Lakers or Celtics: Who is the bigger mess? | First Take

Lakers or Celtics: Who is the bigger mess? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the Los Angeles Lakers are more dysfunctional, because they have had problems from the top of the organization to the bottom. Max Kellerman looks at the Boston Celtics and thinks they have had more dysfunction, because they had so many expectations and have fallen extremely short of fulfilling them.
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102 Responses

  1. Mini-Man-Xav says:

    clearly the lakers. The Celtics have been disappointing but at least they are in the playoffs.

  2. ExoTic DroPz says:

    This is what we are debating? Does it actually matter lol. Both are a mess period. End of conversation.

    • BackBoard To Basket says:

      Lakers have been tanking since 2013, Celtics have been to the playoffs since 2010. Clearly the celshits are the bigger mess

    • willburd bath says:

      what else would they debate both were massive disappointments. go kys for being so annoying

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +JR The GOAT Smith Its always more good Team A. B/c no one cares about who loses lol

    • elijah ochogi says:

      +Auc 2.0 lmao right atleast the celtics are going to the playoffs meanwhile the Lakers arent. This discussion is pointless ??

    • Nate P says:

      that’s not how debate shows work they debate over things that really don’t matter and the debate is never really solved. they need to find stuff to make a show and fill it up if they just said they all suck that’s it then it would be a boring show.. so to sum it up yes this is what they are debating about if you don’t like that don’t watch debates.

  3. alfred anderson says:

    LAKERS?!?! Lol Wtf

    This team really be losing to the hawks, suns, and grizzlies and barely beat the Celtics with a lucky shot

  4. Logical says:

    Celtics easily. They had championship aspirations. Lakers were always a write off this year, not enough talent

  5. Show Out says:

    Max the type to stay up all night studying……..for a drug test


    Am I the only one who thought Lebron went to La for business instead of wins?

    • Abby Renee says:

      +Sheng Guo just cause you have dinner with someone dosent mean you want to team up its dinner lol

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +Abby Renee just saying. firing agent, choosing LBJs agent, the ‘sources’ suggesting LA is where he wants to go & AD/LBJ having private conversations before rhis would make ppl believe that. LBJ & Dwade did something like that before

    • Łeone says:

      +Doctor Cthulhu ur retarded he knows he ain’t winning shit dumbass with the warriors their so he’s just their for the,money dumbass have fun with ur 11th seed for the next 3 years!

    • Łeone says:

      +Nicholas McMurray he wants AD of rather fucking business j dumbass why would he trade 2 lottery picks and a steal who are in their 3rd year or less for a injury prone 25 yr when he knows he can’t beat the warriors for at least 3 years dumbass?

    • Fried Chicken Jones says:

      No I agree

  7. Mugen says:

    *You mean the BRONSEXUAL chose the Celtics ??* How’s that ?! *CRAZY!*

    • W Wells says:

      Game Bred ? you think that was smart to say dumb shit there buddy

    • niners fan and thunder fan says:

      +Sali Mutambo Nah Bron already cementing his legacy as the 2nd greatest player of all time. For him to catch up to Jordan he needs to win 2 more rings and accomplish a lot during that time. It’s MJ and Bron then everybodyelse.

    • niners fan and thunder fan says:

      +Jay James Nah he was on his IG story yesterday but it was like 20 hours after gametime so that’s irrelevant but everything else you stated is facts

    • Demario Johnson says:

      Jay James Only once did Kobe threaten to leave for help and not stars he asked for role players you bum ass bitch the other time Kobe almost left was during the fallout with Shaq don’t talk down on the mamba period had a worse team the year he got hurt and still took the lakers to the playoffs ‼️?

    • mw3minerz says:

      +Jay James Did he leave? Who tf he recruit? Asking for front office to get some decent talent isn’t recruiting, it’s asking the front office to stop signing shit like Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, Sasha Vujecic and all these other bums. What does Lebron do? He left. He teams up with 2 all stars 2 different times. He recruits by running the front office and be getting motha fuckas fired. Foh with your bs.

  8. Sir Analysts says:

    Well Celtics are still are in the playoffs and could fix their problem by the end of the season. While lakers are on the outside looking in.

    • Mikey Reu says:

      +OG LOC Did they have an info that LeBron was gonna miss 2 months??
      If so they wouldn’t have picked LA to make shit.
      LA did what they were sposed to this yr.
      *LeBron didn’t get traded to LA either.

    • Sheng Guo says:

      +farziran87 m Celts could beat Bucks too. Besides Giannis they dont have any allstars

    • Howtostudies says:

      Unless they play sixers every round they aint going anywhere, especially without home court advantage

    • Shaino Wells says:

      It’s like SA said, Lakers the biggest story. But if Celts dnt get to the finals, they’re the bigger disappointment

    • a says:

      They where 4 th seed when LeBron got injured and now they have one of the toughest schedules also Lonzo is still out . Plus lakers are in west Celtics in east

  9. DaQuan says:

    The 1 who’s not making the playoffs ?

    • Wavey Zatch says:

      Rello Excuses but regardless the Celtics are more set up for the future as well as a flat out better team than the Lakers whether they are in the East or the West. Lakers are the bigger mess.

    • OG LOC says:

      +LeBron fan king of Akron yet celtics went to back to back conference finals , while faiL-akers didn’t make the playoffs in the last 5 years .

    • OG LOC says:

      +Wesley Bryant celtics has more ?

    • OG LOC says:

      +Baller_Eli we need to trade for Zion an get rid of smart & Hayward

    • Łeone says:

      +F&M Vlogs fucking dumbass SAS said the lakers were making the WCF ? stfu

  10. j0epark1 says:

    When you’re terrible, you don’t judge who’s worse. They’re both just terrible. That’s like asking if who’s worse between the Knicks and the Suns.

    • archiedyer says:

      Suns aren’t even that bad they can’t get the ball to Ayton and after the stacked draft they will become a playoff contender with a big 3 that in the future will become unstoppable

    • Devon Smith says:

      guys Celtics arent THAT bad ahah

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Golden Screen Warriors What changed? Did you not see when the young guys, who were squarely in the “have potential” stage before Kyrie went down, lead the team to the ECF last year ??
      You can’t ask guys who took that step up, to take the huge step back when he returns. Especially not when tens of millions are not the line for every single one of them.

      This whole problem, kinda like the Lakers this year, *does not happen* without the specific injury of the star. Tatum/Brown/Rozier, none of them would know how to stand without Kyrie leading, if he was with them all-last year, and was the lead in their success.
      *Or, if Boston was bounced in the first round last year. No playoff success without Kyrie, means the guys don’t have the egos to go along with that success.

    • Stubbo242 says:

      Definitely the Knicks

    • Kennedy Robertson says:

      Doctor Cthulhu I’m not a kyrie fan .. but you said it , the celtics without kyrie are not competing with GSW. Yea they can go through philly and indiana .. just to get ran out the gym by GS? Means nothing .. they need Kyrie and most likely another superstar. The young guys are great, and making it to the ECF is no small feat .. but they can’t do it by themselves and we saw that last year.

  11. Khubaib Khan says:

    Report: ESPN has signed a $1M contract with Lakers and Celtics and have decided not to talk about 28 other teams.

  12. Cedrick Carson says:

    You know Max wasn’t gonna pick the Lakers as the bigger mess lol

    • Gabriel Arnett says:

      He’s bias that’s why, we know the Lakers are in the bigger mess not the Celtics..

    • boricuafrican says:

      +Gabriel Arnett nah… the Lakers if they were to make the playoffs weren’t expected to be more than a 7th seed anyway…aka 1st round exit….. everyone said in the offseason that the West was harder and Lebron wouldn’t make it far if at all, so, here we are…

    • Gabriel Arnett says:

      +boricuafrican ok they out..

    • boricuafrican says:

      +Gabriel Arnett they’re supposed to be lol… it’s a rebuilding team in the almighty West…

    • Gabriel Arnett says:

      +boricuafrican ok..

  13. Teezy says:

    Celtics lose by 50
    Stephen A: this is the result of brad Stevens trying to integrate Gordon Hayward into the rotation

    Kyrie gets injured
    Stephen A:Again this falls on the shoulders of brad Stevens and his persistence in trying to get Gordon Hayward acclimated

    It’s raining outside in Boston StephenA:this is god telling brad Stevens he needs to stop playing Gordon Hayward all these damn minutes

    World war 3 is announced
    Stephen A: the fate of the world rest on the shoulders of Danny ainge and brad Stevens. They need to figure out this Gordon Hayward situation or were all doomed

  14. Jaleel says:

    Isaiah Thomas rubbing his hands like birdman right now

  15. Will John says:

    Can ESPN not talk about anything other than LA and Boston? There are other great stories going on in the NBA and other sports.

    • Brian Miller says:


    • Gabriel Arnett says:

      AGRRED!… @Will John

    • Gabriel Arnett says:

      +kBanger Money is everywhere bro not just one place, if the 28 teams disappear and two remaining like the Celtics and Lakers the NBA will go down drastically THINK THINK THINK use your head, and those owners who own those 28 teams what don’t get talk a lot in the media are ”BILLIONAIRES” not Brokenaires buddy.. If money is in L.A. tell them go help those thousands of homeless peoples in Skid Row downtown L.A. they are fans also…


      Gabriel Arnett That’s a stupid argument, why would anyone need to think on that? Lmao Never will the rest of the league drop so it’s an unrealistic stupid hypothetical.

      Ive also seen plenty about the Bucks, Warriors, Mavericks, Toronto etc this year. The media likes to post more about teams that are breaking because there is usually a lot more to report then “Oh they’re winning and everyone is happy”. That’s why the Steelers have also been in the media so much recently and not a team such at the Patriots.

  16. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Lakers. Woj just said Carmelo has refused the opportunity to go to the Lakers. You cannot get lower than that.

  17. Logan E says:

    Damn Kellerman, quit meat riding lebron

  18. michael edwards says:

    lakers cause LeBron supposed to be the best player and how he caked walked in the east it will be embarrassing.

  19. BLACKPINK PH says:


  20. Brother John's says:

    lakers are a mess because they invited mess in their house.

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