Las Vegas Shooting: Illuminati FALSE FLAG?/Retired “Accountant”?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL

Las Vegas Shooting: Illuminati FALSE FLAG?/Retired “Accountant”?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL

The Las Vegas Shooting: Shooting, Chaos, Dan Blizerian; “lone wolf” or Programmed Shooter?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL/What a “gun- less society looks like.

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20 Responses

  1. Neal henry says:

    there nooooo proof this guy did anything…

  2. N.W.O WOLFPACK says:


  3. Plague says:

    Hell is empty the devil is here. Talking about the Jews that hitler tried to kill. These are the people that are doing this I believe

  4. Zenith Astrology says:

    Didn’t Hollywood learn they’ve had no influence with Trump? I don’t even notice these blow bags without a cable cord.

  5. JB999 says:

    Wow yt allowed this on trending. There is no way this shit isn’t fake

  6. the Black JOKER says:

    Why is the bs trending Hey YouTube fix your shit

  7. Famous Dex says:

    Why the fuck is this video on the trending page? Do people actually believe this shit?

  8. MrJlsiii says:

    Why isn’t it common practice to shoot politicians when they threaten gun control? Is that not an attack on the constitution? Doesn’t that make them tyrannical? Isn’t that the purpose of us having guns, to shoot tyrannical government figures who attempt to violate our rights (such as guns)

    It starts at home. We should never let anyone discuss attacking tge constitution without the threat of being shot.. that atmosphere will bleed over and become normal.. we need to normal use this view so when an American DOES step up, the american people defend him and say “well the politician should’ve known better than to suggest gun control” right now we got people that are afraid to make the threat that tge constitution expects us to make in defense of the constitution.. I respect free speech, but not when it’s used to attack the same paper that protects it.

  9. lue lunsford says:

    I will never watch Alex jones again

  10. Lily Thomas says:

    Hey manchurian candidates are a real thing. You weren’t there

  11. Gerbil says:

    Get this junk off of trending and watch Idubbbz video 11M views in one day.

  12. richie rich says:

    Dan is a lying tool

  13. Sharon N says:

    SMH…at how the media tries to “convince” the witnesses that what they saw or heard was wrong. As soon as they mention multiple shooters they are cut off or the reporter is like “no, police said one!”. Liars! If you even look at the shot out windows you would know there is NO WAY ONE person was shooting!!

  14. David Soap says:

    I still have a feel8ng the government is behind this.

  15. Lillian Mimun says:

    It sounds like multiple shooters..  Listen closely.

  16. Roxanne Chicken Nuggets says:

    Oh man, i was scared for a while that that could happen to me, but then i remembered this mostly just happens in the US, man, you guys really should see that, it’s sad seeing this happen to you, you do a lot of great stuff

  17. Michele Bronner says:

    There was another interview that said a security guard shot on the ground and reporter cut her off. The apologized open Mike, saying “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I should say.”

  18. realview101 says:

    What % of Hollywood videos are violence based? 90%? Why?
    Here’s what we know…
    Some people were hurt maybe some killed?
    Here’s what we don’t know:
    Has “Paddock” ever been to Vegas?
    Was he in Vegas that day?
    Was he in that hotel?
    Was he in that room? rooms?
    Was he alive when the shooting started?
    Were all the shots bullets or were some blanks for effect?
    Why such a long gap between volleys?
    Why all the weapons?
    1/2/3 of the same rifle and lots of ammo would be the most effective.
    Lots of different weapons? What for? More efficient to pack fewer weapons and more bullets.
    This is a Gun Control False Flag setup. Part of Agenda 21?

  19. __spencer__ says:

    you can all go to hell honestly you seem like the same kind of people who would criticise kneeling against the flag but with a natural tragedy you believe that everything was orchestrated by an inner government.
    Let me ask you guys to be sure what is your stance on taking a knee during the national anthem?

  20. Rose Renouf says:

    Google..targeted individuals..gang stalking…the gov’t can stalk you 24/7 where ever you go…already…

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