Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Made a Real-Life “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Pact

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Made a Real-Life “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Pact

Lana Condor talks about her journey from Vietnam, to a U.S. farm island, to the big screen, and she admits she “felt something” with her To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before co-star Noah Centineo.

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Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Made a Real-Life “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Pact


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96 Responses

  1. DreamUntilDark says:

    She’s so cute OMG

  2. Mr Heisenberg says:

    If Noah could get friendzoned who am I to escape the fate

    • Valentina Fangirling says:

      Emily Malatamban also shdjsj sorry I commented so much. Had an awful experience with a guy who I considered my friend just because “i friendzoned him” and now I’m lowkey passionate on calling bs on the term

    • Abril Hernández says:

      +Emily Malatamban I think it’s because she did felt something, if you friendzone someone is because you literally just see them as a friend and there’s no spark. That’s my point of view.

    • Emily Malatamban says:

      +Valentina Fangirling Thank you so much for the articles, I understand a lot better what you are saying now. By using the term, it is as if you went into the relationship expecting something out of it as a reward.

    • Emily Malatamban says:

      +Valentina Fangirling Also, even though you have negativity out of that experience, it eventually led you to push others (or at the very least myself) to learn something out of it. You have every right to be angry about it, but I am saying that you can at least be happy something good came out of it.

    • Valentina Fangirling says:

      Emily Malatamban yeah I guess hhaha. I mean, I guess I’m not angry anymore? Its been 2 years. It was just a very unpleasant experience at the moment (and because I’m an asshole I befriended the girl he started dating afterwards lmaooo)

  3. Blue says:

    Jimmy ships Lana and Noah lmao

    • Rachel Han says:

      +Al Pacino FanForever That would be so unfair for Lana’s boyfriend? I feel kinda sorry for him

    • dungeon oh says:

      lana’s in a happy relationship with a great, hot guy named anthony de la torre and they are the cUTEST. lara jean and peter k. are TOTALLY different from lana condor and noah centineo. like rEALLY. pls don’t be rude.

    • Al Pacino FanForever says:

      Just watch it happen by the time they done with the sequel or if they do end up making a third movie

    • ciscoisaboss says:

      shit I thought you were talking about Lana del rey

  4. Vlada Natasha says:

    I wish TATBILB fandom give Lana the same love and support they give to Noah… I mean she’s just as talented and charismatic as him.

    • Agatha Rodolfa says:

      Vlada Natasha FORREAL!!!!

    • Jaileenx says:

      Yeah for real. Honesty probs an unpopular opinion but I don’t think that Noah is that great. Don’t come for me tho. Lol

    • K says:

      i totally agree. i saw noah’s insta followers absolutely blow up and I kept on checking Lana’s, hoping it would be the same for her.

    • xxjkd987 _ says:

      It’s full of hormonal teenage fangirls what do you expect?

    • Madison says:

      He is actually Deutch, Puerto Rican, Italian, and Native American, with SOME white, so chill. Also, I don’t find him basic because his tweets are actually VERY insightful, occasionally cringey, but very insightful. He also isn’t as dumb as alot of celebs and his personality is far from basic and multi-faceted which anyone who knows literally anything about him would know

  5. Nurul Amannie says:

    She is hella pretty ❤

    • Natalie Dang says:

      charlottesasaki what’s your point? Lmao. Useless comment

    • Sam S says:

      Al Pacino FanForever omg I see it. A little. Someone finally named the resemblance I couldn’t put my finger on exactly

    • __VioletEyes says:

      +charlottesasaki lol even by asian standards she’s very pretty

    • Notre Aira says:

      Laughter Smiles I love your reply!

    • Otto Mocus says:

      +charlottesasaki Imma be real with all of you…’re right as fuck. Guys, just bc she stars in the mediocre movie you get off to don’t mean she’s some kinda 10….she’s not ugly, just average…this is coming from an Asian who’s been surrounded by other Asians his whole life…..

  6. Phil Chao says:

    she’s like an asian betty boop

    • TheArtofBeingReacts says:

      Fun fact, Betty Boop was based off a black woman named Esther Jones. ❤

    • Aless. Lom. says:

      Franskie Salif Majority If Asians are fucking ugly without all those disgusting surgeries, even with them they’re ugly with their weird flat face features
      It surprises me this girl is beautiful, it may be because she’s not East Asian

    • Demilhyn says:


    • camila army says:

      +Aless. Lom. why are u being racist, boo?

    • Infires Man says:

      Aless. Lom. Okay, first of all, most Asians DO NOT have plastic surgery. Just because Asians are known for it doesn’t mean every Asian has it. I can’t even with these stereotypes. I can’t even!

  7. ScarlettP says:

    Lana is so adorable, smart and charismatic

    • retron phil5 says:

      aliyah lol yes it does because her “seeming” like that is created by the situation. You don’t know her in real life outside of this situation where it is created to make anybody come across that way and made to be entertaining and for you to like her.

    • aliyah lol says:

      +retron phil5 so by your logic, literally no celebrity is a nice person? because you can’t tell what’s scripted and what’s not? even though people know mainly off basic human intuition whether or not someone is a genuinely nice person, we should all just assume all celebrities aren’t nice at all until proven otherwise (as in by meeting them, since by your logic even livestreams could be scripted so we can’t know from those.) just accept that sometimes people are nice lmao, no need to get bitter

    • retron phil5 says:

      aliyah lol I didn’t say assume they aren’t nice. I said anyone would come across this way in this situation. You don’t know her and it’s not a big deal that she appears nice and funny here because that’s how anyone would appear here. She isn’t special or any different then anyone else. I don’t like the overhyping of celebrities, especially on talk shows, because the talk show is a scenario created for you to like them and for it to be entertaining. People’s perception of reality becomes distorted from watching these and over hyping these celebrities and they then expect people to come across this way in every day life, and people can’t because all of the things that make this situation entertaining are not present in every day life. That person is then seen as unattractive or boring/not charming, when really your expectations of reality have been completely tainted by the worship of celebrities in unrealistic settings like talk show interviews.

    • aliyah lol says:

      +retron phil5 the original comment didn’t ever try to put lana on any sort of pedestal like the one you’re describing? it was just a compliment. you didn’t need to be negative on it when it was just a simple compliment.

    • retron phil5 says:

      aliyah lol saying that she is these things from this video does put her on a pedestal. The situation makes her that way. What the comment is really saying is “rich and famous celebrities who appear on a scripted late night show are so adorable and witty and charismatic.” Anybody would be in that situation.

  8. mae mara says:

    It’s been a while since I find Jimmy pleasant above average while interviewing. Guess Lana just have that effect.

  9. Al Pacino FanForever says:

    Then after the third one you really fall in love I love Jimmy lol he’s shipping them like all of us I don’t know how Lana ever resisted Noah like seriously he’s breathtaking and I know she has a boyfriend

  10. Tiffany says:

    lana, her boyfriend, and noah DEFINITELY planned to milk the whole chemistry/spark thing with lana&noah beforehand. i just cant imagine being THAt comfortable talking about having feelings for another guy so publicly LOL and i love it

    • Vikram C says:

      +LilamaexoYup. This is literally what Hollywood has done since time immemorial; pretending that the leading lady and leading man are actually together in order to drive up ratings. Nothing new here lol. I’m sure they’re friends in real life, but the whole “GOD what can we say about Lana Condor” and “*I* definitely have a crush on him and I’d like to think he has a crush on me too but you know” thing is just an act. Again, this shit is literally what these people do for a living lol. And they knew this when they got into the industry. Though supposedly Noah’s new girlfriend isn’t an actress, so there’s that. But Anthony, Noah, and Lana all knew exactly what they were getting into when they decided to go into acting.

    • Art notforthesakeofart says:

      +Lilamaexo I hope this is actually so. Because now I am finding it a little uncomfortable that she keeps talking about her chemistry with Noah while being in a committed relationship with her bf. I hope she is not stringing Noah along.

      But if they are doing this for pr and rating, then it sounds like the lesser evil XD

    • G Dh L says:

      That’s the way to keep her…?

    • Nugget One says:

      Exactly what I thought

    • Valentina Fangirling says:

      I’m sure they have all hanged and talked about it lmao

  11. Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

    I cant imagine Lana’s boyfriend always being compared to Noah

    • Ethan Ethan says:

      Ms Centineo, Noah’s Secret Wife ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ?????????????

    • Everything Grande says:

      Ms Centineo, Noah’s Secret Wife ?? I love your name ???

    • Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

      +Everything Grande ikr, I love it too ?

    • L L J says:

      I like your username

    • Bob The Builder says:

      How are you even watching this?!? Go scold your husband for being too cute with Lana and to spend more time with u

  12. Koks Kris says:

    She is rocking the short hair????

  13. Ara Jeon says:

    She’s so bright and positive and makes everyone around her smile. All the best to Lana and hope everything she does hits big.

  14. Erika Davis says:

    Lana is so hot and adorable.

  15. Fatin Insyirah Ang says:

    ugh the purest bean we need to protect her at all costs

    • KM LH says:

      YOU can clearly tell that the respond to this comment, some have NO RESPECCCCC for Whamen. You can also tell they never been with a women ? because of how immature the comments sound. Don’t give me that bs that you have because no decent women likes a dog and sexist piece of human being.

    • HaloFallxx says:

      Such a simple comment
      So many fucked up replies.
      I cant with our sensitive, butthurt world

    • Prashant says:

      +Ryan G i don’t fuck ching Chong people

    • Laughter Smiles says:

      Siege Slander Can we support Trump and also want to protect cute pure beans and also love Lana? ?

    • Laughter Smiles says:

      Prashant Eww you’re an extremely ugly shitface and disowned from the Republican party. You’re canceled and we’re passing you over to the Libertarians. NEXT.

  16. Salsa Billa Yuke Islami says:

    She would make a perfect Mulan if Disney make a live action movie of it someday

  17. Lara Nasrallah says:

    damn her poor boyfriend honestly ?

  18. Krystal Love says:

    After the sequel is over and if they’re still not dating, I hope they’ll remain best friends. ❤

  19. JustCallMeBo says:

    *Jimmy ships Lana and Noah more than anyone I’ve ever seen* ???

  20. Eden Gallagher says:

    I wish she’d mentioned her boyfriend in this bc then everyone would know

    • Sunny Sails says:

      +I can’t afford Toulouse You they’re together. Look at their pages. They hung out a lot for the Golden Globes and all the events after

    • Morgan Williams says:

      Danggg, thought they broke up

    • HitMeRightInTheFeels says:

      they probably told her not to bc the ‘noah and lara – will they, wont they’ narrative is seriously lapped up by the target demo of the movie (young teenage girls). It gives them a lot of publicity and buys into the films themselves, which can only do good for exposure. yeah, it would totally suck to be her boyfriend while this is all going on, but he’s also an actor so he most likely understands better than most how this kind of thing goes down in the industry

    • Passionate Lovers says:

      Who is her boyfriend??

    • The Coffee Life says:

      I have a feeling her publicist asked her not to because I was surprised by some comments she let slip by without mentioning her boyfriend cause it was pretty disrespectful to him. They prob want to encourage fans shipping them for marketing so she’s supposed to pretend she’s single.

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