Large tornado in Lower Ninth Ward

Large tornado in Lower Ninth Ward

Large tornado in Lower Ninth Ward

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24 Responses

  1. Robert Bowman says:

    Yall did an amazing job reporting that tornado. New Orleans is fortunate to have such a good wearher team. Good job folks! I hope all affected are well and the recovery is swift. Prayers for you all

  2. Pa P says:

    Stay safe people, be there for each other. Positive thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

  3. Chris says:

    I used to live in New Orleans, saw a lot of waterspouts over the lake, but never anything like this, this huge multi vortex long track F3+. This is extremely rare for this city, or really anywhere south of I-10

    • Darth Invader says:

      It’s rare but not extremely. 3rd tornado in Nola in my lifetime. One 10+ years in Lakeview, 2017, down my block, (had a few shingles lifted) and today touched down in Arabi, then picked up and pitched down on other side of MRGO. Picked up again and landed somewhere near lake around Little Woods area.
      I’ve lived herer for years and have only seen a water spout on the news. You must’ve spent a lot of time on the lake. Was probably cool to see. Arabi is seriously damaged.

  4. Hollie Kuber says:

    My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these storms-love and good vibes from PA

  5. jessica Garcia says:

    I’m in Houston Texas. This morning was like a hurricane. Texas got hit hard by this same weather system…
    Hope everyone stay safe! 🤲🌪

  6. Ezekiel Gloria says:

    So scary! I wouldn’t know what to do in that situation. I’d be frozen with fear! Hope everyone was safe!

    • The Rabbit says:

      Think of your plan now, so that you’d not freeze with fear in the moment! I’ve got my radios on all year long during tornado season and hurricane season. Have to stay prepared!! Stay safe~

  7. John Carrillo says:

    That is a big tornado…. Stay safe folks……

  8. Vogel Vogeltje says:

    Stay safe Louisiana, from Northern California.

  9. CelesteStation51 Smith says:

    Looks to be a strong EF3 maybe 4….. It’s been a very rocky week from Texas to the Gulf…. Love&Prayers to all affected….

  10. Mike Norris says:

    You can tell this does not happen all that often down there that being said y’all did a good job at reporting what your seeing and telling people what do right away if they have time.

    • NOLAgame says:

      It happens quite a bit in the viewing area, mostly the North Shore. They are good at their tornado predictions and coverage. They get a lot of practice.

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