LaMelo Ball GOES AT SHIFTY Former NBA POINT GUARD at The Drew w/ Shaq & Lonzo Watching!!!

LaMelo Ball GOES AT SHIFTY Former NBA POINT GUARD at The Drew w/ Shaq & Lonzo Watching!!!

LaMelo Ball vs SHIFTY PPG ierre Jackson at the Drew League today with Shaq, LaVar, Lonzo and Gelo watching!
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94 Responses

  1. 1kTyler says:

    Here before the 1080 quality

  2. Remirez Trois says:


    • Ky says:

      He aint no Floor general like Lonzo tho

    • mrquammy says:

      No D ! He will be abused on every pick and roll ! All that length no heart on D .. maybe a 2nd round pick … maybe…

    • Joel Powell says:

      @kvng_louie yessir melo is far ahead of lonzo

    • T Mac says:

      Joel Powell no he’s not…at this time last year Lonzo was 4th on the ESPN top 100 and committed to UCLA with the projection of him becoming a top 3 pick…Melo is ranked 21st playing for a high school that basically has it’s entire season marked with an asterisk because they played with a “professional” player that decided he couldn’t make it overseas against pasty white dudes while averaging 6.5 points a game…and he’s now committed to play in Australia(the tenth best league in the world)…wtf are you talking about

    • BJ says:

      Remirez Trois I’d say he have a higher ceiling but I’m not sure if he’ll live up to it. Lonzo didnt even mature his game yet. We’ll see when both are 26ish

  3. Tildie Scalé says:

    3:48 now THAT was pretty impressive

  4. Tildie Scalé says:

    melo is an INCREDIBLE passer

  5. Mick T says:

    9:06 why fat boy step over Lamelo after he elbowed him in the face like he’s Iverson stepping over Ty Lue? That reeked of HATERISM

  6. FGN MONT & STEPH says:

    Pierre Jackson so slept on bruh

  7. I'm Your Huckleberry says:

    17 years old taking on NBA point guards?

  8. Justin Ejimah says:

    the PG is pierre jackson, former 76er draft pick, got injured in his rookie season(Achilles rupture). i believe he played for the new orleans hornets.. since then hes played some dleague and overseas. hes a pretty good PG but is like 5’10.

    • Stephen says:

      He’s been one of the highest paid players in Europe the past 2 years

    • Freddy Calipari says:

      BallinDay96 nah tore his right achilles. Guys that fall off tear the achilles on their strong foot for pierre its his left foot he uses to launch.

    • Deto O says:

      @Justin Ejimah kds same i think or worst?

    • Ini Ekpo says:

      I believe 2 seasons ago he got an opportunity to play with the Mavericks. Was doing well and right as he was going to get offered for the remainder of the season, he gets injured. They then call up yogi Ferrell to replace him, and they ended up giving him the contact and yogi is currently on the kings

    • ScarzChosenspokesmen says:

      And Melo still chewed him up at 17. Melo destined for greatness


    I remember Pierre Jackson Baylor boy

  10. RetroTV1 says:

    Melo gonna be a elite passer in the league he can just see over defenses

  11. Dab Savage says:

    Pierre Jackson is literally Kemba just a few inches shorter, thus too short for the Pros. He was amazing at Baylor

  12. Mike5 says:

    Them former point guards look old as hell, that’s big 3’s championship team.

  13. Leroy Banging says:

    Imagine uploading a video without the stats. The nerves of some of these pages.

  14. ASTROCADe says:

    He really went out of his way to step over a kid.

    • ASTROCADe says:

      @Camdon Spencer no grown man does this though. I think everyone here has no problem with stepping over someone, but when you change the natural course of direction. GO away from the flow of the game to step over someone its childish as hell.

    • ASTROCADe says:

      @_Marky 215 Well he aiming for something higher. Ppl trying to drag him down cuz they know they not going anywhere, plus he a ball brother. I guarantee if he get in a fight they will say he immature and reference his dad’s antics and say teams don’t need the distraction etc.

    • V says:

      @Frank Rizzo how is that a punk ass move? playes do all types of shit to get in their opponent head…a punk move would be Lonzo stealin him from behind

    • ASTROCADe says:

      @Zaccai Israel LOL no. Being a man isn’t just about who can hit who the hardest and being tough its about maturity as well. I’m just acknowledging how deprived of testosterone a man of his size must be to get off on screening teenagers that he has to walk away from the flow of the game to step over him as if he accomplished something….actually this might be the biggest accomplishment of his life.

    • ASTROCADe says:

      @Edson Charlotin Facts, he a you know what. Definitely wouldn’t do that to anyone else on the court let alone someone of his size.

  15. Gilberto Dejesus says:

    They playing against Melo with hate , kid is only 17 , What’s up with that ???????

  16. fashow peopletv says:

    Once lamelo feels like playing defense he will be the best Ball brother!!

  17. Riley Dinkleman says:

    Good to see Lamelo put on some muscle, he’ll need it for Australia. Them Bogans don’t mess around

  18. Joe Sanders says:

    Big O is really put some muscle on? that’s crazy

  19. Boomer Sooner says:


  20. ITsPK says:

    Is it me or does lamelo go off every game according to overtime

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