Lakers and Knicks will struggle to get Anthony Davis –Stephen A. | First Take

Lakers and Knicks will struggle to get Anthony Davis –Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Jalen Rose react to the news that New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis is requesting a trade. Stephen A. says he doubts the Pelicans will cooperate with the Lakers and that there is almost zero possibility Davis is traded to the New York Knicks.

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109 Responses

  1. Sali Mutambo says:

    And here…we…go

  2. MrGenexxx says:

    My sources tell AD wants to quit nba and become a dancer.

  3. Omer Ali says:

    People do realize the Pelicans don’t have to trade him until the deadline of next year, right?

    • Danny Jones says:

      +MoneyMotivated he has the ball in his court

    • Danny Jones says:

      +Reginald Pippin look what kyrie did he forced his way to the Celtics but it wasn’t because of lebron

    • Ajailion Mcfarland says:

      If they don’t do it in the time span he wants he will sit out like jimmy butler

    • The Thomahawk says:

      +Remix Goodiez for them to maximize value they have to wait till the Off Season. When Boston can enter, there’s a strong chance they get Tatum, the Memphis, Clippers and Kings picks, and Hayward or Horford. LA can’t match that.

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +James kfouri 370 If they do try trading in a 10day time window when Pelicans havent talked to any teams, it could be a bad trade

  4. DaveTheKing XL says:

    Knicks?? Huhhhhh? Who tf they gonna trade. They gonna trade they roster then and plus Anthony David wants to go to a championship contender, not no trash ass team

    • Maverick Beska says:

      +jake jackson Knicks do not have near enough to trade for AD

    • War Machine says:

      Trade all of the players, coach, staff, season tickets, Knicks girls, and the bathroom sink to get ADavis. DO IT!!!

    • Frankie Russell says:

      AD will end up like Ewing and Melo…ringless if he goes to Knicks.

    • khaled alotaibi says:

      DaveTheKing XL not because as knicks fan matter fact is Lakers got Enough Tyson javal Rondo Lebron Stephan. Anthony he still young and hungry he needs to lead the team by himself to guide others. Much Better New York Knicks or Brooklyn

  5. Max Benzaquen says:

    I’m a simple man, no molly = I like the video

  6. Ghost Kid111 says:

    Damn this is ESPN’s death lineup

  7. Hit says:

    Lebron = steph+KD that’s laughable
    Bronsexual smh

  8. Adam Leon says:

    LeGM Back at it

  9. God pigeon says:

    First they lose the NFC championship game to LA and now They might lose AD to LA

  10. Teezy says:

    Tough month to be in New Orleans ???

    Y’all got robbed in the nfc championship game by the LA Rams now the La lakers gonna rob you of Anthony Davis

  11. Alen Ajradinović says:

    Every time max speaks stephan a looks at him like he smashed his wife??2:30

    • MANDLA DLUDLU says:

      I don’t like the way SAS treats Max as if his some stupid guy. He respects everyone cause they are ex-NBA players and respects other analysts but Max. I find that to be very childish and very unprofessional as though Max is some crazy dude when in actual fact Max talks stats most of the time unlike SAS who thinks just cause he has been doing this for a while he knows it all when he gets most of his picks wrong……

    • Alen Ajradinović says:

      +MANDLA DLUDLU agree with you!

    • Dago Rodriguez says:

      Tyler Cleveland LMFAAAAO YOURE A FOOL

    • Akhil Dupal says:

      +MANDLA DLUDLU cause Max is stupid. Max no facts Kellerman

    • Huncholous says:

      +MANDLA DLUDLU Hes not really like that. Stephen A Smith has to sell an image due to ratings.

  12. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Here to remind everyone kyrie shouldve been drafted by the clippers but their bum management traded the #1 pick for scrub players

    • Niggas Get Shot Everyday says:

      champagne kevin damn I was about 2 google it but u got it ???

    • Sonson Godjesuslover Jr. says:

      +Niggas Get Shot Everyday how love how you guys forget to point the fact that, if curry wasn’t drafted by warriors he would not be a s a good of a guy as he is today

    • Niggas Get Shot Everyday says:

      Sonson Godjesuslover Jr. I ain’t no warriors fan fam… He was da truth in college… He da truth now Ijs ?‍♂

    • Sonson Godjesuslover Jr. says:

      +Niggas Get Shot Everyday i know that, but I have watched every game, and Steve Kerr is a very underrated coach, he was lucky to be drafted by warriors similar to kawhi and the spurs

    • Danny Jones says:

      So kyrie if goes to the Clippers I’m glad because he wouldn’t be an NBA champion if that happens so yesh

  13. Kanye Dickhead West says:

    If the lakers trade half they team their starting five would be Lebron AD Magic Johnson and 2 Laker girls

  14. YungChip030 says:

    SAS will struggle with that hairline until he’s bald in 5 years

  15. Darkplace GSP says:

    Did i just hear him say that LeBron is worth Steph and KD? If that’s the case he should have won the 2017 finals cuz he had kyrie and love.. That’s basically like 4 all stars

    • Stirling Wash says:

      Kyrie and love were not allstars when lebron won in Cleveland… that’s y lebron is a beast … won a championship with out any allstars..

    • Nefarious Anxiolytic says:

      +Style Playz 1 finals game doesn’t matter when you know inevitably warriors would destroy anyone they see in the finals

    • Nefarious Anxiolytic says:

      +Stirling Wash another bullshit narrative. The fact that there’s no system developed for lebron james after his 16 years in the NBA is telling you something. He’s uncoachable down right to center of his play style if you watched the NBA for the last 18 years you know why LeBron james keeps on losing NBA finals not his teammates fault not his coaches not his fucking organization even though everyone knows Cavaliers is a trash organization it is centered about LeBron if he’s playing well they win if he’s not they lose simple as that.

    • Shacari Sperley says:

      Nigga he barely beat them in 2016 with the same roster. Now add KD. Swear yall be smoking too much lmao, the cavs was the only team to even get a game off em in 2017

    • Nefarious Anxiolytic says:

      +Shacari Sperley that’s predicament of their greatness not the Cavaliers lmao.

  16. Cornelious Worsham says:

    Jalen Rose mvp of the day piping his wife good enough to give her a day off and give the viewers a real debate show props brother

  17. koby psalms says:

    the Knicks break SA’s heart overtime LoL

  18. Isaac Uwins says:

    Didn’t we hear the same thing about Paul George being a rental?

    • Brian Cheng says:

      +BlackSantana we’re talking about teams other than the Pelicans that are potentially trade destinations for Anthony Davis. Pelicans are the Pacers in this situation. The team that Paul George wanted to leave….. AD is not a rental for a team he’s been with his entire career. That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Iveroni 318 says:

      +Nuby29 LA don’t got shit ppl kill me like they loaded with talent smh

    • Iveroni 318 says:

      +Russian Bot Durant could’ve won with Russ if he wanted too he ran to 73 win team so don’t blame Russ

    • Team Grinders says:

      Yea but here’s the thing pg didnt go sign lebron’s agent. Pg didnt eat lunch with lebron or any Lakers after he played them. Pg is totally different going from a small market to another and he doesnt have to carry any blame losing aith russ there. Ad has everything already on his shoulders in NO he’s use to pressure

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +BlackSantana You misheard what he said. Pacers/pelicans both have no other stars. But does the team who trades for AD have? We dont know who is the next “OKC” yet

  19. Thomas Gerber says:

    They replaced Molly with her husband???

  20. Jeff F says:

    *Pelicans likely to trade Anthony Davis to the East. NBA teams wouldn’t trade a franchise player to the same conference.*

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