Lakers need to hold on to Kyle Kuzma for dear life – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Lakers need to hold on to Kyle Kuzma for dear life – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take get into a heated debate on whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers need to trade Kyle Kuzma for another NBA star. Stephen A. explains why the Lakers should hold on to Kuzma for dear life and try to sign Anthony Davis.

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69 Responses

  1. Dr Pepper says:

    Both Kuz and BI average more points than Tatum but Tatum is better?

    • franjes 99 says:

      Yes there’s more to it than Points there’s more small forwards in Boston than arguably everywhere else Tatum gotta share the scoring with Morris, Hayward, Jaylen + a premier volume scorer in Kyrie

    • Mamba Out says:

      +Jarvis Juice you must be trolling, Tatum ain’t even as consistent as kuz. BI is more versatile, so how is Tatum better. Brown ain’t even in this conversation.

    • LurKing says:

      +Rockstar Lance that’s their star that he shares the ball with other than Kyrie… There’s a reason Gordon might be on his way out and Tatum is being held onto for dear life.

    • LurKing says:

      If I was building a team and I had to pick between Kuz and Tatum I would choose Tate.

  2. Koh TheFaceStealer says:

    I can’t stand watching any of these shows anymore

  3. DaBruhh23 says:

    Kuzma is the only player besides Lebron that is untouchable.

  4. j no one says:

    We still on Zo bout this? When there’s a number 1 overall pick out there waiting to be heard from? And comparing him to Fox, I like Fox but so far Zo has been the better PLAYER, notice I didn’t specify offense..stop letting lavar dictates how you feel bout Zo guys, that was last year let it go.

    • Ruther Agonoy says:

      Like im a Lonzo fan for sure but when you say “Zo is a better player”… ugh thats just pure denial man.

    • Brandon Smalls says:

      Ruther Agonoy exactly theres no way anyone should be saying ball is better than fox. Lonzos best games are near averages for Fox. I like both.

    • B49ify says:

      Ruther Agonoy lonzo had a better rookie year than fox, then guess what happened? lonzo injured all summer and didn’t get to work on his game while fox did. also fox gets a steady diet of high pick and roll just like every other starting pg in the league besides lonzo. you can say fox better but there’s no context

    • Gmannn15 Trollz says:

      j no one yeah and Kelly Oubre is the GOAT.

      Look at their stats and tell me who’s better.

    • andre sapiter says:

      +Ruther Agonoy play him with Lberon and his stats will dropped abruptly. Absolutely. Lakers have many ball dominant players. You don’t know basketball dude. Poor analysis

  5. Jermiah Daonte says:

    “Middle class Tatum “ the disrespect to kuzma is real !! Smh 2k

  6. Blessed Up says:

    KUZMA IS BETTER THEN TATUM!! Numbers don’t lie…. kuzma averages more points and rebounds then Tatum stop calling Kuzma a knockoff version of Tatum when it’s the other way around ❗️❗️❗️

    • Vang Xiong says:


      trust me Tatum is good! It depends if he can live up to it..telling yall Tatum 6’8 with crossovers

    • Norman Tang says:

      ​+Vang Xiong, it takes a lot more, a lot lot more than 6’8 and nasty crossovers to be called Once in a generation Talent. It’s way too early to label a 2nd year player that title unless you’re smoking something nobody has heard of.

    • Vang Xiong says:

      +Norman Tang

      Givd me another guy at 6’8+ with tatums skills…ill wait…fkin moron..smh

    • RedGotSauce 24 says:

      Vang Xiong Paul George is 6’9 with crossovers

    • Vang Xiong says:

      +RedGotSauce 24

      Pg is not tatum and kuz class tho… pg is alrdy a bonafide star.. we talkin about up and coming players

  7. Trevel The Critic says:

    Media stay disrespecting Lonzo that man affects the game without being a scorer. Literally runs the offense so everyone can get easy shots and he is a great defender. Once he develops into an efficient offensive player he will be one the best two way players in the game. It would be a mistake trading him.

    • Hero 3 says:


    • Max Ballard says:

      He is also 2 years younger than Kuzma.

    • Stamina35 says:

      WTF is wrong with some of you Laker fans? The love affair you have with Lonzo is fucking ridiculous !! I`m not going to call him trash, but he`s not that good at all, and unfortunately the Lakers don`t have time to wait and see if he`s going to develop into a great player (which is highly unlikely). If he`s not traded it`s because no other team will won`t him, because he`s just not that good.

    • terrel smith says:

      The Best Player you dumb he had a lot 20 points game stoopid so suck a dick if lonzo a bum draymond green is shit

    • Vaughn reed jr says:

      Lonzo suck man.

  8. Jamal Green says:

    Kuzma is a star in a making..why tf you wanna trade him

  9. Havok 7905 says:

    Give up anyone but Kuz and Zo. That’s your team with LBJ. If we don’t get AD just get next best option. McGee and Zu are doing well enough to guard the center position. Turn Rondo into a Coach, let Zo run your offense, Hart is developing nicely, Zo is getting more aggressive, Kuz is A raw scorer that takes some pressure off Lebron to rest. That’s your core then add a Superstar or the next best thing, but it needs to be a 2 way player for sure.

  10. Lakerfansince July 1,2018 says:

    3:08 pause

  11. JTV 360 says:

    I like Kuz bec he rarely gets injured and is an instant offense type of player. But absolutely horrible on defense esp at center. Hes still got to work on his step back, spin and cross over moves and maybe a fadeaway to make a him a complete offensive machine. He needs to work with Kobe a lot more maybe in the off season

  12. Jordi Smith says:

    Fox is having a better year now? Yes but he didn’t have an amazing rookie season either so how anyone can say that magic messed up picking ball when no one can see into the future ?? you are all crazy if you think

  13. CliffD says:

    I don’t see why people keep saying Tatum is better Kuzma

  14. E-Football Nation - eWorldCup Video Highlights says:

    Stephen A’s Hair roots are holding on for dear life.

  15. Tyrell says:

    Trading Lonzo will be the worst mistake. You don’t trade true point guards.
    Lonzo not going anywhere Laker for life.

    • SportsView?tv says:

      Tyrell Lonzo is great talent, if he’ll make more 3s and rack up assists consistently, Lakers can go to another level in Western Conference.

    • Tyrell says:

      Shake Spear do you know what a point guard job is? I’ll wait for your answer…

    • Yorg says:

      Tyrell exactly bro trading zo is a wrong move i dont know why they hating zo, just because he doesnt average 18 ppg, thats not his job tho hes there to facilitate and make plays for the team.

    • Sho Nuff says:

      Lonzo sucks ass dude. It’s a fact

    • Jamal Vines says:

      ANOTHER PAUL GEORGE.their game will stay on one level

  16. Reginald 18 says:

    lonzo is the PG version of draymond

  17. Daniel Munoz says:

    Media loves to give Kuzma all the credit. Went to the game last night and Lonzo was easily the most important player on the court despite scoring only 5 points. Lonzo is the real gem the lakers have and the media refuses to give him credit.

  18. mambaa123 says:

    Ya’ll lonzo haters need to STFU. Other than his shooting abilities, he excels in every other area compared to his peers in the same draft. The dude didn’t even get a full offseason to work on his game because of his knee injury. Yet, he’s a “bust.” Whoever calls lonzo a bust doesn’t know basketball. It’s easy to just look at a boxscore and say we’ll he only scored _____ hes a bust now. And, ya’ll act like deaaron fox is an all star, gtfo.

  19. Molly Qerim says:

    I didn’t say a word this segment

  20. Boss says:

    Steven A Smith literally said a week ago that the Lakers should trade their entire roster for AD… What a hypocrite.

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