Lamar Jackson’s Best & Worst Throws During Workout! | NFL Combine Highlights

Lamar Jackson’s Best & Worst Throws During Workout! | NFL Combine Highlights

Check out the best and worst throws from Lamar Jackson during the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine!

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103 Responses

  1. 23 HG says:

    Y’all came straight to the comments lol

  2. Jay Lee says:

    Lamar Jackson is a QB not a wr and go ahead and change him and see what happens.

    • Tully Bray says:

      Ky Parrott and theyโ€™re average at best

    • EKG 14 says:

      Yeah, heโ€™ll be a hell of a lot of better off. Average qb. At best. Watch his games against Miss St and LSU (SEC NFL style defenses.) he was awful. Tons of turnovers, late reads, sailed throws. The guy just isnโ€™t a good thrower of the football. No matter what bias you throw in there.

    • Jae Jinn says:

      Talking about turning Lamar Jackson into a WR is outright crazy or racist talk. Let’s use a little logic. So instead of getting drafted in the 1st or 2nd rd as a QB, with all the money that will bring, you want him to get drafted in 6th rd or below as an experimental project WR and lose out on all kinds of money, in addition to that not being what he wants to do…

      The only scenario for Lamar Jackson to switch to WR is if he was in the NFL for 3 YEARS and completely failed at QB, and he wanted to desperately stay in the league, then decided to make the switch.

    • James Best says:

      Larry McCormick a can confirm terell pryor sucked last year. Josh Doctson outperformed him and multiple games with no catches

    • PullinFromDeepGang says:

      ehh he would be pretty good at receiver, big hands lots of speed itd be fun to see hm run some routes

  3. Shrekiskewl Revenge says:

    People calling nfl racist for putting worst in the title incoming

  4. Jay Lee says:

    Damn Lamar Jackson can totally be Jimmy bulter twin brother.

  5. Jay Lee says:

    Lamar Jackson is a work in progress like A-ROD behind Brett farve and in the right place would be even greater.

  6. Ques Fleming says:

    Lamar is a good qb just needs a little practice under the center but heโ€™ll be fine.

  7. cod forever says:

    Lamar Jackson gets underrated this the future right here

  8. Mr. GOATee says:

    NEW TITLE: Every Time Lamar Jackson Touched the Ball at the Combine

  9. Fritz Poux Jr says:

    Imagine Lamar and Barkley on the same team.

  10. Bellthebeast7235 says:

    This man has such an effortless release, if he gets with the right staff they could develop a lethal short passing to medium passing offense around him. Although not as fast his release reminds me of jimmy garapolo where the ball just whips off his hand as soon as he wants to release it. If you take away the fact that Lamar is top 10 athlete at the QB position in the history of the Nfl then this throwing performance is solid and u can see the potential. His running is just a bonus!

  11. Young Mack3400 says:

    Josh Allen= potential#1 pick
    Lamar Jackson= Has to play wr
    How sway?

  12. AirMax LXRDSZN says:

    One of the greatest qbs in College Football history

  13. Cameron says:

    Best & Worst throws ? lol I saw him throw 1 duck and a couple passes behind receivers , other then that he was Solid. Don’t let colonizers fool ya

    • Chris south 82 says:

      Every deep throw the receiver had to bail him out slamming on the breaks. Weak arm, no touch and garbage reads. Just watch his last game, he stares down his receivers

    • AttilaY2K says:

      Cameron Plus throwing during a game and at the combine are completely different, especially when you don’t have the WRs you’re already in sync with to throw to.

    • John Schmidt says:

      Missing is understandable, throwing ducks going AGAINST air isn’t should be correctable but should raise a few eyebrows. If his pro day isn’t lights out he’ll probably go 2nd or 3rd which might be a good thing for him. But who knows teams aren’t going to give up what they think. Also no QB is a sure thing.

    • REDEYEDFEELiN says:

      Forreal and they make a vid showing mayfield and Allen highlights

  14. Makaveli Raider says:

    Dudes a good QB just needs more practice under center. There’s coaches out there that can coach him up and bring the best out of him.

    • Azahr Malik says:

      Brandon Bias you out your rabbit-ass mind if you think then and now Terrelle Pryor is not an NFL quarterback go cut your own throat clown

    • The Whitewolf says:

      I mean, even if he isnt an NFL starter, you cant convince me that who wouldn’t be a great back up. If this past season taught us anything great backups are important.

    • michael oles says:


    • The Whitewolf says:

      That is completely dependent on the offense and what they need from him..Brett Farve threw 54% at best in college…I dont think Lamar is a first round pick but he will be a good pick from round 2-3

    • Tony Snell says:

      Makaveli Raider what does it mean to lineup under โ€œcenterโ€ as a QB? Please explain someone thank u

  15. Fatima AL-Enizi says:

    The NFL shading Lamar. Trying to feed into the narrative that “He is just a runner and cannot throw.” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Jason longley says:

      If the shoe fits.

    • j r says:

      Ma Hu him and Geno are nothing a like Geno is no where near the athlete and his arm is not even close to Lamar

    • Brandon Bias says:

      j r I mean there was guy black QB from marshal who threw more Tds than everyone Rakeem Cato he was nice guess why idk I think he was too skinny So last year I seen Mike Glennon and I don’t want a pocket passer

    • de72nlamont says:

      Peyton Kennedy but he is 10x faster then them so he will be a threat to run so you have to press him thatโ€™s why mike Vick use to get away with all them bombs with the right team he can be a star

  16. nebu chadnezzar says:

    Skiddish and erratic? Wtf was that ass hat watching. LJ looked great.

    • nebu chadnezzar says:

      Chris south 82 Cam, Westbrook, and Vick played 15 seasons. You are clueless.

    • Robert O'Connor says:

      nebu chadnezzar sounds to me your clueless. You named two qb’s who have had moderate success in the NFL as a running qb and another (westbrook) who doesn’t exist. Nice Job!

    • Evan Kerr says:

      nebu chadnezzar He has some good takes on QBs and good ones on non QBs what it comes down to is itโ€™s really hard to judge how a QB will be in the NFL because so much of it is mental not physical

    • R.L. Biko says:

      same as Dashaun…if your black and a qb who can run…the nfl wants you at wr or rb…yet Mariota and Tannenhill…yea

  17. Brian Mahoney says:

    Dashaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Jacoby Brissett. All Starters. All talked down by ESPN and NFL network draft experts. They are doing the same thing will Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson’s performance in college against top competition speaks for it’s self. If he was white, they would be calling him then next Steve Young.Yet that guy from Wyoming is the next Carson Wentz and he’s won how many games playing against scrubs?

    • Steven Weech says:

      Brian Mahoney I don’t really like the racist accusations but nobody ever questioned Cam Jameis or Teddy at their combine because they were the clear best on the field

      It’s obvious this kid needs work in order to succeed. Let him breathe before we start calling him a starter

    • Benny Lee says:

      Itโ€™s got nothing to do with color. A lot of people said that Fran Tarkenton couldnโ€™t cut it, and he was white and a lot like Lamar. No one said Watson wouldnโ€™t be good because of his ability, but because he had many knee injuries.

    • Ian French says:

      Damn comparing brissett and dak to deshaun isn’t a good thing if I was Watson I wouldnt want to be compared to average or below average qbs like if I were josh Allen I wouldn’t want that jamarcus comparison I’d be like can I get compared tro Rodgers or Stafford for arm strength?

    • The Whitewolf says:

      All the Quarterbacks you listed had better pocket presence…When teams forced Lamar to beat them with his arm he usually failed.

    • P. Nessa says:

      Bruh McCaffery fanboys boutta get your ass. Donโ€™t start that.

  18. Chris Ali says:

    Hard work ALWAYS pays off๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  19. StaxMontana says:

    If Lamar somehow drops to R2 and the Giants grab him up after taking Saquon in R1 that would be a major W!!!!


    Yea heโ€™s trash, letโ€™s make him a punter ๐Ÿ™„

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