. She is a special being. 💜

    • Anime central says:

      Another outstanding performance by this talented, brave and beautiful woman, performer.

    • GrooTheWanderer says:

      IMO, she looks so much prettier without make-up. …in my book, less is more. A natural look / next door girl appearance is def a thumbs up in my book.

  3. Eddie Galloway says:

    This reminds me of her performance in “A Star Is Born”: stripped down raw performance where you either have the musical chops or you don’t and there’s NOwhere to hide in the mix. My favorite part of her live gigs is when it’s like this. She always does a segment where it’s her really showing what’s she’s got. She is beyond belief.

  4. Nathaniel Hoffman says:

    It’s insane to me that Lady GaGa went from wearing insane clothing (like the meat dress) in order to stand out, and now in 2023 wearing no makeup and a plain shirt is what makes you stand out the most. Heartwarming to see she’s built the confidence she has to pull off any look under the sun, Gaga is an inspiration

    • Candy POP says:


    • MattWebz says:

      What a beautiful transition and the proper one.

    • Steve R says:

      Wow! I remember what a revelation the first stuff she did with Tony Bennett was to me. It’s such a relief that she is a big enough star to be able to show her real skill doing what she wanted to do all along, instead of her early stuff that she did. She’s so far from that dreck now, thank goodness!

    • Lisa Seliger says:

      @Joan Allen IMO I believe her teacher was wrong! I think the makeup takes away from how naturally beautiful she is!

    • Antonio Seabra says:

      No doubt,she IS an inpiration,to young people,on today’s world,I admire her simplycity

  5. Sonshine Tres says:

    Singer, song-writer, dancer, musician, actress…she is really in a league of not many equals. Been a diehard fan since I saw a documentary years ago and learned there is so much more to this woman than the crazy outfits that got attention years ago. Its been a pleasure discovering her multi faceted career and varied talents thru the years and her genuinely warm character.

    • rosalia35 says:

      I believe that Bradley still lives in her heart—she has never gotten over him———–just listen closely to the lyrics…

  6. JJ says:

    She’s THAT big of a performer that she really needs no smoke ,& mirrors… She don’t need to prove herself to anyone. She’s on top of her game. Not my best song but her delivery is amazing… She also looks quite different….

    • Bigjoemonger says:

      Pretty sure it was just timing. They asked her to perform and she said she would attend but couldn’t perform because she was busy filming for the new joker movie and didnt have time to prepare a number. And they probably said “hey, you’re lady gaga, you could do this in your PJs and they’d still love it”

    • Candy POP says:


    • Jocelyn Jones says:

      She more beautiful without makeup

    • Samantha says:

      I LOVED the song and the comments she made about writing it.

  7. Ruben A. says:

    I LOVE how she is clean faced and stripped down to just pure vocals and instruments!!

  8. gdub713 says:

    I absoultely love that she came out raw, no makeup, no fancy outfit and just sang. she is gorgeous inside and out.

  9. David Knight says:

    Not only can Lady Gaga naturally sing…but she is naturally beautiful…this performance was pure!!! She sung from her soul!!!👌🏾

  10. Mimi Holley says:

    I will never get over seeing her for the first time last summer in DC for her Chromatica Ball. I cried when she was at the piano. And this song was the encore. She said “Love yourself. Believe in yourself. I hope you don’t leave here loving me more, but loving yourself more” and that right there stuck with me. I love this woman!

    • Austin S. says:

      I was there as well. That moon was something else, but more importantly, she gave a stellar performance. She treats all of her performances like they are her last.

    • Phillip Bagshaw says:

      I was there! The shoutout to the moon was great. Best concert I’ve ever been to

    • Laura A says:

      I was at that show too. I was euphoric for weeks afterwards.

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