Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song “Flame” – American Idol 2019 Finale

Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song “Flame” – American Idol 2019 Finale

Laine Hardy wins American Idol 2019 and performs new single “Flame” in front of a live audience at the American Idol 2019 Grand Finale.

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.

American Idol 2019

Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.

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55 Responses

  1. 8kings23 says:

    Lol the crowd was still chanting “homie” when Ryan announced Lane the winner.

  2. violethill37 says:

    I don’t dance but I want to dance with Alejandro. Who else?

  3. Saad Rabia says:

    Laine is the American Idol, but Homie, you’re the World Idol. Laine’s music speaks to a lot of Americans, but your music, Alejandro, speaks to the entire world and through a lot of generation segments, young to old. You’re a phenomenon that has so much to give, so keep on giving and always: stay YOU, because it’s YOU who we all love; not the stage, not the flashes, not the show, not the votes, we love Alejandro.

    Look at the comments section and you will know who the real idol is. ❤️?

    Much love from Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. ??

    • Victoria says:

      +Cami fuquene – You guys are the ones that imposing your choice on others. The votes were being counted squarely and where were you his fans not voting for your idol? Complaints and complaints nonstop! Accept the result and be happy for the winner. Why are you trying to sabotage Laine? He is a young 18 year old man who has outdone his age. He does write songs too and his potential is there to be mined in the future. Alejandro can write songs, composing but can’t sing. He needs to get out of his self pitting, shyness to present his talents to others. He mumbled through his songs and kept singing the same genre every week. That he needs to work on in order to win the votes. But again, you guys did not vote for him but being a keyboard warriors then it didn’t help him.

    • Donald Baruah says:

      +Victoria And i don’t have a problem with Laine winning it. I’m just happy that i discovered A.A through this show. And yes, it’s all about perespective and choices, you’ve your favourite Laine and the Aranda fans have theirs, music isn’t a competition. I hope all of them do well and push their boundaries and keep getting better. All love & peace

    • Cami fuquene says:

      +Victoria you’re misunderstanding my comments. I also see that there’s people undermining Laine, which I agree with you, is not ok, he’s a great musician too… Look, I don’t usually watch AI, but I personally liked this season for Alejandro. However when I tried to vote, well, AI voting system only covers US… I don’t know about others but my comment supporting Alejandro was never ment to undermine Lane. Sorry if that was the message ?

    • Felicita Rodriguez says:

      +Victoria Feel sorry for people like you that don’t understand.. Maybe you’ll learn one day about what real music is. Alejandro is the best American Idol had. Laine not much. Just another karaoke singer.

    • Victoria says:

      +Felicita Rodriguez – I feel your depression, jealousy, anger but the world goes on because we as humans do not need this kind of behavior from you. For your information, I really enjoyed Madison’s vocals, not Laine. But I am happy for him and do think the boy deserves the second chance in this contest. He does make the audience happy by his presence/ performance. He is polite and confident at the same time. That is the best attitude. We live on the positive outlook, not self pitting, not whining.
      As for music I have been listening to all kinds since the Abba, Beatles, Rolling stones songs have been around. You name the artists from different continents, pop, country, classical, rap, rock, R & B, dance, electronic music,..
      You need to get out from the bubble of your Latino heritage to embrace the world. This rile of yours sounds very so.

  4. Himaruk Silva says:

    Alejandro will be No 1 on the Billboard charts not in here

    • Muna Osman says:

      you people are so racists..This a
      platform of guys
      sucks..Alejandro will be a muscian for all times.whether you like it or not..??

    • Fabio says:

      Muna Osman. Why people are so crazy these days? If you think different no one can respect that. I think Laine was good, but phenomenal in a creative way??? Give me a break. Play the piano, the guitar, travel around the world, or at least grow up people. Nobody cares about your tantrums. Enjoy your life.

    • c carter says:

      Right and he should HAVE never auditioned because he is better than this little teenybopper fake show which will get cancelled again because it’s nothing but a set up. By the way country girl country music lover, learn some grammar.

  5. Siddhant Kamble says:

    Alejandro is gonna be a successful singer.

  6. tharoth rong says:

    Most of second runner off always have better opportunity in music Career so I don’t mind Alejandro didn’t win

  7. Rebecah Clifton says:

    Alejandro will still enjoy amazing success in the music world, likely more than Laine will, being the more talented you know.

  8. Claudine Teoxon says:

    Your still the winner for me Alejandro??❤

    • nancy nadler says:

      +countrygirl countrymusiclover Don’t be so quick to judge…it’s my husband’s and my four and six year olds….( not me and…!)

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover says:

      +nancy nadler i’m sorry sick bitch. When the fuck did i send your deranged ass a comment???? Bye lifeless bitch. Get a life. I gotta get back to work. Don’t send a comment to somebody who never sent you one. Find a life. No further comment

    • Jet Retina says:

      +countrygirl countrymusiclover damn why so salty lol I hope you’re just fucking around, if not I can tell what type of kids your kids will be ? I love country to but damn.

    • c carter says:

      +countrygirl countrymusiclover You have issues!

    • c carter says:

      +nancy nadler Clearly she needs some grammar lessons and an attitude adjustment.

  9. Reiko4Ace says:

    As much as I wanted Alejandro to win, I’m not upset. Yes it was very surprising. But I think this was for the best. Homie won’t have to follow a contract with AI and can now get signed to the music label of his choice. He got the exposure, and now he will shine the brightest. And now, goodbye AI… this was my first and last time watching.. was only watching because homie amazed and I don’t think there’ll be another Alejandro Aranda in the next 100 years lol

    • Helen i am blessed says:


    • MilkMulishaboy says:

      Completely agree, Homie is gonna do amazing things for the world with his music. I’m done with American Idol also now I will follow Ále

    • N. Ross says:

      Laine is definitely good, but he isn’t even in the same galaxy as Alejandro. He’ll be in his country niche and do well. Alejandro is going to be a legend. Being runner up is definitely the best thing for him. He doesn’t have to play by their rules. Perfect ending.

    • Eduardo Perez-Silva says:

      Really true !!!

    • Hari Prahal says:

      Same thoughts exactly. This is my first time watching AI, simply because I pressed on Homie’s audition video by mistake. Now, I don’t have to bother posting a comment here.

  10. Al K says:

    Alejandro looks sooo happy!!! And as long as Alejandro is happy, I’m happy!! ???

  11. Miss DeLe says:

    Alejandro has had an amazing glow up but remained humble and original. I have a strong feeling Lionel Ritchie will want to be supportive asset in Alejandro’s career

  12. Yvonne t says:

    Love ya Laine! I wanted you to win last year! Congratulations! My wish can True!!!!

  13. احمد الغامدي says:

    Alejandro won best guitar from Ben. Isn’t that cool?

  14. Malia Alvarez says:

    Alejandro looked like Laine’s biggest fan. Singing his lyrics so enthusiastically. Such a good sport, and humble, kinda person.

    • Sharon Crockett says:

      I wish Alejandro the best.He will do great. We need him to in the business .Hes different to an will by his music also.Im an older lady who saw the best of the best in music an watched it grow. Waited along time for some greats like Laine an Alejandro to come along.Im very happy an love them both.

  15. Harriett Beriña says:

    ALEJANDRO we’re waiting for your album! ??

  16. Lisa says:

    Alejandro, Can’t wait for your album and tour! You da man!

  17. Good Devil says:

    Alejandro Aranda the new Global idol. Congrats hommie!

  18. Lucia Harbour says:

    Alejandro was joyful for Laine and that is all that matters.

  19. margaux says:

    Wanna bet? Who will sell more records? IT’S ALEJANDRO!!!

    • Jet Retina says:

      Complete bs laine already had one that was pretty good and that was b4 this, laine has that old raspy country that everyone loves

    • hoota ragis says:

      +Jet Retina nothing’s spacial about him. Just plain karaoke singing. If you’re looking for raspyness i can do it much better. Lol

    • Bailey Charm says:

      +Jet Retina not everyone. In my opinion he sounds/looks like any other idol winner. Alejandro is different and because of that AI ratings got so much better. Not sure about next year. But I predict alejandro will have an amazing career ❤ –

    • Jet Retina says:

      +Bailey Charm no doubt he will, he needs a bit more time to progress hes sounds and small things that will make him that much better. Laine is already there, but he was on last year too (laine) so he did have an advantage

    • Bailey Charm says:

      +Jet Retina totally agree.

  20. Lori Greene says:

    To Laine…I wish you all the best. To Alejandro…you are the best.

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