The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the L.A. Clippers, 112-103. LeBron James (28 PTS, 7 REB, 9 AST) and Anthony Davis (30 PTS, 8 REB) combined for 58 PTS to pace the Lakers, while Paul George tallied 31 PTS and 6 REB for the Clippers.

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82 Responses

  1. Louis Alexander says:

    I like how Lakers held it down in LeBron’s absence. Even when AD is out. Ballin

  2. John Bautista says:

    Aye y’all better give AD some credit. Lebron on some goat shit rn but in the bucks game and this one AD held it together when Bron was on the bench. That dude’s a monster 💪

    • jules igles says:

      AD gets tons of credit. Thing is AD does not have an army of moronic HATERS like LeBron does. What you hear is the haters and then those who defend him against the retards – that’s why it seems like AD isn’t getting the credit, nothing more. It’s ridiculous. Skip Bayless is not gonna go on TV and talk crap about AD, but he will against LeBron. Just an example. Instead of asking why AD doesn’t get enough credit (he does), ask why all the haters were born with Down’s Syndrome!!!

    • Good Night says:

      Lakers is -4 rating when LeBron is on the bench, in this game it’s different n the bench contribute a lot specially on D.

    • Joshua Talabucon says:

      They all deserve

    • Jason Amaro says:

      @Ja Merciful well AD only played 10 minutes in the 1st half against bucks

  3. OneilB says:

    As Paul George would say “It was a bad shot”😂

    • ProxKei says:

      @Nefer Pitou Paul George aint got shit bro. He’s only a Playoffs player

    • Tony C says:

      The Clippers stop going to the hot hand which was Paul George.

    • Mr Butler says:

      ZcçcgahzhxhxhshshhdhdhdhshshdhdjdndkdjdddusuysyaysfszvHhsajajauuwuwhsgsvsvsvzvhshshshshshshssbsbbshsshzvvztadffffxxxxfcccfnr Daisy’s C so as zzz zzz up b c cvv xxczczcxghhfvxvcbchvnhvm

    • Billy DaBaus says:

      @The Police Exactly, plus it ain’t even the playoffs yet. Once the playoffs roll around, we all know that Paul George is gonna revert to George Paul lol.

  4. Michael Jordan fans are the worst NBA fans then says:

    Skip Bayless tomorrow: Lebron James did too well why didnt let his teamates do well waters?

  5. BrileTV MLvideos says:

    Don’t forget avery bradley for his performance tonight. He’s on fire bro 🔥

  6. Yaj Romalliv says:

    While everyone is hating each team. I enjoy watching 2 best team in the west and definitely they will face in the playoffs again. The King LBJ vs The Klaw it will be great.

    • Tamia Harris says:

      Nice putting the words together 😂👍

    • Ant Igris says:

      Yah dude true NBA fans will always appreciate the greatness of both teams. Both LA teams were so good this season and we hope that they will face each other in WCF. Great game! Lakers won and we can see both teams gave their best in this game.

    • Humble Hornetts says:

      Tyler Hingleton Lakers are not built for playoffs. Rockets are not scared of them at all and they will beat the Lakers in 5.

    • Humble Hornetts says:

      Steven Lankford I don’t see the Lakers and Clippers meeting in the Playoffs.

  7. Caesar O. says:

    Doc Rivers looked nervous as shit 😂💀😂
    It’s a home game Doc, remember?

    • los Angeleno says:

      “LA our way” “Lob City” hahahahahahaha

    • CyberAMES says:

      @Jason Amaro Popovich won’t be in the same level as Phil and Pat. So saying a coach is overrated just because someone is better than them is idiotic.

    • Derrick Hamilton says:

      @Jason Amaro in the immortal words of Stephen A. Smith…U DON’T KNO BASKETBALL…U JUST GOT CAUGHT

    • Jason Amaro says:

      @Derrick Hamilton 1 ring thats all doc has he had a good team in the celtics n all he was able to do was win 1. What has HE done with clippers Lose in the 1st round?

  8. arwin pineda says:

    Bradley : Hero of the Game 💪🏻❣ congrats lakers ❣

  9. crylove xx says:

    I don’t even care anymore at his point, Anthony Davis IS ON OVERDRIVEEE. The man is putting in WORK.

    • Swish 955 says:

      @Jason Amaro exactly and then we have to play trezz who is to small

    • Billy DaBaus says:

      @Falcon_569 I dunno man. Have you seen the Rockets play lately? I think teams have figured out their so-called small-ball lineup of death. The Clippers crushed them on Friday and today it was Orlando’s turn to do so. It’s just like what Shaq and Wade said: “No rebounds, no rings”. Teams are gonna exploit their lack of interior to boot and those problems would exacerbate even more come the post-season once the pace of the game slows down lol.

    • Johny FNBR says:

      Wil Rodriguez what expert says that I promise you NO ONE says rhZy

    • Mike Rosales says:

      @Wil Rodriguez yoy are idit madman, AD was an allstar not once before he went to lakers. Dont act like fool that lebron makes him better, he is better when he was in pelicans but just always lose cause his not happy anymore with the team. Its crazy how people make a stupid argument just to lift up lebron,,

  10. Earl John fabul says:

    You gotta give lot of credit to Avery Bradley on this game, he shooting hell a 3’s🔥

    • Fly Boy says:

      Doriann Funches so, lebron should do all the work. Thats your mindset?

    • What da Facts says:

      I think all this stupid ass bit$# only watch this highlights Lebron credit AB after the buzzer sound end game interview.

    • DFL8eD says:

      yup! raining threes!

    • Tyler Hingleton says:

      Avery a Tac-town native in Washington like myself, and watched that boy as a star at my cousin’s high school Bellarmine Prep. Always knew he’d make the league cuz of his superb one-on-one defense. He was lighting they ass up today fr

  11. PephCurry says:

    If Lebron was using the same energy when he was in Miami Heat. It’s game over. LeBron really was jogging when he blocked Reggie Jackson

  12. Ethan Pifer says:

    1:44 is music to my ears

  13. Nonoy Dukes says:

    I’m smiling again specially a good win against the clippers go Lakers!!!!!

  14. Jarrold James Casilagan says:

    This is what happen if rondo’s assist, davis aggression, bradley touch, kcp energy and steals, danny and his 3 and D ability, kuzma and Morris rebound and putback Mcgee and dwight rim protecting ability and Lebron basketball IQ they were on. And unbeatable when playoffmode is activated. Great Battle between L.A teams #Lakers #LakeShow

  15. duane Matthews says:

    Flips: We beat The Lakers twice!
    Bron: Take this L wit ya!

    • Cheap Reviews says:

      @Rogelio Soto its this game right? rescheduled?

    • Pann DeKoko says:

      @Rogelio Soto stupid af. forgot about 8/24’s death? piece of disrespectful s**t

    • Corey Ortiz says:

      @Pann DeKoko ​@Pann DeKoko fuck kobe. i just pissed on his grave bitch

    • Jerry Memester says:

      Corey Ortiz shut up you slow donkey

    • Adrian Piñero says:

      @Rogelio Soto lol this isn’t the game which was rescheduled. You need to research dude. The homecourt of the game that’s rescheduled is for the Lakers due to Bryant and Gigi’s death. It’ll be reschedule on April 9 2020. And this game, it was Clippers homecourt. So STFU like you know everything.

  16. Travis Jackson says:

    This is a game I know kobe would attend.RIP big homie

  17. Junior Barthelemy says:

    I can just hear Skip… “Avery Bradley saved LeBron”

    • ENVOKE CLAN says:

      My guy lol I read this shit and I literally heard skips voice say that as I read it 😂

    • only truth says:

      EXACTLY ! … But Super-Hater’s like skip will NEVER Understand all the PRESSURE ‘GOAT’ JAMES puts on the other team’s lnterior-Defense … that’s why Avery can shoot all those Wide-Open Shots ! … THE KING Makes Other Players Better … That’s what Separates him from every other so-called star in the league ! … kawhi , durant , kyri , jharden are all good by themself , but none of them make ANYONE ELSE BETTER ! … lebron will make an avg player an ALL-STAR , he’ll make an all-star a CHAMPION ! … That’s Why He’s THE KING !!! … 👑👑👑👑

    • Abraham Haque says:

      Jason Amaro If you watch the highlight videos, you almost forget that Kawhi was playing in this game 😂

    • David Keith says:

      Slide In a Armored Truck when’s your next dream?

  18. ganda122609 says:

    SKIP BAYLESS GON CRY TOMORROW when he see uncle Shay Shay with the goat mask😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Charles Tuaau says:

      Jon Smith It’s all about match ups. It’s a tuff match up for him the Clippers can through 3 bodies at him, their philosophy when it comes to Lakers is to take him out the game, so yeah when the Lakers play the Clipps they give up the size, AD needs to take advantage of the underside defenders the Clippers will through at him and he did just that.

    • Tyler Hingleton says:

      @MehAvery had a superb game, and AD was the one who kept them afloat goin into the 4th quarter. Bron was better than Kawhi today, but only scoring when he needed to, but also his playmaking ability on both defense and passing. Lose in the second round against who? The Jazz, Rockets, and Nuggets pose no threat to my boys whatsoever, and dont seem to realize the Lakers have a very solid team from top to bottom.

    • Meh says:

      @Tyler Hingleton We know he ain’t no star player but his defense was invisible, he let AD score on him which opened up the run then allowed James to score on him three straight times. And ofc 1 point from a guy averaging 19 a game is terrible even if he wasn’t a “star” Player.

      Also I’m Boston fan but Kawhi is definitely better than James

    • Tyler Hingleton says:

      @Charles Tuaau Its never a tough match-up for Bron whenever he gets the switch on PG. He always gets the best of him, and the only defender on that team that gives him a run for his money is Kawhi. You seem to overlook that my Lakeshow got bodied to throw at Lou William’s, whose one of their top 4 scorers on the team. Avery Bradley, KCP, and Caruso can all take turns at guarding him, and he was nowhere to be found all-game long. The difference is Bron still gonna get his points no matter what the score is.

  19. Mamadou Ndom says:

    Can we all just take a moment to realize how well AD was shooting tonight and how well Avery Bradley played tonight. He’s a great off ball player and can run around to try and get open shots like he’s klay Thompson

  20. Blane Ries says:

    It’s weird watching a nba game where the crowd goes crazy for when both teams score lmao

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