LeBron James (34 PTS, 12 REB, 13 AST) recorded his 13th triple-double of the season as the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted the New Orleans Pelicans, 122-114. Kyle Kuzma added 20 PTS in the win, while NOP’s Zion Williamson went off for a career-high 35 PTS (12-16 FGM).

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85 Responses

  1. gabriel rodgers says:

    It was a duel at the beginning, and then King James just turned to playoff mode

  2. King Mouse says:

    How the hell LeBron 35 years old and still doing this got damn it

    • darkrainne 679 says:

      PED’s but that doesnt mean shit its still realy fucking amazing that he doing all this shit at 35 years old

    • Linette Sanabria says:

      @Osama Ali Rather loose in the finals then get swept in the first round😂 3x!

    • Linette Sanabria says:

      @Osama Ali At least he was good enough to get there unlike MJ was.. LBJ at 22 made the finals. Didint MJ come in the league at 21-22?

    • Linette Sanabria says:

      @Osama Ali The guy beat the GS warriors with Steph Curry on them 2x with Matthee Dellevedova as his 2nd best player. Due to Kyrie & K Love getting injured in 2015. That team had 3 HOF, 4 if you wanna include Andre Iguodola. Meanwhile MJ was 1-9 against Larry’s Celtics who had 3 HOF on them. 4 if you wanna include Cornbred Maxwell😂

    • Linette Sanabria says:

      @Osama Ali Zone defense’s dummy😂 Tells me how much you know about the game of basketball. It was Either 3-2, 2-3 and most of the time man. MJ wouldn’t have the success he had back then in this ERA!!

  3. Jumpin Jahosaphat says:

    Lebron like “Easy young fella, this still my league.”

  4. J. Brown says:

    The NBA needs to start it’s own anti-bullying campaign. Zion, is stealing lunches, with the teachers looking on.

    • WHY WHY says:

      The Lakers don’t need more pure scorers or playmakers they need two ways or defensive players, they can’t even contain Zion even on help side rotations, and the whole team just watched Kuz get killed past two games

    • Matt Browne says:

      @WHY WHY dude is 60 pounds bigger and just about as quick as Kuzma. Complete mismatch. Even when they brought extra help he was bullying them. They definitely don’t want to see the Pelicans first round of the playoffs. Lakers will win but it’ll wear them down way too much.

    • WHY WHY says:

      Matt Browne lol facts bruh Lakers need some defense ain’t no way one guy have his way with great efficiency like that and they not getting blown out

    • Jaamal 6 says:

      Out there bullying mfs 😂😂😂

    • Chris Simpleton says:

      Baby Shaq; a simple way to put it..

  5. OblivonNair ! says:

    5:33 had me dying laughing , LBJ THE GOAT , just pulls up half court like its nothing

  6. Esketit Esketit says:

    Lonzo should have his own badge called “eagle eye”

    • platinumsweets says:

      @Wang Kue is a guy that got some knowledge about basketball! 👏

    • Wang Kue says:

      @Aye if hes so good defending why didnt he guard lebron instead of under size hart and holliday he aint that great bro dont even think he making all defensive team

    • platinumsweets says:

      @sourav vijaykumar but it turns out to be he’s more injury porne than a playmaker!..he got too much speed n no breaks just like John Wall ( who is also injury porne ) which can’t even carry Wizards tru the 2nd round in n playoff!..speed and hawk eye is not even about the’s knowledge!

    • platinumsweets says:

      @nniivekk appo wow..if he did have n hawk eye like LeBron probably he would’ve still be on the winning Lakers team! 😀

    • platinumsweets says:

      Did y’all see the reaction of Zion when the game finished?..he’s just not feeling this team of players!..Zion soon started to make complains like the other big franchise places it’s just a matter of time..this guy love winning..he’s not n average player…big players make big moves..Zion worth a 100 mil..he can go anywhere!

  7. Gendarrion says:

    5:31 that shot shut them up.

  8. Sautéed Crème Fraîche says:

    Uhhh lebron just hit that three from Baton Rouge… splash 💦

  9. Hafsa Abdulwadood says:

    Shannon will have on his goat mask tomorrow 😂💯💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  10. Bee Bac0n says:

    Lonzos hustle and passing to zion is beautiful

  11. jesus velasco says:

    Lebron james gets a triple double without AD still gonna get criticized for not doing more on monday

  12. Ergic Gaming says:

    I like it when lonzo is on the floor he pushes the pace and the game is so fast its very fun to watch

    • aniswar lax says:

      When the day lonzo is confident with his 3’s arrives pelicans is gonna be different it’ll be like watching an anime.

    • Rex Du says:

      dude a game runner for sure

    • Masees Khachik says:

      It’s like he’s playing in an all star game😂 but jokes aside he was so overrated because of His dad that he’s become underrated. People said he was trash at LA and mad respect to him for pushing through all that BS and becoming what he is today

    • AQUA VIII says:

      He doesn’t like Kuzma
      he was throwin lobs to Zion to to smash on Kuz

    • darkrainne 679 says:

      That mf hyper af in the second half

  13. Rhys Stromson says:

    Commentator: “James from about 28 feet!” Understatement of the week, try 35 feet😂

  14. Louise Renz says:

    James and Lebron lining up with each other.. 0:01 LMAO what an introduction 😂

  15. arwin calapati says:

    Seriously? Last game, they put Jrue on James, now Hart? Hahaha

  16. bonitokun says:

    5:30 KING JAMES shuts the entire crowd. 👑👑👑

  17. Jarrold James Casilagan says:

    01:12 Danny bump big zion like he’s bigger than him LOL

  18. Brian Hilliard says:

    I love my Lakers, but I’m very impressed with the young teams like the Grizzlies and the Pelicans. Those teams will be a force to reckon with, if they continue to grow and don’t have any significant injuries to their star players.

    • Tori Temple says:

      This is definately a situation where the last will be first in a few years. These teams also like the Hawks are except Vince are all under 25 years old. They are going to taking over in the next couple years. The Warriors are slick. They are tanking this season for a high draft pick and they will still be able to sign a guy like Giannis. That would be horrible for the league and the NBA should step in like they did with Chris Paul and the Lakers

  19. Elias Rodriguez says:

    3:07- “that was a nice f*****g finger roll by kuzma” -Doris Burke 😅

  20. Darrius Boy says:

    Sooo I’m the only one who heard him say, “James and Lebron lining up next to each other” in the beginning?

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