LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave ? LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life

LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave ? LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life

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LaMelo Ball has seen half the planet, but he’ll always stay true to his roots in Chino Hills, California. We spent a day at the STUNNING Big Baller Brand Estate in the hills with LaMelo and LaVar for his SLAM Magazine cover shoot.

Christmas Day with the Ball Family ➡️

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LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave ? LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life


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92 Responses

  1. NoLimitMarvin says:

    Like or you you don’t love your momma

  2. Benjster says:

    Lavar is a really good and smart dad. Respect ??

    • K Landry says:

      Alex Rodrigues Gelo got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing how that’s his dad fault

    • Eric Lee says:


    • Globe WiFi says:

      Roman Angel Gaming He’s not? you got a mansion and your own brand kid? no? Thought so.

    • Alex Rodrigues says:

      +K Landry But Lavar pulled him out of UCLA instead of him just sitting out his suspension. Gelo would have benefited from 4 years of college basketball

    • Nelson Pineda says:

      His daddy is using his kids to make money because he cares about promoting Big Bitch Brand his merchandise is overpriced I can get better shoes at Ross and Marshall’s for less he thinks that all his kids are all going to lakers which won’t happen and he said if all my kids aren’t all in the Lakers he’ll take Lonzo off the lakers. he ain’t his agent

  3. SLAM says:


  4. liljjdmx says:

    This most mature interview I’ve seen from melo

  5. Michael Hoke says:

    Who else supposed to be studying for finals ?

  6. Real Dallas Cowboys Fan says:

    Day in the life of Melo….Lavar makes an appearance first and talks first??

  7. - vHurrle says:

    “Hey JJ…You know I ain’t no pass first”??

  8. Jaleel Hunter says:

    Man I hope my young boy make it. He deserve it fr

  9. Dixdkckc Hsnsnsdn says:

    Its good to see Melo with a real trainer giving him good advice

  10. Kareem Thomas says:

    Lamelo looks just like Michael Porter

  11. Jerome Deans says:

    He’s actually matured a lot since he came back from Europe

  12. Lance S says:

    He’s gonna make it to the NBA he’s to good not to. He gotta hit the gym to get bigger and stronger but other then that he should be good.

    • K B says:

      @sjsj jtrj curious why you think that?

    • IAJ3 says:

      Bernard Bautista dude just talking outta his ass lol. Melo arguably the best PG in his class.

    • GBN SITH says:

      sjsj jtrj you’re crazy. The NBA is a different pace than high school and college, but every player has to adapt to that pace when they enter the league with the exception of a few who just come out explosive.

  13. Jay Gonzalez says:

    I wish I had a house like that ? Hollywood life

  14. EliteJustinTV says:

    Gotta love lavar man ? he’s such a peoples person!

  15. Jibril Aden says:

    Why is he looking like micheal porter jr

  16. A N says:

    This dude Melo already went Hollywood before getting to the NBA. haha. He more Hollywood than Lonzo but, Lonzo actually there.

  17. DaveDEF82 says:

    So Junior from blackish is finally playing ball?

  18. Rosa Hernandez says:

    I know he’s going to make it, no questions ask. He has it. ??????

  19. unknown says:

    1:04 the difference between lavar and Julian’s dad

    • vhristian torreon says:

      they reaaly are different, lavar is more like a suggestive father and let his sons enjoy their youth and the game while julian’s life controlling not letting him enjoy games, practice and his youth.

    • Kim Jong un says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself

    • jayvone severin says:

      +Simple Acts like a coach lml. Because his coaching is actually trash tbh

    • kNot Telling says:

      I was just thinking that too! Julian dad gotta shake him and bug him to go get up shots in the process listening to his son talk to him like a hoe.. I wish my kid would tell me ‘let me sleep nigga’ while I’m trying to get him up.

  20. CA P says:

    Lavar said $50k on a damn light. Bro meet up with me so you can pay my damn tuition!

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