Lakers should do ‘everything they can’ to get Bradley Beal – Stephen A. | Get Up!

Lakers should do ‘everything they can’ to get Bradley Beal – Stephen A. | Get Up!

Stephen A. Smith says the Los Angeles Lakers should do “everything they can” to get Bradley Beal via a trade, even if that means trading Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram.

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107 Responses

  1. Ultra Instinct Goku says:

    Stephen A wants everyone to go to the Lakers 😂😂 this is disgusting

  2. LeBron James says:

    They should trade for Vince Carter

  3. Alen Ajradinović says:


  4. Jerry 85g says:

    We need to do everything we can to get Anthony Davis.

  5. Jared Savage says:

    Lakers dont need to trade anyone. Ingram and lonzo are young and already good. I want to win but long term, not just next year.

    • Jared Savage says:

      +MrSpliffstarz Lamar Odom got buckets lol. And no one is asking him to be kd. Kobe would’ve had a much harder time winning that championship without a Lamar Odom. Same thing with bron. And Randle can shoot now from the perimeter, he can handle the ball, and he can be the perfect fit to a small ball 5 with zo, kuzma, Ingram and bron

    • BigMy28 says:

      +MrSpliffstarz it’s been two years and a month and a half. Why do people act like the season is over, when its clearly the start? And he improved in all statistically category from year 1 to 2. From 9pts to 16pts alone last year alone.

      Also he’s not disappearing in the fourth. Last year Luke put the ball in Kuz’s hand to the detriment of the team and this year LeSystem takes over from the 7 or 5 minute mark, and Bron runs iso or screen step back three, or screen kick, even the most bias LeBron fan has to realize that.

    • BigMy28 says:

      +MrSpliffstarz and alot of the time its opportunity from the coach. Do you think the Thunder would have kept Harden on the bench if they knew how great he would become?

    • BigMy28 says:

      +Jared Savage actually after his second season i felt he didnt want to be a star and i was rooting for him to be a more explosive Lue Williams, reining 6th man of the year type player for us. I hated the trade sending him and Larry to the Cavs for a cap dump in I.T. Isaiah didnt fit what i hoped we were trying to build with the youth movement.

    • Dion Richardson says:

      Thank you, Jared!

  6. Mr. Sauceman X Backup Account says:

    They keep pushing this “every star should play with lebron” narrative and it’s getting so sickening to listen too over and over.

  7. J L says:

    Lakers Win: They need to make Ingram the PG, he’s got so much potential

    Lakers Lose: Trade the roster for Bradley Beal

    Literally SAS after every Lakers game.

  8. FleeBoy Sauce says:

    How bout Lakers get nobody and they continue to suck for the next couple years. Sounds like a bet

  9. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Stephen A should do everything he can to get his hairline back

  10. Anne HBurn says:

    Stephen A and LeBron fans would want the Avengers on the Lakers.

    • hamhockbeans says:

      He wants a time machine and to bring back a young Jordan to be on the Lakers.

    • Van C says:

      Anne HBurn: Steven A= I really think the Lakers should do what ever it takes to trade kozuma & lonzo ball for the Avengers! If i was them i would be on the phone with Nick furry & Tony Stark as we speak! Trying to make the trade!…😂

    • rdepaul34 says:

      I”m a Lakers fan, I don’t want Beal. Getting Beal means only $27m in salary flexibility this offseason which means you cannot sign KD or Kawhi to a max. I don’t trade for Beal, I try signing KD to a max — if it fails, I try signing Kawhi to a max — if that fails, I offer that package for AD… IF THAT FAILS… THEN I TRADE FOR BEAL.

    • Macky LOL says:

      Avengers already on GSW what your point? if you want you should call it the Justice League

  11. snoopyshine says:

    As a Lakers fan, it cringes me so much with all these Brad Beal to Lakers rumors. Absolutely the worst move possible for the Lakers. The guy has over $55 M left on his deal so we lose one max player slot. I rather wait out the season and make a move for AD and KD this summer. The Brad Beal trade will ALWAYS be there. That’s just a desperate move for us. The Wizards are desperate to get rid of Beal, Wall, and Porter

    • Arjun Hasnain says:

      there is a good chance that butler klay kd and kawhi all pass on the lakers and they need a shot maker and brad beals fit w lebron is one of the best possible fits so its very smart because all of these young guys arent gonna help win a championship

    • Bobby Smith says:


      That deal will not always be there. Beal is a legit star, they should go after him.

    • Bobby Smith says:


      Because the wiz are dysfunctional and in shambles. That team is done and they have to restart gone way or another. Make sense to trade for youth

    • Kazu D. Mikura says:

      KD isn’t joining LeBron. KD to warriors was already an anomaly, but you’re not about to have two of the top 5 players on the same team again. KD’s rep already took a hit

    • BCDC says:

      ​+Bobby Smith That would be a step backwards. They’d be better off holding onto Beal and saving him for whenever the next superstar demands a trade (AD) Basically do what Toronot did when they traded Demar for Kahwi (trade your star for a superstar)

  12. Devon Smith says:

    every week the lakers get a new all star free agent… according to SAS

  13. Cornelious Worsham says:

    The Lakers should do everything they can to get Bradley Beal, Wes Unseld, John Wall, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, the Miami Heat era Lebron James, use Doc Brown’s Deloreon go back in time and get Dr. J from his aba days I mean goddamit 29 other teams espn.

  14. jake baptiste says:

    Jalen Rose the only person on ESPN who doesn’t want the Lakers to get everybody

  15. Amstro says:

    This ain’t First Take. They placed the wrong show on the thumbnail.

  16. wweecwwcwtnanba1928 says:

    SAS aint no Knicks fan hes really a Lakers fan with his desire for another all star to join lebron.

  17. MrAVGNdude says:

    LeSPN…. OTHER TEAMS HAVE NEEDS BESIDES THE LAKERS! I swear we’re gonna witness one of their anchors cry on live TV if the lakers miss the playoffs or lose before the WCF. There is a clear bias towards whatever team Lebron is on and they aren’t shy about it anymore

  18. Kobe Bryant says:

    ESPN clearly bet money on the lakers going to the WCF. They be riding for them too hard. They never did this when Kobe and or Shaq played there… Lebron always gets coddled by the media but his fans always acts like people treat him dirty.. They’re literally doing fantasy drafts for Lebron every day.. this is ridiculous lol

  19. Carl Gonzales says:

    Lonzo and Ingram came from being compared to Magic Johnson and KD to getting their asses traded for Bradley Beal lmao

  20. AJ SIMMONS says:


    The Wizards are the ONLY team in the East with 2 returning All-Stars. Why would we break that up for anything less than getting an all-star back in return? We had a rough 1st month, so what? I don’t see y’all trying to get Houston to trade CP3 to the Lakers just because they had a rough start. What about Paul George in OKC? Why not? Because that would be dumb that’s why. So why do you think the Wizards are dumb enough to do it.

    The media is making up all types of stories and blowing our locker room issues out of proportion, hoping to pry Beal out and bring him to their king James. CUT IT OUT. There’s nobody on the Lakers outside of Lebron that we’d want for Beal or Wall.

    Lonzo wouldn’t even be relevant if he were on the Grizzlies or somewhere. How is he even brought up? We might blink for Kuzma, Ingram, and a pick. But we trying to win now, while Wall still in his prime just like the Lakers want with Lebron. Stop being biased. THE WIZARDS DON’T WANT THEM YOUNG BOYS IN EXCHANGE FOR A STAR JUST LIKE YALL DONT

    • DonShifty says:

      AJ SIMMONS THANK YOU BRUH these niggas love sucking the wizards and john walls dick

    • Jack Pig says:

      Exactly. We just saw last night how dangerous the Wizards can still be. This team can still make the playoffs easily. Let’s wait and see how the season shakes out before dishing out Beal for some bum like Lonzo.

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