Las Vegas Police: Reports Of Active Shooter Near Mandalay Bay Casino

Las Vegas Police: Reports Of Active Shooter Near Mandalay Bay Casino

Las Vegas police are investigating reports of an active shooter near Mandalay Bay Casino.

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20 Responses

  1. Hello Hart says:

    How in the fucking world is someone snap chatting??? Like who would think to pull out snap chat instead running for your life?

  2. IronGiant TV says:

    Are we going to see some actual security footage this time? Unlike the Orlando Club “shooting”

    Edit: I now have seen other videos of this incident you dumb fucks. Calm down. I don’t think this is a false flag, unlike that Orlando club hoax.

  3. Bryan Mellomane says:

    Oh god i live in las vegas

  4. L2design says:


  5. SAMZIRRA says:

    OJ is on the loose

  6. Matthew Salerno says:

    The comment sections on these videos are supposed to be reactions to the horrors that are happening.

    Instead, we get crazy racists that are so disconnected from the world that they only see this as confirmation of their political stances. “It’s the Muslims” “it’s the Jews” “it’s Antifa or BLM” “it’s white supremacy”. That’s not the reaction that should be garnered, this should be met with disgust and sympathy, not an insertion of your political views.


  7. BufferingEternallyProductions says:

    Well…2017 turned out to be as bad as 2016 was.

  8. salih peynirci says:

    Terrorism is a crime against humanity, and the countries, organizations and intelligence organizations that feed it are also crimes against humanity.

    The Provocation should be considered a crime, so we must stop terrorism.

  9. Air Advantage says:

    He had to be in the military

  10. Diamond Person says:

    My dad works there and I’m happy he came home safe he told us everything

  11. Kimberyote3 says: ‘The True Nature of Islam.’  Ban Islam!

  12. Barber's Chop Shop X says:

    Witnesses say they saw OJ fleeing the seen with a bag of jewels and a hooker over his shoulder!

  13. End My Life Pleaseಠ_ಠ says:

    *Automatic gun*

    Must be an M16

  14. Ace Yayas says:


  15. Myron McGee says:

    Maybe he got mad about losing all his money at the casino

  16. BRD igung says:

    …think about when you rape the world with war.

  17. Pedro Castillo says:

    Fear fear fear! What’s real anymore under this currupt government?!

  18. UnderDubs says:

    Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. We are all praying for those friends and family who lost someone special last night.
    I am so thankful that my friends came home alive, and all okay.

  19. Lebron James says:

    This story made me jack off!! I love it!! Yes!!!!

  20. German Orellana says:

    How did the snap person knew the type of wepon they used….wtf

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