The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, 126-101. Andre Drummond led the Lakers with 20 PTS and 11 REB, while Dennis Schroder added 19 PTS and 4 AST in the victory. Kevin Durant tallied 22 PTS, 7 REB and 5 AST for the Nets in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 33-20 on the season, while the Nets fall to 36-17.

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Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks – Apr. 12 at 7:30pm/et on ESPN
Brooklyn Nets at Minnesota Timberwolves – Apr. 12 at 8pm/et on NBA League Pass

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44 Responses

  1. King John TV says:

    Healthy Lakers is a problem 😬

  2. Kamoshun says:

    Yes, the Nets have all the talent in the world, but they’re mentally weak.

  3. Fade Records Entertainment says:

    ben is fitting in with LA perfectly glad we have more 3 pt shooting

    • Zon says:

      Lakers actually upgraded roster this year from last year.
      Drummond is an upgrade over Dwight because Drummond can dribble, go drive to basket and much younger (age 27) and Dwight is 35, Howard is probably better defensively but he always give flagrant fouls (cheap shots) that could hurt Lakers. Drummond is better with composure and a rebounding beast.
      Dennis Schroder is an upgrade over Rondo, in scoring and can shoot. Rondo too often hesitant to shoot, Lakers have LeBron to do point guard job so they didn’t need Rondo. Dennis is also much younger (age 27)
      Lakers have Ben Mclemore, who’s much better shooter than Matthews and also younger (28).
      Marc Gasol is also an upgrade over McGee, Gasol can shoot and better at passing. Javale is only better at athleticism and defending, but Gasol has weight enough to withstand bigger centers.
      Talen Tucker & Harrell are also huge upgrade.
      Once all healthy, Lakers can definitely repeat as champs.

  4. Kyle Fanning says:

    Skip Before: “This settles it. The Lakers have no shot against the nets.”
    Skip Just Now: “The nets weren’t prepared for this game. Just another game in April.”
    *The excuses this man comes up with. smh*

    • Joseph Kaisamba says:

      bro i hate when he says this is just a game in april then when the clippers win act like there winning the finals😂

  5. M. Sienno says:

    That was unexpected but a huge confidence boost for the Lakers

  6. Jarel P says:

    We all know skip is gonna be like “kyrie was ejected, harden didn’t play, and kd only played 19 min!?” then he’ll blame the bench or some other excuse 😂😂😂

    • Wordz Gaddafi says:

      @Michael Vick KD’s 24 mins and Kyrie’s 21 mins was a lot more than LeBron and AD’s combined 0 mins.

    • Wordz Gaddafi says:

      @Michael Vick 2 all-stars playing is more than 0.

    • Willi Polk says:

      @Weed Cookies well either way I’ve watched enough of this white man to know that’s exactly what’s going to come out his mouth and I’ve watched him enough to know that they will not even have that segment about the net being beat by the Lakers they won’t even have that as a segment on Monday I’ve watched enough of this show to know on Saturdays when the Clippers lose or the Nets Lu LeBron does good or has an amazing game on a Saturday they would never have that segment but when the Clippers win on Sunday they will have this second that’s what they will talk about DeShaun Watson they will talk about how the Clippers won tonight if they win and they will talk about free agency of the Cowboys but they would not talk about the Lakers beating the Nets on Saturday it’s not going to happen

    • Don City 3rdSt. says:

      Minute restriction my ass a lost is a lost Especially wit out our superstars KD got beat by role players 😂😂😂

    • Weed Cookies says:

      @Willi Polk i have absolutely no clue what you just said 🤣🤣🙃

  7. GreyArma says:

    bruh I just noticed something they cant guard Drummond like every time he got the ball 4 people would immediately run to him

    • MastermindRell says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣yall talking about one game and hyping. Let’s get into play-off games and see if he make to the finish line without injury. Good luck mates.

    • huh says:

      @M yes, I think I’m smart for typing a sentence out? How else would you like me to type it? Not even worth the time. U too grown to be namecalling 😂😂

    • GreyArma says:

      @M BRO u are missing my point ur acting as if andre is one of the Cavs still and has to lead the entire team also with the pg thing literally every player on the lakers is better than him in the playoffs just bc hell average like 25 points don’t mean he didn’t miss like 14 shots

    • GreyArma says:

      @M also stop tryna act like u know basketball bc u disagreed that’s not how that works u have to prove a point not throw around insults

    • GreyArma says:

      @MastermindRell aye I’m just keeping the same energy considering whenever the clippers or nets win its “THAT’S WHY THERE GONNA WIN THE FINALS” like u don’t know how annoying these “nets” and “clips” fans are if ur not one of them

  8. Dk Trek says:

    You know that this game is the most awaited match-up when you got 1m+ views in 8 hours.

  9. Calvin Onyemaechi says:

    Shannon is going to have a field day with Skip😂😂

  10. Classy Dreamer says:

    “We didn’t have Harden and Kyrie got ejected” Ok the Lakers didn’t have Bron, AD, Kuz or Marc Gasol and Shruder got ejected” That’s the entire starting 5 lmao. 🤣🤣🤣

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