Las Vegas Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

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38 Responses

  1. Nathan Kerr says:

    303 Total yards for Jacobs. That is insane.

  2. Don Bebe says:

    Everybody is talking about Jacobs and rightfully so but let’s not forget about Crosby. His sack with under two minutes left in the 4th quarter which forced the game into overtime and then that QB Hit that gave the Raiders offense a second chance in OT.

    • Justin says:

      The game was forced into overtime because of a bad call on Metcalf’s catch.

    • Fishaholics says:

      @Jake Miller but if crosby hadn’t done what he did jacobs wouldn’t even have gotten to run so it goes both ways

    • Fishaholics says:

      @Ryan Larimore what about when they called the holding play on raiders on 3rd that cost the Seahawks to score 🤔 and it wasn’t even a hold. Why u not bringing that up oh wait cus ur a Seahawks fan so it dont matter right

    • Carlos Osorio says:

      @Don Bebehe’s talking about the one harmond got which got overturned. It was the same exact type of catch that was also reversed for METCALF. I would have been pissed If that METCALF catch was allowed and the Harmond wasn’t. It was the same exact plays where they didn’t secure the catches before going out of bounds

    • Johnny Dangerous says:

      FACTS 💯

  3. David Hall says:

    Of all things, I am most happy for Derek Carr. BTW, I’m a Dolphins fan who had to go thru this with Tua the last two seasons.

  4. Luis D G says:

    Great game! Best game from this raiders team all season. Went in as underdogs to Seattle and got the W. What a day for Josh Jacobs, that man is a freaking beast. Very proud with this team, and must I say today was a good day. RNFL 🖤

  5. Show us Damoney says:

    The best game of the season so far…I love that last home run walk-off TD run

  6. TrueEmpire89 says:

    Great game. Definitely the biggest win for the Raiders this season.

  7. Eva Walker says:

    A much-needed win for the Raiders.

  8. Brando Foster says:

    This was a whole team effort 👏 🙌 GREAT WIN RAIDER NATION 👏 👍

  9. Verzweifelter Westdeutscher says:

    As a Seahawks fan I need to say that the raiders played very good in this game. Respect

  10. John Shields says:

    Best game I’ve seen in years, incredible plays, one after the other. Carr looks fantastic, Geno as well. Watching NFL since 1965, not many exciting games, this was one of the best.

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