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Led by Stephen Curry’s 33 PTS, 6 REB, and 7 AST, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 123-109. Klay Thompson added 18 PTS and 3 AST for the Warriors in the victory, while LeBron James (31 PTS, 14 REB, 8 AST) and Anthony Davis (27 PTS, 6 REB, 3 STL, 1 BLK) combined for 58 PTS for the Lakers. The Warriors improve to 1-0 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 0-1.

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28 Responses

  1. NBA says:

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    • Kevin Suriaga says:

      @ForgiveZharion qqq

    • Eliseo IV Quiambao says:

      Why Nba tv is lagging scam

    • MRM Digital tiktok says:

      I feel soo happy whenever LeBron lose

    • AM TRey says:

      I find it disgusting that a comment with a racial epithet was made in a thread under a comment made by the official NBA’s YouTube channel & is allowed to remain there. This very league has said, quite publicly, that it doesn’t tolerate nor support any sort of racially insensitive behavior or language abd that it is fully aware of what any person or groups that are targeted, harassed or threatened with those actions or by those words go through. I mean, is this not the same league that recently removed an owner from his ownership of a team due to racially insensitive remarks? But it can’t use it’s considerable size and influence, in the digital space, to filter or flag out an account that is clearly making comments that fall under their very commitment to be aware of racial awareness and sensitivity?

      It shouldn’t come as a suprise though, considering this is the very league that did not step in and offer any disciplinary actions when one of its employees, unprovoked and unprompted, violently struck one of his coworkers in the face at a training facility.

      My young ones be perusing this official channel & watch these games, highlights & other content with me at times and I had to tell them why that particular post & word came from, what it probably meant to do, why there are people that say stuff like that & how they feel towards other groups. They are 6 & 5 and did not need to have to hear that from me, at their age, about how screwed up so many people in this world are. They should be able to enjoy as much of their innocence as they can. And I know, for a fact, that these platforms have certain buzzwords in their settings that automatically delete posts when an account puts them into a post.

      I guess I can assume that a section of the NBA (a league that is predominantly made of Black people as its staff, players & coaches) condones verbiage and rhetoric like that. Maybe this league isn’t in any type of position to tell anybody to do better if they let people say things like that on one of its many online platforms.

  2. Edward De Jong says:

    Wiseman is a great addition, and the Warriors at this point with everyone healthy look better than last year. Overflowing with talent so far.

    • cheyenne dewald says:

      @Yea Slatt what makes you think he’s going to shine an atl? He’s been relatively injury prone and isn’t going to have the ball often. Again I’m not saying that he can’t be that but a lot of you guys are acting like he already is and the warriors are just keeping him in a show. That’s not the case. This guy needs serious development. Drew eubanks could put his back to the basket and score 18 points a game on a terrible team. He did that multiple times last year on Portland while they were tanking. But to be great and do that is a completely different story and Wiseman has a long way to go

    • Yea Slatt says:

      @cheyenne dewald that team not for him send him to hornets or ATL wiseman will shine one thing u can’t take from fin. He can shoot he 7 feet with mid range shot he got ad skills

    • cheyenne dewald says:

      @Sam peter the Celtics got a lot better but if Curry really is that dude then I don’t see anybody beating the warriors. I know a lot of people are putting stock in the clippers, but you have multiple dudes coming off of very little basketball played over the last couple of seasons. I don’t buy it. Admin I’m on my face and easy trip to the finals and maybe the bucks or Celtics could provide some resistance

    • cheyenne dewald says:

      @Yea Slatt I don’t bash draymond. People who think that the warriors need to trade him are nuts. What I am saying is that Draymond may not make the same impact on the Hawks and James Wiseman is not going to score 20 points a game on a playoff team bro. Not right now. He is in a make or break spot for his career if we’re being honest here. He catches the ball off the pick and roll dude. Big whoop

    • Rymith84 says:

      @Mondo Torre no PJ Tucker wouldn’t be an upgrade. He can shoot sure but Draymond is so good for the Warriors because of everything else he does.

  3. KOOKIES & CREAM says:

    Hands down to Warrior’s Rookies. These kids are going places. Warriors are slowly reviving their fast paced plays. Can’t wait to witness how this team would build another powerhouse (they already are though).

  4. Cedric Nicholson says:

    GSW is just too deep!! I’ve never seen a team so fluid and if they play like this while staying healthy then it will be a repeat for them.

  5. Ball Point Penus says:

    almost feels like im watching an all stars game. So much talent on that court at any given moment

  6. Christian Porter says:

    The Lakers played well, but using THAT much of AD, Bron and Westbrook is simply NOT sustainable for a whole season. That’s why I’m grateful for the Dubs bench. Keep starters fresh

    • NoOneCares says:

      You said the Lakers played well just to make the warriors seem better. What went well? All the 3s they bricked?

  7. Atty. Fernando G. Madarcos says:

    Almost a decade now these Dubs have played this style of basketball. Still entertaining.. amazing team 💯

    • MannyYo says:

      @Ryan He Right Lmao. And viewership doesn’t even matter since millions of people watch stream illegal so they don’t have to pay.

    • MannyYo says:

      @Pablo Herasme 33 points on 4-12 three point shooting. Now imagine if he was 7-12 instead

    • David Ryder says:

      @LaNisha Jackson Points are part of it, but Detroit proved that championships can be won with stellar defense.

      Besides, I’ll take a good block highlight over a good dunk anyday.

  8. Mark Darnell says:

    The warriors look too strong. All that depth and youth on one team. They’re going to be tough to beat, coming from a lifelong Lakers fan.

  9. JOE WELL says:

    Good win to start the season. Started out rusty but then clean things up. Respect to LeBron and AD as well ‼️ hope both of them stay healthy this year. Go DUBS 💙💛

  10. D Arn says:

    The Lakers need a few shooters they can truly trust….they have inside presence offensively but they also need inside presence on defense that they can truly rely on ….great game to watch tonight!

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