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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 124-121. Anthony Davis had a game-high 28 PTS, along with 3 REB and 3 AST, while Kendrick Nunn added 21 PTS and 7 AST for the Lakers in the victory. Jordan Poole tallied 25 PTS and 6 AST for the Warriors in a losing effort. The Lakers improve to 1-3 in the NBA Preseason, while the Warriors fall to 2-1.

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30 Responses

  1. 레오 says:

    Kendrick Nunn didn’t deserve the hate last season for being injured.😪 Kudos to him for keeping himself composed.👏🏻 Hope he stays healthy this season.🙏🏻

  2. EXPO says:

    Now that is how you respond to adversity! Great job Jordan Poole!

    • Red Red says:

      In a loss??👉🏽 🤡

    • 8732Best says:

      @Nick A I guess you have been under a rock…teammate slugged him, he’s okay, came out, Poole party. Now you’re caught up. You’re welcome.

    • Angel Casiano says:

      @V4AR I can’t believe we have to explain this when literally nobody of note played in the 4th quarter. Pre-season is always ran this way. Testing rotations, giving rookies extra minutes, shaking rust off of your starters.. cmon man, do you even watch basketball

  3. Daniel Arvizu says:

    man, shout out Darvin Ham, dude really came in and brought a whole new energy, culture, system whatever you wanna call it he brought it. The way the lads played tonight that how its supposed to look. competing, hustling, executing. lets go

  4. Ryan E. Johnson says:

    I’m a Lakers fan but good lord Poole was on fire

    • jaydenkjefferson says:

      @Sac12 Cringe 💀

    • BA Q says:

      @Jonathan Martin Never said You “should” respect is earned, All I said is that Kobe does and that Sac12 was wrong about kobe not respecting other players. So as fans why not give props to guy when warranted? Arr you saying that fans can be as unreasonable to players just cuz for no reason? Im not saying you should give respect, but disrespecting someone by using Kobe is unreasonable.

    • calvin robinson says:

      You can not be a fan of the game is you can not give prop to the opposite players

  5. Jason Konadu says:

    Even though we lost this proves that Poole doesn’t let the media get to his head. Man played like nothing happened. Props to him

  6. Vincent Recto says:

    I can’t believe I am being optimistic for the Lakers, this team has some good pieces they can strategize with

  7. anrie says:

    Set a play for Ryan. Dude has quick release and no hesitation. He was like I gonna snipe that ring.

  8. JC Snavea says:

    Kendrick nunn is still on fire. Just forget about he’s injured last season. He’s comeback. Let’s just pray for all the players are in a good health.

  9. Maiyne Mane says:

    Kendrick playing for that next contract! Straight balling 💯

  10. Don Enrico Saliganan says:

    Matt Ryan is WHO we needed all this time.

    • Gurjant Dhaliwal says:

      @ForgiveZharion bro what ☠️

    • Grievous says:

      @Sac12 Sac12’s overrated life

      Before he was alive: To lazy to be born 🤣🤣
      Dob-2020: to lazy to show up 😂😂💀🤡
      2021: continuously hating on every player and team 🤡🤡🤬⬇️
      2022: got owned and hibernated for a bit in summer cuz he got frightened 🤡🤡🥶☠️
      2023: smokin that Sac12 pack 🚬🚬🚬🤣

    • Grievous says:

      @LeUltraInstinct The Gwak is real

    • Don Enrico Saliganan says:

      Honestly fr; he came out sniping. I haven’t seen daggers like that since D’Angelo Russell was on our team, so give me a break people

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