Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 14 Game Highlights

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 14 Game Highlights

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54 Responses

  1. what weather says:

    “The Raiders haven’t stopped a first and goal in 14 years“- another gem by Al Michaels

  2. Nicholas Boutall says:

    As a browns fan it makes me really happy to see him successful. Hopefully he’s found his home with the Rams and can be successful. Dude did so much for Cleveland and I’m glad he’s off to a good start in LA

    • Travis Hoover says:

      I am wondering why everyone expects he is permanent starter. Is Stafford out forever now? Was it a career ending injury? I like Baker, but he is no Stafford.

    • GrohiikGaming says:

      @Lamont Johnson yeah he has you stupid fk

    • Cool Frog says:

      @International Trae ok?

    • Marlee Gonzales says:

      I agree. Before Baker went to Cleveland, I remember yall wore paper bags over your heads. The man is a good quarterback. He deserves to be with a team that appreciates him.

    • International Trae says:

      @Cool Frog did you know that the NFL PA including with the NFL came to agreement that if you are structured a long-term agreement and you cannot perform you give up that money that money become dead money due to injuries. The NBA has the same Clause after the Grant Hill Fiasco. That’s why they was talking about trying to trade certain players when they come off a major injury that is why the Rams let Odell Beckham go he had a 3-year contract with him he didn’t sign a one year deal but because he have two ACL surgeries one each leg and torn ligaments that’s why the Rams was able to release him without penalty he didn’t sign a one-year deal they get the same option like the NBA team and player option

  3. Joel Dennis says:

    I really hope that Baker makes it work out in the NFL. This was a career highlight no doubt.

  4. Evan R says:

    Crazy how in command he looked of that offense on that last drive with so little practice time. Clutch

  5. Donovan Schenck says:

    Great job by the entire Rams team for not giving up and Baker Mayfield holy crap

    • James Bliehall says:

      @Sean Smith and if they had changed uniforms it would have been ” another remarkable Raiders comeback!” Jez, give me a break. They got beat plain and simple.

    • Titan FTW says:

      @Purwanti Allan that drive was legendary

    • TheRealChris says:

      Lol to anyone that thinks the nfl is rigged why would you keep watching then? When I found out wrestling wasn’t real like 25 years ago I stopped watching. Never have watched it again actually lol

    • Mike Hodges says:

      As a Broncos fan who watched Von Miller the majority of his career, I can confirm that elite edge rushers get held on more plays than not. Refs simply can’t call it every single play, so OLinemen get away with a lot of holding against them

    • Mister mooster says:

      Baker Mayfield has had good moments before, but consistency is an issue- barely beating a terrible team is not much cause for confidence.

  6. Jonathan Shumpert says:

    Baker Mayfield. Cut on Monday, signed by the Rams and arrived on Tuesday. Won the game with a 98 yard drive less than 48 hours after arriving with a new team, new coaches and new teammates. WOW is the only word I have for that last drive.

  7. Gareth Lastname says:

    So pleased for Baker. He was done dirty after playing injured and honestly I hope he shows his best under McVey.

    • 47 til infinity says:

      ​@Jason Muska when he wasn’t injured he was carried by the browns run game and everyone placed the blame on OBJ. This is one game even the worst QBs have a game like this

    • Jason Muska says:

      Could not agree with your comment more. Everyone keeps claiming that he’s trash and this and that but the dude played injured for the last two years and for a team who wasn’t all that great to begin with.

    • Chris Sams says:

      @Vincente’ 🤣🤣 I just watched Shannon gave my man baker a 5 out of 10 now Shannon light weight trippin 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Vincente’ says:

      @Chris Sams Oh, Shannon is not going to hear the end of it. This JABRONI got off the plane and drove a no account team that had nothing but practice squad players on the field and Baker cashed in on his playing time potentially knocking the Raiders out of the playoffs. How can u not dig dat?

    • Vincente’ says:

      Could it be. Stafford vs Mayfield for the starting job for 2023?

  8. JR Guitar says:

    Amazing what a decent offensive line, a running game, good receivers, and a good QB can do. Baker had little to none of this in Carolina. Not to mention he has a superior coach now.

    • Jenny Anydots says:

      It’s too bad Baker’s got all those mental disabilities standing in his way though.

    • CL Daniels says:

      Explain the Browns then…

    • wakingthefalln 7x says:

      I think what baker did tn was more impressive than taking this team stacked last year to the SB

    • Luca Ferrieri says:

      bro, he had DJ moore who is certainly a ‘decent’ receiver and better than any current WR on the rams since Kupp is injured.. He also had Foreman, who had 3/4 games rushing for over 100 yards while Mayfield was there. Now, that pass blocking O Line was trash, that is for sure. Though, how many sacks did the Raiders have against the Rams? 3, so it’s not like protection was stellar. I think he just needed a situation that played more to his strengths.

  9. Creature of Habit says:

    I am a new watcher of this incredible sport, it is imo the best mix of strategy and athleticism. Each game i am amazed at how good each one of these players are at what they do. I hope one day i visit the US and watch a game live. Love from India.

  10. Nyko says:

    I’m glad Mayfield got another chance with a great team!

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