Larry the Cable Guy — Snaps Guy’s Arm

Larry the Cable Guy — Snaps Guy’s Arm

This is NOT what Larry the Cable Guy meant by “Git-R-Done” — but he damn near broke his opponent’s limb in half during an arm wrestling competition.

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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Salazar says:

    Fuck you tmz

  2. BowWow LiLMama says:

    lmao thank god i stopped arm wrestling back in middle school. the dumbest
    game ever if you don’t know what you are doing. the dude that got his arm
    snapped his dumb must not know what he is doing because he didn’t even have
    the right form or arm placement.

  3. Emperor Trump says:

    Not as grotesque as Hillary Clinton

  4. ThomasHowardTV says:

    Im a simple man. I see horrendously grotesque…You get one view.

  5. VOID BANKS says:


  6. Jay Gee says:

    that’s the type of news I’m lookin for

  7. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Fat guys proud af right now lol

  8. sonia castaneda says:

    biting my nails . while rocking back and forth. waiting for the moment

  9. JChavez says:

    lmfao Larry’s face is priceless

  10. Eric Cartman says:

    Arm: “I have information that could lead to Hillary’s arrest….”

  11. don ray says:

    Moral of the story.Old men have heavy hands!

  12. ContinuEntertainment says:

    Larry was like Get err donneeeee! and took him to snap city

  13. kodey tignor says:

    The dude with the arm break will be fine once it heals of course. Sure he
    will have some pain there the rest of his life but he will be able to
    strengthen the arm again with some hard work.

  14. Jason Howard says:

    Holy guac-a-mole!!! Did you see how puckered Larry’s ass got.

  15. J. C. Delp says:

    that guy is going to need some prilosec OTC.

  16. Paul O'Neal says:

    It was that sudden jerk at the end that broke the guy’s arm.

  17. YFabu says:

    finally, something that is not fake on tmz or youtube!

  18. SFO14 says:

    I found this humerus…

  19. nowew owkelw says:

    bad technique caused this, not larry.

  20. james waka says:

    I think Larry the cable guy is secretly Hakan from street fighter judging
    from the color of his face