Larry Sanders – Why I Walked Away From the NBA: Players’ POV

Larry Sanders – Why I Walked Away From the NBA: Players’ POV

Larry Sanders on why he’s turning down a career in the NBA.

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20 Responses

  1. komijeuzonik says:

    You know who the real TRUTH is??!? This dude. Do it your own way man.

  2. Jennifer Williams says:

    You have to salute a person who follows their true path when people outside
    looking in criticizes you for not doing what they think/want a person to
    do. Money is always up for grabs but happiness is one of the hardest things
    to come by.

  3. Travis P says:

    Wow, I’ve always liked Larry Sanders, even before the NBA when he played
    with the Rams. Now, I like him even more. Follow your intuition and you
    will surely find happiness. 

  4. devodid says:

    I applaud your effort but basketball “taking up too much of your life right
    now”?? Dudes usually play like 10-12 years anyway you are in your prime
    now. I hope you can work it out and join the knicks ;)

  5. adeawf says:


  6. jrmusante1 says:

    Family is money, money is not family. 

  7. Shopster Emeritus says:

    follow your heart………period.

  8. mirnes susa says:


  9. Otto K says:

    Thanks a lot for bailing out

  10. Anderson X says:

    I just love how people think money can solve all your problems

  11. Luigi Vincenzo Palermo says:

    …….trying to live his life, congrats to a very wise and smart young man

  12. TheCrunchySopa says:

    Much respect to you, Larry. You’re staying true to yourself first and
    foremost and that in itself can just about always be respected. Money
    doesn’t automatically equate to true happiness.. that happiness that can’t
    ever just be bought/purchased.

  13. Daniel Baysin says:

    Do what makes you Happy ,

  14. flip92 says:

    6.5 points a game, good riddance

  15. stevenjm12 says:

    Damn! This nigga do look dusty

  16. Goro Toso says:

    We have to feel sorry for you, don’t we?. You are paid to much my friend.
    If you worked for 400 or 500 euro monthly like people in eastern Europe,
    you would not make a fool out of yourself. 

  17. coginap says:

    He’s just like Ricky Williams. An introvert who doesn’t like the spotlight
    and would rather just smoke weed. He will be back in the NBA once he gets
    bored, just like Ricky.

  18. Guy Jones says:

    Why is his right eyebrow way higher than his left

  19. Guy Jones says:

    Why does only one of his eyebrows keep moving up

  20. Nick Noodles says:

    i thought for a second i was listening to myself think. we know money cant
    make us happy, but a lack of money can drive you to desire money out of
    survival, because without money, this society we live in will destroy us.
    and thats my biggest problem. i live a hypocritical life because everyday i
    wake up for my meaningless 9-5 job that i need just to live, but at the
    same time im thinking to myself, i hate money, i dont want to be rich, i
    dont want a bunch of material possessions, i just want to live and be
    so my dream is to one day not need money to survive, my dream is to farm
    and be self sustainable, to grow my own food and medicine. i think larry
    and me are pretty similar, the difference being you were gifted an nba
    body. and with that gift you were also given freedom. freedom you had to
    earn through the nba, where you felt hypocritical. my freedom will be
    earned through a 9-5 job and the hard work i will need to put in on a farm.
    im very happy for you larry, live your life. and thanks for saying cannabis
    and not weed or marijuana.