Lakers will fire Luke Walton after failed playoff push – Stephen A. | First Take

Lakers will fire Luke Walton after failed playoff push – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the Los Angeles Lakers will look to fire Luke Walton after a failed season with LeBron James and says Walton is being considered as the UCLA Bruins’ next coach.

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105 Responses

  1. JD 1 says:

    Lebron killed another coach. If lebron never joins LA, luke Walton would have never lost his job.

    • Harry Joe says:

      And they would have been in the playoffs this year they improved win shares every season except this season

    • tyrone parker says:

      +Kenneth Donnelly Chris Bosh didn’t play after all star break that season.

    • michael perry says:

      +The Great One ty lue didnt get fired until he left

    • Splash'n'Skillz #37 says:

      Luke has been criticized since last season

    • The Great One says:

      +Kenneth Donnelly ty lue was going to be fired after the cavs got blown out by the warriors last season.

      The hate against lebron is real. Lebron is 3-6 in finals. Jordan is 6-0. Care to debate that?

  2. Jareth Cruz says:

    It’s not his fault that lebron is standing there watching players shoot.

  3. LA Clippers says:

    LeBron came to LA and ruined the development process with his impatience. It doesn’t matter if Luke is fired. The next coach will be stressed out like Ty Lue.

    • Eric Monugian says:

      Purple Talk FOH with that young core feelings bs narrative to protect your king. End of the day it’s the vets including your king who can’t guard a nose bleed. The young guys are stepping up, the vets need to do they part.

    • Shah Alladin says:

      LeBron needs a vet coach. Not rookie coaches like Mike Brown, Spolstra, Blatt, Lue, Luke Walton…

    • Eric Monugian says:

      Shah Alladin a bet coach? Sorry but LeBron needs everything. He needs all the top players, a great bench, a great coach and a great organization. It’s always LeBron needs more help, FOH. He signed to this team, HE knew what they were.

    • Hair Hat Exterminator says:

      hopefully is mark Jackson

    • Taylor Dade says:

      +Eric Monugian his team is trash period

  4. Andre Riter says:

    I know it wont happen but Magic PLEASE just trade LeBron.

    • Bombay Jay says:

      Not gonna happen cuz Lebron has a no trade clause

    • Joe Gamble says:

      +Trestan Primas Trestan a lot of people might not agree but I’d hope you listen. I live in Nevada, Reno we bet everyday on NCAA and NBA. I do this as a job. Look the Lakers need a better Center. What you think the Lakers would be with Andre Drummond. My God. It be overpowered. Look sir, with respect they need Zion from Duke. Lower they drop better their Lottery 1st Round. Lakers better draft a 1sr3 round Center. A #4 needs a #5. If you have thoughts, of appreciate. Thank you.

    • Malak Mou says:

      Andre Riter he cant even trade him cause he has a no trade clause

    • Joe Gamble says:

      +Andre Riter by tanking the Lakers can get better in draft lottery to get the Center like Zion. What are you talking about? Do you know anything about basketball? I mean your comment shows you don’t know where the issue is on the Lakers. You don’t know anything about basketball.

    • 2way.jaymoney says:

      Andre Riter lebron is the only reason y’all relevant

  5. TheButler DidIT says:

    I’d never accept being a coach with Lebron leading the team , dude is a Serial coach Killer .

    • Somregularguy says:

      Brant Kim nba doesn’t seem to be your thing, try soccer I heard it’s fun

    • Mr_mvp23 says:

      +Brant Kim bro you have to do your research. Mike brown was a assistant to Greg popovich. That’s something people don’t know. He deserved a shot. The same with Ty lue. Blatt never had any experience in the NBA and spoestra was a damn video coordinator with no experience coaching. We wouldn’t even mention him had it not been for LeBron joining them. If what your saying is true why wouldn’t he keep someone like blatt who got no respect from any of the players and that was a issue. NBA coaching is not just about drawing up plays, it’s also about managing egos and that’s something a weak coach like blatt can’t do. He was the only coach fired during a season. Paul Silas was just ass as a coach. Once he got replaced the cavs suddenly starting winning. I see common sense isn’t common when guys decide to debate. They use emotions and not basic logic smh who raised you haters?

    • FKAA says:

      I’d love to be the replacement coach tho, free ring for doing jack shit.

    • Brant Kim says:

      +Mr_mvp23 Saying that they deserve a chance is something that I can agree on, but if they were great coaches then they would be able to get work as head coaches. Brown is an assistant to Kerr now and the only time I hear Ty Lue’s name get mentioned for a coaching job is when it is for a Lebron team.
      When you hear a team needs a coach lately the same names pop up, whether it be Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, Thibodeau or even one of the Van Gundy brothers. You never really hear about Brown and Lue as great options even though their records are good.

    • Splash'n'Skillz #37 says:

      +hoodbourgeois. Phil retired

  6. AdamFrancisco’s BeFreeMySheeple says:

    Can’t LeBron just make himself the coach too?

  7. Brent Foster says:

    I personally wish that Luke didn’t leave Golden State, but I understand why he took the job with the Lakers.

    • Brent Foster says:

      King Tae True.

    • Brent Foster says:

      King Tae Coach Jackson definitely laid the foundation, but much of his decision making did not benefit them going into the playoffs. Plus, he had reins over that team for three years. They were decent, but not the playoff contenders that they were when Coach Kerr took over. Luke was a decent assistant coach, who was not totally ready to take on a head coach position, but when the Lakers come calling, you don’t say no.

    • Brent Foster says:

      King Tae Yeah, but I don’t that had anything to do with Luke leaving. Like might have been okay if LeBron wasn’t, but this is the Lakers we’re talking about. They have a fan base that is used to winning and winning often. They were not going to pass up on LeBron. Unfortunately, this plan is not panning out the way they expected.

    • KOC - 316 says:

      +King Tae nigga the system with kerr is different with the system with mark. This is kerr system and kerr is a good game adjuster

    • Klassy Kouchside Baller TV says:

      +ema 4l Kerr is excellent at situational management. Other than that nothing. The team is built with snipers. That said, Luke Walton doesn’t seem to know how to do that or make in game adjustments.

  8. War Machine says:

    Title should change to: Lebron will fire Luke Walton after failed playoff push

    • Leroy Clark says:

      The media rarely talk about luke’s feelings about this….. Maybe he will be more than happy to move on and leave the Lebron drama behind…. Who knows.

    • MrZiggler1980 says:


    • War Machine says:

      +Leroy Clark Agreed. How you would feel working everyday and have your colleagues constantly talking behind your back to the boss and management. Very toxic environment to work for and hard to focus on task at hand. Lakers firing Walton will do Walton more good than bad.

    • Kenneth Donnelly says:

      Lebron will fire Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss next

  9. WG_Bankz says:

    It’s not his fault they have teammates pushing each other to play defense

  10. Stevie Wonder says:

    They should hire me as coach I see big things with this team!

  11. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    Who is going to wanna coach a Lebron team? I damn sure wouldn’t want to I wish Shaw luck

    • tyrone parker says:

      +deryk clement Spo brought the best out of Lebron in Miami. The heat made him a champion dont forget that.

    • Wikkitt Klown says:

      I’d sign on for that job, and I’d be the first coach lefag ever had that holds him accountable for his failures. Oh you missed a wide open layup, sit down bitch, oh you missed both free throws, sit down bitch, oh you have menstrual cramps again, sit down lefag you little whiney girl. ??

    • wilsonsmanz says:

      If I am a coach in a huddle giving instruction and drawing up a play and one of the players involved purposefully excludes himself from the huddle, he gonna spend the rest of the night by me on the bench. But if you do that Lebron gonna get you fired so all these coaches have to dance around his bratty and entitled attitude.

    • Somregularguy says:

      This bitch loud in every movie they wouldn’t want you to coach either way

    • Real Deal says:

      everybody who coaches him went to be a all star game coach and chips so i think it would be fair to say who wouldn’t want to coach him

  12. Mugen says:

    They talked about EVERYTHING Exept confirming that *”HE IS ACTUALLY A COACH KILLER”* ….that is *Absolutely* Amazing !

    • Christopher Law says:

      +Chiemeka Ochi what!?

    • Timothy McCaskey says:

      Mugen: Or the fact that the next Coach will also have to babysit Drama Queen James.

    • SpartanK07 says:

      Mugen Lebron was right about Blatt and he’s right about Luke. Luke only has his job because he’s plowing Jeanie Bus.

    • buddah cuddah says:

      +Manny Manhattan Music i would call any of his teams being that Great either Spolstra. Lebron James does not want to listen to anybody

    • buddah cuddah says:

      +Manny Manhattan Music tyron lue was a shame a patsy hand picked by lebron so lebron could get whatever he wanted whenever and run the show. But hey it got them to the finals,

  13. SuperCarmelo Show says:

    Why does every team LeBron is on they fire the head coach lol

  14. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast says:

    Luke’s fate was sealed the second he signed the contract. He was hired to be fired.

  15. MrRay says:

    What reason would Doc leave the Clippers for the Lakers?

    • Timothy McCaskey says:

      MrRay: I can think of two reasons. Massive amounts of scratch or Doc Rivers totally losing his fucking mind.

    • K W says:

      Lakers and media are sooooo desperate for something to happen for this team. Doc Rivers the new coach? Lmao!!! Yeah that will happen after Lakers aquire KD, AD, Kawhi, and Kyrie all in the same season, since the media said so too.

    • Oscar Diaz says:

      I got one reason money ? talks brotha

    • John Davis says:

      Exactly the clippers have some great young pieces in zubac, Alexander, and shamet, solid veteran role players in harrell, Beverly, and Williams and a bunch of cap space in a loaded free agent class y the fuck would doc walk away from all that to coach a Lakers team that right now can only offer an aging lbj and a bunch of average to above average young players who we don’t even know where they’ll b after the off season

    • John Davis says:

      +Oscar Diaz I don’t know if you aware of the clippers owner Steve balmer but that. Dude has MONEY

  16. riddler2004 says:

    SAS just naming possible coaches loool dropping name after name

  17. Stilez says:

    Jalen Rose is the only guy on ESPN who makes any sense.

    • x Florio says:

      Stilez jalen actually thinks Luke deserves credit for the young players growth though lmao luke has literally no idea how to play lonzo he’s a garbage coach

  18. Drewselum says:

    Luke Walton was fired as soon as LeBron signed on the dotted line.

  19. JustBeingHonest says:

    THANK YOU ESPN!!! I been noticing Molly talking been on the decline! I LIKE IT! Finally, you guys get no one wants or cares for her input!!!!! Thank you

    • Butch Davis says:

      …who gives a fuck?

    • Don Alejo says:

      I bet she sucks a mean dick

    • JustBeingHonest says:

      Gabriel Arnett I know a lot of people noticed!! Less interruptions and her bull shit!! Lol shit was getting out of hand, I couldn’t watch anymore

    • JustBeingHonest says:

      Don Alejo ???that’s what’s all these women’s good for now of days!

    • EyeLoveTheStars says:

      Let me guess. You’re a virgin with Mommy issues? That’s fine, but why take your mommy issues out on Molly? We get it, man. You hate women. But us straight dudes like hearing women speak. But I mean hey. IF you’d prefer a MAN moderator over Molly, we understand lol.

  20. JumpPlaysGTA says:

    Stephen A just repeating all the shit that Jalen said lol

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