Lakers are ‘doomed to get swept’ if they make the NBA playoffs – Stephen A. | First Take

Lakers are ‘doomed to get swept’ if they make the NBA playoffs – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim of First Take assess the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff hopes following their loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Max explains why his faith in LeBron James remains in tact despite the Lakers’ recent struggles, while Stephen A. sounds off on why his belief in Luke Walton’s team is seriously waning.

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109 Responses

  1. MrGenexxx says:

    Lakers were doomed ever since July 2018

  2. rozay says:

    LeSwept and the Loss Angeles L-Takers would be better off not making the playoffs at this point ???

  3. Justine Dale says:

    Space Jam 2 will start filming earlier than expected!!! ???

  4. Tarantula Guy says:

    The Lakers were doomed ever since they signed Delonte West’s stepson to a 4 year contract.

  5. JD 1 says:

    Lebron is a bad leader. Constant finger pointing when the lakers lose. His teammates must hate him

    • Carl Threatt says:

      Why does everyone consider Lebron James
      a cavalier
      a miami heat
      or even a laker

      or even General Manager
      News Flash – Lebron doesn’t manage the team
      and someone in the Lakers front office has been getting a HUGE MAJOR pass for this roster and their silence during the Anthony Davis gaff
      Again, lebron is a player – not the GM

      Lebron James has been in LA for a year [not even a full one] not twenty years like Kobe
      Yes Kobe is LA just like D Wade is Miami Heat

      Neither player is better than Lebron James and no one is saying either one of them in on NBA Mount Rushmore

      That, my friend, is Mr. Lebron James

      All this noise…..about Lebron and last night he became the only player to be top 10 in career assists and top 5 is career scoring.

      When he is done playing, he will pass Kareem and be 1 career scoring and top 5 career assists

      and folks will be saying ….he ain’t Kobe

      wake up folks

      Lebron James is ALREADY on the Mount Rushmore of NBA Basketball.
      LMAO This thread is a straight J.O.K.E.

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      Nerd ??

    • Robert Christian says:

      +Carl Threatt what tha hell R u talking about if lebron is that good he would have his team in position they jst lost to the pelicans n grizzlies. its what he gets LeBron had no bizzness coming to the west

    • kookybuger says:

      +Carl Threatt LeBron doesn’t play defense anymore, he’s a bad leader finger pointing at others around him, he knew what he got himself into when he signed with the Lakers instead of 6ers, he had input on the roster when Magic and Rob were trying to fill out the rest of the roster, and many people believe that he played a large role in AD wanting out of NOLA. Yeah he’s a great player but he’s no Kobe or Jordan, he doesn’t give 100% every night, and he’s not really clutch either I don’t care about stats, I can see with my own 2 eyes that he is not better.

    • No Just No says:

      +Carl Threatt none of that matters when you can’t lead a team. Incase you forgot, basketball isn’t an individual sport.

  6. Jan-Michael Vincent says:

    The Lakers we’re doomed the day they decided to go after LeBron James instead of getting Paul George

  7. Tarantula Guy says:

    These west teams ain’t laying down for LeHGH. LeHGH thought he was gonna coast through the season when he took his talents to Hollywood, lol he woke up to a rude awakening.

    • BRUCE BANNER says:

      Should of said le coast

    • Hanley Taylor says:

      +Cory Fessenden And your a** is the same way, take retarded guy’s d*** out your mouth and stop hating with him you pathetic fool.

    • wiley schmitt says:

      No overrated Raptors or depleted Celtics teams to coast through this season, though he is having trouble even leading a young talented team to an 8th seed that might only need a .500 record to get. Pretty sad when you’re battling with the likes of the Spurs, Wolves, Clippers, and Kings to make the postseason. Welcome to the West, and even though it’s by far the weakest it’s been in many years he still is having fits trying to get his team a winning record, and Ingram and Kuzma are legit players he should be glad to have playing with him.

    • J.Magic25 says:

      go talk to a female

    • Macanthony Onyirimba says:

      Hanley Taylor bruh your a dumbass I swear

  8. The Black Hakaishin says:

    Lebron is the most overrated player of all time

    • Hungry 420 says:

      I’m one of the biggest LeBron hater there is. I don’t agree with you. He’s up there

    • Good fellas Gang Williamson says:

      ItzSpeed ok what about this I got Strahigt facts for you wen lebron first played them in the finals he went up against them with no Kyrie or Kevin love the next year cavs won the year after that ? Durant came the year after that lebron with a bunch of no names in the finals again in the year after that cousins signed too them Bro steph da luckiest offensive superstar I ever seen I’m not go hurt his feelings on defense don’t never guard da best team point guards so if you guarding the sorriest player on defense shouldn’t your offense be amazing lol ? you should barely be tired out there playing

    • J Velez says:

      Lmaooo I can’t wait to return to this comment

    • Magnum Muscle says:

      No less than Dirk Nowitzki got in LeFraud’s head and beat him. He’s a paper champion.

    • Team Levrone says:

      Come on bro im not a lebron fan at all but Lebron is one of the all time greats, nowhere near kobe, bird, jordan greatness but he is up there with the GOAT players. He is getting old, still plays good for a 34 year old, people gotta give him some slack in my opinion, i mean not like he’s the prime lebron that we are used to anymore.
      I understand, we all hate lebron cause he was so great that he fucked all of our favourite teams up year in year out, coming from a Blazers fan, but at some point we just gotta appreciate greatness and stop hatin.

  9. The Black Hakaishin says:

    Lebron isn’t even a top 5 player in the NBA right now

  10. The Black Hakaishin says:

    Lebron will never win another championship in his career again

  11. MrAVGNdude says:

    Kuzma and Ingram need more help.

  12. Tarantula Guy says:

    LeHelp is in the west, he ain’t stiff arming Kyle Lowry and Terry Rozier in the paint to cakewalk to the Finals. ????

    • wiley schmitt says:

      3rd in the West didn’t mean shit at that very early point in the season, way too small of a sample size, and you don’t hear anyone making those arguments for the Clippers who held a top spot in the West for a much longer period of time ‘without’ a superstar, because it did not matter at all at those point in time. Not just the Clippers either, the Grizzlies, Kings, Mavs, Pels, and Spurs all looked good at certain point early in the season, but look at where they all are now when a majority of the season has been played.

    • Smooth258 says:

      Should have joined the Rockets

    • Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell says:

      ????? Facts

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300 says:

      +J Money 3-7 since he been back right “ohh it’s his groin” the nigga still averaging like 26 8 8 through that stretch.

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +wiley schmitt Lakers had a 7-9 record vs teams above .500 Before Injury

  13. Michael Jordan says:

    This Lakers team is worse than that Cavs squad last year and lebron has been falling off especially on defense

  14. Ray Flacco says:

    The year Lebron James called himself the GOAT is the year he’s gonna miss the playoffs ??? you can’t make this stuff up hahaha

  15. chosenjuan025 says:

    LeBron fell off the cliff

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      +DUBBLEOO SpaceAge He’s 34, coming off an injury that caused him to miss a fucking 4th of the season. Of course his energy won’t be at 100%. He isn’t a damn cyborg. He has to choose when and where to use his energy. And since the Lakers offense is fucking dog shit, he has to score a lot. No one else can.

    • Saint Aubyn says:

      Bruce Wayne The stats are misleading

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      +Saint Aubyn Explain you’re stupid ass logic. Don’t just toss a random statement.

    • Dj Dogdick says:

      Lil Wayne Carter FACTS queen James is just stat padding at this point praying that 20 years down the line people forget about these laker years and the stat geeks rub on their little dicks over the numbers

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      +Dj Dogdick You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

  16. NLMB GBE OTF says:

    Lonzo is 49-49 in his career with the Lakers but without him they are 13-30

  17. The Black Hakaishin says:

    The West is a different monster. The Leastern conference made this bum soft

    • speedyfeint says:

      +hector cervantes not only that, but they had the top 3 or top 5 easiest schedule in the league up to that point.. so 4th seed didn’t mean jack shit.

    • kaleel clark says:

      +hector cervantes buddy got wrecked

    • hector cervantes says:

      +speedyfeint not only that, but half the teams were beat up! Houston was missing CP3, Curry missed a handful of games, Westbrook missed some games, McCollum has been hurt, Denver had like half the team injured etc.

    • Macanthony Onyirimba says:

      hector cervantes that’s what I said it was way earlier in the season lmao like the first 20 games when teams were just figuring out who to play in what situation

    • MrMikelew2929 says:

      +hector cervantes BIG FACTS!

  18. Michael Jordan says:

    Right about now I’ll take torn Achilles Kobe Bryant over lebron James and I’m so serious about that

  19. Clorox Bleach says:

    LeSexual stans: But Lebron made 8 straight finals?GOAT?

    (Lebron goes west to a more talented team than Cleveland even with injuries and ends up 10th in the west)

    Damn that’s goat behavior

  20. Tarantula Guy says:

    Delonte West’s stepson has time to work on that album with 2Chainz when the playoffs come around.

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