Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 5 Highlights

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 5 Highlights

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36 Responses

  1. Bobby Digital says:

    The most crazy stat line ever. Kelce 7 catches 25yds 4tds.

  2. JDub says:

    I think this season will be remembered as unique in NFL history. We all rightfully have questions after Tua’s horrific injury. We also have questions after inexcusable calls from officials.
    I’m eager to see how the league responds.

    • One Issue Voter says:

      Look its very simple. If all the damn refs can get together for a full minute an discuss if a pass was intentional grounding (which they do ALL the time), then they can get together and talk about if the hit was illegal. It gives them time to reconsider and takes the “immediate reaction” factor out. It’s not a video review, it does not require a rule change, and it can be implemented NOW. I’m no Chiefs fan, but that penalty set the whole game back. From then on the refs were calling really stupid stuff

    • D-Real-Moop 78 says:

      It’s not the refs so much as the league who dictates how the refs call the games. The league wants these hig scoring games, and as such will force the refs to call more PI penalties. Qbs now this, that is why on some plays they are underthrowing balls, to get the comeback through coverage PI call.

    • fakedemocracy says:

      @Atreus Boycott? Sports along with my other hobbies are just that hobbies. My escape from work and life. Unless the NFL starts giving money directly to Putin I ain’t boycotting anything buddy.

    • TX TRiLL says:

      The National fixed league lol

    • Atreus says:

      It’s not about how the NFL responds, it’s about how the fans respond. When will the fans boycott this league and demand some accountability?

  3. Mary Moore says:

    🆂🅴🆇: “”
    🅽🆄🅳🅴🆂: “”
    Joonie: “Cooler”
    Yoongi: “Butter”
    2022 ano da copa ano das eleições e estamos aqui juntos ouvindo essa obra de arte

  4. Jo So says:

    11:20 Touchdown Pass was just pure phenomenal

  5. MLB Highlights says:

    Everyone’s talking about chris Jones and Travis kelce. But we can’t forget that 59 yd fg. Up there for one of the longest all time. Made by a backup as well.

    • Jeffrey Krasney says:

      Yet, Wright blows an easy 41 yard fg, gets lucky with the defensive holding call, and barely makes a number of PATs. I suspect one of the reasons Coach Reid chose to go for “2” instead of the PAT, was his lack of faith in Wright making the successful PAT.

      KC Chiefs need Butler to return very soon.

    • Jim Watson says:

      Yes but missed a 30 odd and 40 odd yarder

  6. Conner Post says:

    A game that could have been good if the refs weren’t so frustratingly incompetent

    • Joe Rojas says:

      Bruh roughing the passer and the holding on the field goal was straight bullshit penalties. WWE NFL at it’s finest.

    • El Dorado Homestead says:

      I am not a Raiders fan but this game made me furious. The refs stole the game from the Raiders. NFL is rigged

    • Jada80 says:

      @Purwanti Allan they helped the Raiders too tho

    • Jada80 says:

      @oof lol

    • MrJackson66 says:

      @Jim Berry holding didn’t affect the play, lol… It’s still illegal and gets called when seen.. just like speeding on the highway, it’s illegal but you don’t always get caught when you do it, but it’s still illegal to do it .. your making it sound ok to cheat… Pull and shoot has always been against the rules, even the commentators now that, they even pointed out how textbook it was a pull and shoot… Illegal no matter of if it made the kicker miss or not, still not legal…

  7. david stronach says:

    That last touchdown pass by Carr was amazing

  8. Manpower84 says:

    4 touchdowns in a single game. Al Bundy would be proud.

  9. Nelson Housos says:

    I had a 34% chance to win my fantasy matchup this week entering this game and with Josh Jacobs going off, and Kelce with 4 TDs got me the W

  10. KHARSEN MORANT says:

    Anybody gonna talk about Jacobs?🤔 Beast Mode. What a game on both sides of the ball!!!

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