Lakers trading Lonzo Ball for Bradley Beal ‘would be a good deal’ —Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Lakers trading Lonzo Ball for Bradley Beal ‘would be a good deal’ —Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the reports that the Washington Wizards are high on Lonzo Ball and would want him in a Bradley Beal trade with the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear why Shannon thinks this would not be a mistake for the Lakers and helps LeBron James.

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Lakers trading Lonzo Ball for Bradley Beal ‘would be a good deal’ —Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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78 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Would Bradley Beal be a good fit for LeBron James and the Lakers?

    • Manuel Valdez says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED I think he would be but not in exchange for the young guys. Let them develop. We’ll be Golden State in 2/3 years with the young guys, Lebron, and another superstar joining. *cough cough* Kwahi Leonard

    • Khadim Sabara says:

      Very good fit for bron but DC don’t need lonzo as long john wall is there, 4th pick wagner plus, ingram or kuz, that’s the deal lol !!!

    • Andre' Hammond says:

      Blake Griffin that’s the trade the Lakers need to make

    • Lane Healy says:

      Kyrie CLUTCH Irving he did last season and beat him in the ECF ??

    • Alex Bouvier says:

      Shannon shouldn’t gm a rec league team after that blasphemy.

  2. PatsDynasty says:

    Why would the wizards do that?

    • Anthony S says:

      Have you seen John Wall???

    • Dcwashington President says:

      Yall Lakers fans live in a fantasy world!

    • Anthony S says:

      +Dcwashington President
      It’s okay y’all been an amazing organization as well!

    • TheKillaMan111 says:

      DS JR John wall does not suck he’s just riddled with injuries. Walls given his all to this franchise even playing through injuries which took a toll on his body. With the squas they had this year there’s no doubt with everyone healthy they would have gone to the playoffs

    • Al mac says:

      +TheKillaMan111 Beal is better than lonzo. The wizard is not doing a straight up trade. Perhaps if you throw in Ingram and the 4th pick. The Wizards have already knocked back offers for Beal. The Lakers young core is overrated.

  3. Lil Dagga says:

    For someone to be labeled a “bust” he sure does have a lot of trade value in the nba

    • frank groves says:

      Steve Robinson has to work out

    • BATTZ says:

      Mind of the North Star so Kuzma and Ingram are busts too? ??

    • Mets 03 says:

      He’s not really a “bust” but he sure didn’t live up to the hype his dad put on him. He’s a good player. Like Ben Simmons they’re playmakers but they’ll get exposed in big games for their lack of shooting. The lakers will find success when Lebron is the playmaker and the players around him can knock down shots

    • Mr. R says:

      iGalaxy amazing at what?

  4. Donald Trump says:

    Lakers fans think they’re getting AD, KD, Kawhi, Kyrie, Beal, Butler, the trash man, Beyoncé, and everyone in between

  5. Caleb Perkins says:

    Lonzo is not the problem with the Lakers he has high iq great passer and a great defender

    • Steve J says:

      Lakers Will Rise Yea, still would take ‘Beal’ over Lonzo lol, that is not changing.

      Beal played all 82 games, as a GM I need that, you cannot trust Lonzo he is not good, and injury prone (Yet to play ‘1’ full year).

      No sorry..

    • Madness With A Twist says:


    • Hi-Def Ronin says:

      VictoriaLoL When did LBJ play defense on the Lakers??? Lmao y’all Bron fans delusional

  6. Andrew Christensen says:

    No it would not be a good trade. For either team. Washington already has a PG, and the Lakers need to realize the potential this kid has. Him and Bron arguably had the best chemistry on the team too

    • Andrew Christensen says:

      Steve J all in saying is if you’re the Lakers, you need to stay the course. There are bigger fish to fry and with guys like Kyrie, Klay, JB, and AD all at chance to be on the roster, LA needs to keep their big goal in mind. That Beal offer will always be there because of that ugly 55mil contract

    • Johnny Nevermind says:

      +Steve J agreed. Only lonzo but that not reality

    • Let Go says:

      Andrew Christensen Lonzo not scared of the moment ? You got to be kidding !

    • Andrew Christensen says:

      Let Go no I’m not. He literally hit SO MANY clutch baskets this season with them and last. But also despite all this. He’s got a ton of trade value for being “a bust”

  7. Jeanmi Ess says:

    Skip: This young man is a once or whatever generation…
    Shannon: NO HE’S NOT!!!
    Skip: ….passer… passer…
    Shannon : ok…

  8. Tonio5100 says:

    Why would the Wizards want to pair Lonzo & John Wall in the backcourt??? ???
    Tomorrow topic gonna be should the Lakers trade Josh Hart for Damian Lillard ???

  9. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “You wanna know what potential means potential means you haven’t done it yet” Shannon

  10. Alen Ajradinović says:

    Shannon knows how much wine lebron drinks????

  11. ryen mcdonald says:

    So the wizards want TWO point guards? ?‍♂️ Another bs media report

    • Based Sasquatch Pepe says:

      Bums all over the tv. Bums everywhere w mics

    • 4 Fake says:

      They are obviously moving on from Wall lol

    • Jay Saturday says:

      They trading away wall didnt work out

    • Chris Costello says:

      IMO Wall is gonna get forced out the league like Bosch. If he ‘stays injured’ as in the Wizards medical staff never clear him, his salary can continued to be covered by Insurance. Now I know most are gonna say, John Wall would never do that. But really think about it, he’s 28, ( this is the middle of his prime) imagine coming back from an injury and all this time and being almost 30. It would be hard work to get back into playing shape. The consider he wasn’t in that great of shape when he was injured, and the Wizards have been underperforming the whole Wall era. Maybe he’d want to save himself the work, and the embarrassment and just let the Wizards say he’s injured. They save their money and Wall still gets his.

  12. Alan J says:

    Tomorrow’s show:

    J.Wall and B.Beal for B.Ingram and Linda Rambis…

  13. robert lee says:

    Shannon is too thirsty for players. He’s named everyone but j.r. to come to the lakers

    • Black Tiger 97 says:

      Last year nightmare moment ??‍♂️

    • Robert Clawson says:

      Shannon said if LeBron is going to point forward that he needs shooters. Beale is a shooting guard. Ball is a point guard. So is Irving which is why he stays out of LA.

  14. Trevel The Critic says:

    Watch the Lakers trade Lonzo and Ingram and they both become stars like D’Lo. Typical Lakers lmaooo

    • LéSane says:

      EXACTLY And Julius Randle B Lopez Lou Money

    • J J says:

      +liukangstoupee “no distractions” lol it’s the day of the Internet my friend, no such thing as a place having no distractions

    • Creux says:

      *Lmao Lonzo will never be a star. Stop it.*

    • A F says:

      That doesn’t matter at all because they are not stars right now, they are average at best players.. All that matters is the Lakers win in the next 3 years while they have Lebron. Lonzo is always injured and can’t shoot. A lot of players do better on other teams because their roles change and they get the ball in their hands more.

  15. AlmightyTaka says:

    Nobody read the Washington article they was giving a bunch of trade scenarios for Bradley Beal and everybody ran with the Lonzo one

  16. Drip says:

    I’ll keep Lonzo, maybe he’ll actually get to play pg and have consistent minutes with luke walton out

  17. George says:

    when lonzo got injured even though lebron was back the team plummeted without him on the defense.

  18. Joseph Mcdonald says:

    I would rather not trade zo. But I would love to see beal with bron. I think beal is a low key superstar that nobody talks about.

    • Wayne Jshynz Hinds says:

      Dont kno bout Super in Beal. He is legitimately a star tho.

    • Aegean Castaneda says:

      I think he’s worth maybe Kuzma and the 4th pick max but he’s definitely underrated for what he can really bring to the table and with a true superstar to lighten his load he’ll show just how good he is.

  19. Louis Nevers says:

    Lonzo is simultaneously the most overrated and underrated player in the NBA.

    • Let Go says:

      Louis Nevers just overrated

    • Ben Henry says:

      “”hOw Do YoU kNoWW”?!

    • Rico Shaye says:

      Correct! That’s why he’s average

    • TOMSoCaLA says:

      +1quickster Lonzo just needs to put his game together. He has a lot of good tools, good height, very athletic, strong, can play defense, rebound, pass and play making is as good as anyone in the NBA, can drive and finish quite well from what i have seen etc etc Lonzo needs to work on his shot but its not as bad as people think. Lonzo is a triple double threat every night n has all the tools but his MAIN issue is lack of aggressiveness. If he was aggressive, i think he would dominate.

  20. King Larr says:

    “Jenny, you know what I’m talking about.”

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