Lakers aren’t good enough to win without LeBron James – Max Kellerman l First Take

Lakers aren’t good enough to win without LeBron James – Max Kellerman l First Take

ax Kellerman and Ryan Hollins debate if the Los Angeles Lakers can continue winning without LeBron James, who is sidelined because of strained groin that happened during the Lakers’ win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

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90 Responses


    Yo where Sas at????? kd gon drop 40!!!!

  2. Jaleel says:

    The Lakers finally do something good, yet the narrative is still negative!?!

  3. God pigeon says:

    Some dude on Twitter said, Steph thinks he could beat the Kobe and Shaq Lakers but he can’t even beat the rondo and Zubac Lakers

    • NYGiantsFan7198 says:

      +Zenigundam Who’s guarding Shaq? Who’s driving inside on Shaq? And you’re shot if you think Klay could guard Afro Kobe 1 on 1. He was doubled every game and sometimes triple teamed… still found a way to score. This Warriors team probably is the greatest of all time, but it would be a lot closer than 4-1.

    • Dat No Scopin Dude says:

      +Zenigundam bruh i think you have it backwards. Lakers can 3 peat unlike the GS Weiners. If steph curry even thought about going to the paint, Shaq would break every bone in his body

    • Dat No Scopin Dude says:

      +Zenigundam bruh the early 2000s blazers and kings where ACTUALLY good so stop acting like they were as bad as the modern day pheonix suns. Stop disrespecting shaq and kobe’s lakers cause the warriors would be like the new jersey nets getting swept and losing the finals twice if they played in the early 2000s

    • FBI says:

      The Zubac Lakers are better

  4. Mayer D. Slayer says:

    Ummmm they just won without him tf you’re talking about they even pulled away in the 4th

    • Sebastian Blair says:

      +Michael Juritsch No they were up by 14. They then blew their lead and then somehow destroyed Golden State afterwards

    • Adam Christmas says:

      Plus you look back at last year after the all star break they really started to pick it and that was with less of a rotation than they have now

    • Nico The Bay Clout Champion says:

      Y’all act like the Warriors didn’t get blown out by the Lakers the year before as well as the year before that but I’m sure everybody forgot about that

    • Shade Raccoon says:

      +kefkapalazzo1 GSW go back up to 2 points and then rondo got on the court with kuz and it was cleaned up, they can survive without lbj

    • Shade Raccoon says:

      +Brando Williams that momentum came back when they did a 12-0 run, LAL were up only 2 on a hot curry and zubac and kuz just shut it down again pulling away

  5. Lil Vulx ✞ says:


  6. Teezy says:

    Max kellerman be like:

    Lebron sent telepathic messages to his teammates from the lockeroom. To give them that extra push they needed to close this game out. We’ve never seen such greatness such leadership in the modern nba before

  7. Jules Aguila says:

    Stephen A look a lil different today

  8. Lil Dagga says:

    Maybe Max didn’t watch us last year but we won 35 games with Lonzo and BI missing half the season, we also were competitive with with the elites all year watch more basketball max

    • Lanzas says:

      Exactly! And now lakers have rondo, lance, chandler, mcgee. Zubac.

    • Michael Connors says:

      ya but BI missed more than half the season up to this point and Rondo was out and McGee and Chandler are out and theyre still one of the best teams in the league

    • AfroCrew2022 says:

      Lanzas Rondo is the reason they won last night. Rondo is in LA because he wanted to play with Lebron. Shout out to Rondo. Kuzma was choking the game away.

    • D.M. 49ers says:

      +Lanzas That is one game! Yall act like the Lakers consistently will win without him..Wtf? The Lakers have not been consistent with him on the floor, so they will Magically do it without LBJ?? ?? yea ok.. Warriors have lost to bad teams too.. When Boogie is back it’s going to over and im not even a GS fan.

    • Schmoovey says:

      +D.M. 49ers funny cause the Lakers play better with him on the bench that just and you saying how the Lakers aren’t consistent with lebron on the floor is saying something

  9. Johnny Walker LA says:

    Why tf does this conversation or any convo about the lakers go into a 3pt shooting contest there is more to the game than shooting 3s lakers kill teams in the paint and transition and showed last night they don’t need a ton of 3s to win stfu max

    • Knowledge & Black Power says:


    • TheOne&OnlyTyCrane says:

      ​+Gyro Yes, defense is key but you still gotta outscore the Warriors if somebody gets hot like KD last year in Game 3 in the Finals and this is why Bron got swept twice cause he came up short, didn’t put up 40pts while the splash bros disappear for most of the game and KD let loose, putting another dagger on Bron back. Defense is good until a Warrior gets hot from the field and to have to weather the storm that why I say you have keep the game as close as possible and still outscore the Warriors.

    • CheetoGuyVideos- 915 says:

      I got my first win on fortnite support me by viewing my win please ?

    • trajan hercules says:

      +D.M. 49ers In a 7 game series nothing will change. A team does not get any better in a 7 game series unless they changes players. The Warriors play small ball and the Lakers play big.

    • D.M. 49ers says:

      +trajan hercules Yep Boogie will add a changed player ?? fool please, nothing will change? so a team that beats you in Reg season will do it a 7 game series?? What dude? What NBA have you been watching?

  10. abdul moalim says:

    They won 35 games last season without lebron TF is he talking about ?

    • Antonio Fowler says:

      37 games last year

    • Antonio Fowler says:

      +Elijah Williams dude we would of gotten better. we won 35 with rookies and second year players. who was just getting there feet wet, we would of won at least 46 this year close to 50

    • Antonio Fowler says:

      +Elijah Williams if bron sit out 15 games we winning at least 10 of them watch, we getting together. kuz and Ingram can go for 30 points each a night.

    • Calvin Perkins says:

      Lot of yall missing the point. Yea they only won 35, But the most of what they lost last year was very close games that they couldn’t shut out. Half the games they lost last year they were leading going into the 4th. This Lakers team is better than last years, even without Lebron. So even if he wasn’t on the team they would be a 40-45 win team this year. With Lebron they going to the conference finals. And if they improve even more, they may have a shot at the finals.

    • SharinganSakura says:

      +Schmoovey That’s the best you got, petty name calling? You acting like LeBron is ringless like in 2010. Only cats that pull the bronsexual card is them no substance, low IQ people that only respond to talk trash. How about the Lakers get themselves to the playoffs then first before you talking about finals records

  11. Daniel Sanchez says:

    Shoot out to Stephen A. Smith for taking the day off he’s the real mvp!! Sources say he’s already working on Lebron James groin injury.

  12. Dre M says:

    Since KD didn’t drop 40 SAS decided to go do it himself

  13. Real Nigga Axew says:

    They can win several games without LeBron but definitely need him back

  14. Jack Wasser says:

    Kd Is GoInG tO dRoP fOuRtY
    – Stephen A Smith

  15. King Richawd says:

    So Max is gonna act like La wasn’t pouring 3s at the end of the game

  16. kingdomdominionalc says:

    What! They just beat GSW at their arena . Smh. They had the lead when Lbj was on the bench and rondo took the game over when Lbj left for good . Lbj missing a few games will help them and him in long run . They move the ball and step up when he’s not in the game . These boys can play and rondo will bring the best out of them

  17. Mark Sturm says:

    I dont see how the rest of these delusional NBA fans arent worried about what happened last night. LeBron has taken multiple garbage fire teams to the finals and the Lakers are tremendously more talented than those teams.They werent supposed to be good yet having added 6 new players to the roster when most teams stayed the same. Yall haters dont get how hungry these Laker players are and they are only going to get better as the season goes on. AD is not needed in LA. Dont trade for him wait to see what you can add in FA to the current setup.

    • Don Don says:

      Mark Sturm exactly. They do not need to trade Hart, BI, Lonzo, Rondo, or kuzma! Those are exactly the type of players that you need for the playoffs

    • tyroilsmoochiewallace 1 says:

      Mark Sturm lebron always did it in the east tho the west is different

    • Jevone says:

      BIG FAX BRO!!!! Like fr this team has been together since Kobe left , the young core at least , well most of them and they’re hungry for the playoffs , they’re gonna do whatever it takes and last night was a showing of that , maybe lebron being out for a few games is a good thing, gives the young players sometime to get more minutes and gel more and when lebron comes back the team will be super solid if they continue to play how they played against the warriors last night , shit even earlier in the season cousins said that the lakers would be a real threat and they might beat us, that’s what DeMarcus said look it up

    • dboyBR225 says:

      I agree with everything u said except the AD comments.. If u can get superstar get him asap.. That’s ASAP!!

    • Riot Or diet says:

      Mark Sturm lebron teams were the heavy favorites in east past 8 years so he not taking trash teams to finals when they are favored to get there!!he winning as the favorite not like he on the knicks or other really trash teams doing this

  18. mahir sadique says:

    They can stop prime shaq in paint, but they couldn’t even stop a role player name zubac

  19. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Stephen A deserves some rest guys, let the man spend Christmas with the fam. He’s ESPN’s MVP he’s done enough throughout the years to take a few days off.

  20. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    The Lakers were a win 35 team last season with almost exclusively rookies and sophomores players with thier best player in Lonzo Ball being out for 20 games in the West. And now they’ve added Championship experienced teammates and All Star level talents like McGee and the young future All Stars. They are very capable of being a 500% team without King James, that’s a reason he picked them over say the Knicks.

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