The Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 121-114. Stephen Curry (30 PTS, 5 STL) and Jordan Poole (28 PTS, 6 3PM) combined for 58 PTS to lead Golden State, while Dwight Howard paced the Lakers with 23 PTS and 12 REB.

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Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers – October 10 at 10pm/et on ESPN
Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers – October 12 at 10:30pm/et on TNT

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37 Responses

  1. Samsung Tablet says:

    Bruh never seen a player improve as quickly as Poole, his improvement over the offseason has been tremendous. Can’t wait till Klay comes back, gonna be like 2016 all over again.

  2. Belle La’reign says:

    I am SO proud of Jordan Poole, he had the potential all along. Looks like we have a great formula, hoping my Warriors keep this energy or better in the playoffs.

    • Klay Thompson says:

      @Tech bet you would of been talking trash if the Lakers won you clown 🤡

    • W H Y? says:

      @Anthony Sporty keyboard warrior 😂, bet u won’t dare say that shit to someone irl 🤡

    • Just a random dude with a goatee🧔 says:

      @UC6Gr_0SGhtGdFbW0LEPNkHg You’re an idiot lmao wtf , the Lakers just became the world’s most expensive retirement home , they won’t go to the playoffs lol.

    • Just a random dude with a goatee🧔 says:

      @Anthony Sporty Shut your mouth you broke bum , if you actually went out and worked maybe you wouldn’t be complaining about people who worked hard .

    • Fiestaboy_kari says:

      @Tech you do know warrior’s technically made the playoffs but because of that bs play in tournament they lost out on what would’ve been a playoff birth.

  3. Calvin says:

    GSW got a roster with their main Stars still in their primes, solid veterans & drafted a core of raw young talent still growing & developing. Insane. With JP playing so well Klay can take more time to recover & get his legs under him. GSW will be nasty af

    • Ozbee says:

      dey jus need defense

    • 23pungus says:

      the steph and klay injury was lowkey a blessing when you think about it, gave them the chance to tank and get high draft picks while also having their stars still there

    • Dee Too Cold says:

      @Calvin I wholeheartedly agree. And all of the right pieces fell into place. Everything is there. We have the defense, we just need a big body down below. And we’ll have it when Wiseman comes back

    • Dee Too Cold says:

      @23pungus facts bro. It low-key was.

    • Fiestaboy_kari says:

      @23pungus yup just like the bulls whenJordan took a year and a half off and came back and dominated so will the Warriors

  4. Just Try says:

    That Rondo pass to DeAndre was insane!

  5. مهند says:

    The crazy thing is that Poole is not even close to his peak!! It smells a lot like 2015/16. This is going to be a fun year! Durant is already regretting not being a part of the dynasty

  6. Duyu Rambo says:

    Having Avery Bradley on the Warriors is a great asset defensively for the team💪💪💪

  7. Justin oliver says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see what Poole develops into, in the next 3 years.

    Granted its still preseason everyones trying to get back into the swing of things.

    But Poole can score on all levels those flashes have been there in past seasons. Seeing him put it all together THIS SEASON is going to be interesting especially when people start planning for him.

    If he can still make these kind of numbers and be an efficient scorer with different defenses they throw at him. Then I feel comfortable saying he’s going to be a monster in later years.

  8. Leroy Rodgers says:

    This Warriors team is homegrown and it shows. Everything Steph Dray and Klay learned is being passed on. You love to see it

  9. D J says:

    The Warriors are so deadly with all these DHO and pin downs, they don’t miss. Once Klay and Wiseman come back I got them facing the Lakers in WCF. Lakers look good on offense but the defense is still disconnected. Good game.

  10. The honorable night says:

    Minor point: I’m very happy to see Malik monk in this situation. I’m not a Lakers fan but he’s been one of my fav players for a while and now he can compete at the highest level

    • dwortham35 says:

      Being a kentucky fan, I had always specifically said monk needed more structure and expectation around him in order to reach his potential, Charlotte has had a plethora of quality guards over monks career, which I think lessened expectations on him, he’s pretty much the future for the lakers now. Unless the just view him as a trade asset, but I think he’s gonna have a career year. I hope so anyway, he has players around him that can make him look very good, and give him wide open looks. Fingers crossed 🤞

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